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  1. > Jean Simmons may have been handicapped by the fact that others in the movie were nominated (and won too). Regardless, she was terrific in this. I thought Jean Simmons was much hotter in Spartacus.
  2. > Hey, thanks for removing that. While I don't disagree with what you had there (what a mess!), this isn't the forum for it. > The Shootist is a very good movie and a fitting end to a great career. Yeah, I shoulda known better. thanks for understanding.
  3. The audience kinda knows early on that Sister Sharon Falconer is a phony when she doesn't wanna be bothered by Elmer on the train. No evangelist would behave like that.
  4. A terrific performance by Burt Lancaster...but I wish at the end before they started peltin' Gantry with them eggs he coulda turned the tables a bit on sweet Shirley and said..."There she is! the infernal trollop who has soiled my soul...*get her ! ! !*
  5. I guess it mighta been better for Books if Jimmy had said "you have a canker".
  6. > A face, body, motion, and speech, all cast in stone. shows no emotion what so ever. He has fooled most of the people most of the time but not all of the people all of the time.
  8. Actor Paul Mantee has died. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/actor-paul-mantee-dies-robinson-crusoe-cagney-lacey-655015
  9. > think this almost 50/50 split provided this film with an ending that was open to basically two interpretations. If you like the idea of ghosts and want to believe in them, then the Drifter was the ghost of the murdered marshal. If you're a debunker of such ideas, then you can believe the Drifter was the brother of the murdered man. > I think either interpretation is valid, though I have to say if he was a ghost, he sure seemed unduly interested in the pleasures of the material world - sex, food, drink, a comfy bed. Maybe he missed those things? I myself would have preferred
  10. > There will be no more Eastwood westerns. The guy is what 83? I don't see how there really could be. But ol' Clint can strap on a gun belt any time he wants far as I'm concerned. He's the man.
  11. AndyM108 is right. They are showing war-related movies today. Macreedy (Spencer Tracy) is a one-armed veteran and don't forget Quint (Robert Shaw) was on the Indianapolis. Clever, TCM. Shows you're still thinking, fellas.
  12. Our beloved perennial favorite. When I first saw it listed in the pages of TV Guide decades ago when it was just saturday afternoon filler for a local station in leiu of a golf tourrnament it was rated just a fair two-star movie and now it's a four-star classic. Having said that I do prefer the old generic TV Guide story synopsis. Went something like "A one-armed man gets off the train in a desert hamlet and *starts asking questions"*. Still the story strikes me as a bit pat. Pete Wirth had multiple chances himself to have ratted on Reno Smith to the state cops. I think we can assume his no-go
  13. Most, most disappointing. Even I did not think that TCM in it's current state of obvious decline would ignore Veterans Day. But I will give' em a pass because they're showing Bad Day at Black Rock and tonite *Jaws*.
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