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    I love watching classic movies, and reading biographies and auto biographies. My favorite TV shows American Crime, How To Get Away With Murder,Bates Motel, America`s Got Talent.

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  1. I would like to read Barbara`s biography STEEL TRUE 2015 by Victoria Wilson sometime this year. The author was very imformative when being interviewed on the Noir CitySF website.
  2. For my favorite actress, I would like to add Barbara caught between Robert Ryan and Paul Douglas in CLASH BY NIGHT 1952. I love the dialogue in this film, and Barbara`s tough and tender side. This film noir has always been a favorite of mine.
  3. I enjoyed Albert`s performances in TWO FOR THE ROAD 1967, SHOOT THE MOON 1982,ANNIE 1982, and ERIN BROCKOVICH 2000.
  4. The photo of Pat and Gary seems to have been taken during the making of THE FOUNTAINHEAD 1949. Later in life Pat became friends with Gary`s daughter Maria. She apologized for her three year affair with Gary, but I have always thought that he was the love of her life.Roald Dahl, Pat`s husband, wasn`t the easiest person to live with. He never got over the death of their first child Olivia from measles.
  5. I checked on YOU TUBE, and HOUSE OF STRANGERS is available.DEATH OF A SALESMAN 1951 is also on the channel.
  6. While I was rewatching the excellent ALL ABOUT EVE 1950, another connection between Bette Davis and Anne Baxter came to mind. Beginning in September 1983 I started to watch the TV series HOTEL starring James Brolin. Bette was in the pilot episode, but she became ill being replaced by Anne Baxter as the hotel owner Victoria Cabot. The series ended in May 1988, and unfortunately Anne passed away before the series ended. HOTEL was similar to THE LOVE BOAT with different guest stars every week, and I never missed a episode.
  7. No, I haven't` seen HOUSE OF STRANGERS. I wonder if the film is available on YOU TUBE?
  8. Thank goodness that Lauren received a honorary Academy Award. and she made the top twenty five best actress list from AFI before her passing.
  9. BROKEN LANCE 1954 is a western starring Spencer Tracy as the patriarch rancher with four sons. The three sons from Spencer`s first marriage are Richard Widmark, Hugh O`Brian and Earl Holliman. When his first wife dies, Spencer marries Katy Jurado a Native American. They have a twenty five year marriage including Spencer`s youngest son Robert Wagner. The three older sons are a disappointment to Spencer, and the eldest Richard hates his father and youngest brother.Spencer rules his ranch with a iron fist, and he uses a whip with authority. Many cattle on the ranch have died because the creek
  10. THE MARK OF ZORRO 1940 is available free for AMAZON PRIME members.
  11. In my opinion there was no better looking actor in the 1930`s 1940`s and early 1950`s than Tyrone Power. When he was paired with a beautiful actress ex. Loretta Young, Maureen O'Hara, Rita Hayworth, Linda Darnell, Susan Hayward, and Ann Blyth the results were outstanding.I loved his different appearances in ALEXANDER`S RAGTIME BAND, LOVE IS NEWS, JESSE JAMES, THE RAINS CAME, THE MARK OF ZORRO, THE BLACK SWAN, THE RAZOR`S EDGE, THE LUCK OF THE IRISH, THE LONG GRAY LINE, and THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY. Ty and Alice made three films together, IN OLD CHICAGO 1937, ALEXANDER`S RAGTIME BAND 1938, and
  12. I honored Audrey by watching THE NUN`S STORY 1959, and HOW TO STEAL A MILLION 1966. Two different roles and highly enjoyable. Audrey wasn`t completely forgotton for her role as Sister Luke. She deservedly won the prestigious New York Film Critics Award for best actress. In the past month I have seen SABRINA 1954 and BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY`S 1961 so they were fresh in my mind.
  13. George C. Scott was originally scheduled to play the art dealer. Eli Wallach replaced him, and he did a very good job.
  14. Nice to see two friendly and happy film lovers. What a good choice to discuss DOUBLE INDEMITY 1944. Last July I went to see DM on the big screen with the TCM intro.
  15. I will watch HOW TO STEAL A MILLION 1966 because I enjoyed the chemistry of Audrey and Peter O`Toole. The film is a Fox feature, and we know how difficult it is for TCM to show their films. The scene in the museum closet and trying to get the key was worth the purchase price for me.Peter was very good in comedic roles even though he did not make many in that genre.WHAT`S NEW PUSSYCAT, MY FAVORITE YEAR, CLUB PARADISE, and KING RALPH are four comedies of Peter`s I have seen.
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