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  1. To me the perfect ending comes in "Hoosiers". Given that it was based on something that actually happened puts it in a great context. The end, where the camera slowly works its way to the picture of the state winning team, could not be better. A lone boy shooting hoops in an old, musty gym preceding the final frame captures Indiana basketball at its best and, in a moment of personal predujice Jimmy Chitwood has always been a favorite character of mine.
  2. I am searching for the name of a silent movie that was set in the tropics. It's about a doctor who is shipwrecked on an island. He saves a youngster who is a son of the head of the island. His time becomes a paradise on earth until some unscrupulous developers con the natives into letting them set up shop. The doctor dies and as the movie ends the developers have changed the island paradise into place that sells trinkets to tourists. As a final indignity, the island inhabitants do the dirty work of selling the items. Can anybody please name this movie. I saw it several months ago on TCM but cannot remember its name. This is my first of what I hope are many postings. Thanks.
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