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  1. Starting at 6am EST today (with the airing of BOGART: THE UNTOLD STORY [1996]), TCM is using an all-new graphics package for interstitial segments between films. * No more 'dun...dun-dun...' before every film! * No more 'damn...good...actress!' before Word of Mouth segments! * Trailers are now shown on 3/4 of the screen with no distracting 'people walking around on a backlot' in the background! * Brighter colors and larger, easier-to-read text! These new graphics add brightness and vitality to TCM's visual presentation and really make it feel 'younger' than ever. Kudos to TCM for
  2. I'm glad TCM has chosen to change their focus from 'here are some of the people who made classic cinema first-hand' to 'here are the fans who were influenced by classic cinema.' Like it or not, the passage of time means fewer and fewer stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood are around each year, so it's an intelligent move to begin celebrating the channel's younger viewers and making them feel like a more important part of the TCM family.
  3. Emphasize live events. I?m glad to see TCM is doing more live events in 2013 with the expansion of the Road to Hollywood as the lead-in to the Classic Film Festival. I think TCM can do more to make these events seem like ?must-see? experiences to the viewers at home. For instance, I?d love to see a :30 or :60 spot that?s a short recap of each event (showing the outside of the venue, the crowd, RO or BM onstage, a snippet of the guest?s interview, and some man-on-the-street quotes from event attendees about how much fun it was). I think producing these would be a snap since you?d only need at
  4. * {font:Arial}{size:15px}Change the ‘TCM Essentials Jr.’ name.{font} {font:Arial}{size:15px}I love TCM Essentials Jr. and its host Bill Hader. He’s a great choice as a host because he can talk to the kids who are watching talking down to them. However, I dislike the name ‘TCM Essentials Jr.’ Protip: marketing something with ‘Junior’ after the name is kind of patronizing to kids older than 7. Instead, call it something like ‘Family Movie Night’ and sell it as a great classic film the whole family can enjoy together. This may mean moving its timeslot to a 7pm start, but I think it can he
  5. Summer Under The Stars is a great concept and can be made more special by focusing more of the day’s content on the featured star. Every film should have an intro that discusses the film and shares a little bit of the star’s life story. During the daypart and again during the night, each of the films’ intros should tell a bit of the star’s biography in sequential order. Also, in between films there should be special :30 and :60 segments on the star - like mini ‘Word of Mouth’ segments - so the entire day’s programming is centered on that one star.
  6. UPDATE! TCM Underground Admin on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/undergroundontcm) "{size:11px} I'm going to try to respond to some of the folks on there."
  7. Here are a few shorter Top Tips to Improve TCM: Create second-screen content for selected films. Many TV watchers now have mobile devices and tablets and like to be use those while watching TV to add to their viewing experience. I think TCM should provide second-screen bonus content (trivia, facts, chat, etc.) for the airing of selected films that can draw a broad audience. Fans should tweet along. TCM should emphasize the shared viewing experience by promoting the use of the hashtag #TCM so fans can discuss films on TCM as they watch them. There are film fan groups who
  8. Controversial idea time: I think TCM needs more hosts. When I watch RO and BM, I appreciate their introductory monologues that provide background information about each film. Even though I know their segments were taped weeks ago on a soundstage, they make me feel like we’re watching the movie together. They can explain to me why I should care about the upcoming film and what elements to look for. Watching TCM during the day doesn’t feel the same. If I want any background on a film, I have to look it up myself to see if I’d even want to watch it. Also, I think the lack of
  9. In my opinion, the TCM Underground brand is an untapped goldmine and one of the most valuable concepts under the TCM umbrella. Why? Because its films can appeal to a spectrum of ages and demographics - even transcending those who would call themselves ‘classic movie fans.’ TCM Underground can resonate with several demographics: - Today’s teens and college students have a connection with ‘vintage’ culture - look at all the 14-year-olds wearing clothing referencing brands and TV shows that went off the air before they were even born. If you’re in this group, you love to stay up late and
  10. Thanks. I guess I wasn't sure how many responses each idea would get or how cluttered the thread would be if I posted 10-12 ideas in one thread.I have no problem with my threads being merged if the mods think it's the right thing to do.
  11. If TCM wants to target a new audience, perhaps a Jack Nicholson or a Harrison Ford day could do it. Some mainstream PR around that day could draw some younger eyeballs to the station.A Charles Bronson day does raise the possibility of running the infamous DEATH WISH films - make sure their start times are when TCM Underground would be on the air, since that's the only place much of Mr. Bronson's later oeuvre would ever make it on TCM. Kidding, of course.
  12. Thank you all for your warm welcome. I'm definitely going to be here to stay - and I will provide all 25 of my ideas in due time.
  13. 31 Days of OscarWe’re in the midst of the annual 31 Days of Oscar festival and we’re being treated to some of the greatest films of all time at all hours of the day and night. I’m a big fan of the concept and especially of this year’s theme (showcasing films by their studio of origin). The only thing I’d suggest would be to add a title card before each film, showing which awards the film won/was nominated for. I know every film during the 31 Days is historically significant, but I want to know what elements of the film I should be watching for to especially appreciate. Also, perhaps Academy Aw
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a long-time lurker and first-time poster who's decided to register in order to share my opinions about this channel that I love so much. I've been a regular TCM viewer for ~3 years now and I've been thinking of what can be done to keep TCM great for the die-hard fans while attracting new audiences as well. As the title implies, this post will be the first of many in a series. I look forward to hearing your opinions! ---------------------- The Top 25 Tips To Improve TCM - 1 of 25 *Add more content to film introductions* We’re all familiar with the usual TCM
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