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  1. Where is "Metropolis"? My favorite silent film! (the rage). It is a great masterpiece on Germanys shelf, and Fritz Lang's best film (I think).
  2. I think the best animated film I've ever seen was either Snow White or Yellow Submarine... Beauty and the Beast is also way up there.
  3. Personally, I think they should atleast lease the film for a special premiere of it. They premiered Raging Bull last March, and it hasn't been shown since. Stressing that I agree that it is wise to not show the same film 50 times on a certain monthly schedule, as AMC has done many times.
  4. The Godfather is recognized as one of the most important, and influential films ever made, yet to my knowledge, I've never heard it is going to be, or ever was on TCM. What do you think? Should they show it, or is it not that important to you?
  5. I know this seems a little over the top here, but I would say Robert De Niro. With the premiere of Raging Bull last march and the new premiere of New York, New York, he's getting on the board with TCM. If they could round up several more of his films for viewing, it would be fantastic. If I had to choose a foreign actor...no question Toshiro Mifune.
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