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  1. When you press reply & youre not logged in you get the main page instead of the page youre replying to. How about this? Let your TCM moderator hold up your posts until he or she has decided its OK. Could be a day, two days etc. Try having a discussion with the TCM moderator putting you on lockdown. I apologized WHAT???? MORE???? DO????YOU????WANT?????BL:OOD????
  2. I have seen The Killing maybe 5 times. Every time I see it, I notice the suitcase opens up before it hits the ground. I imagine they didn't want to do it over but the suitcase has to Break open. Not just Be open. Who would transport an open suitcase? & they put it on top in such a way that it was rocking back & forth. Baggage guys are not fools. They don't get paid to drop suitcases on the runway. They will pack the cart a certain way to Avoid breaking a bag. Thats the only thing that bugs me.
  3. I'm new to the board & was just joking. Now I realize I had no right to say what I did & words hurt. I know that. & just want to officially apologize in front of everybody. I'm sorry. You are entitled to your POV even if I don't agree with it. (some boards you can joke around ) I actually like Jerry Goldsmith & just saw him last saturday night on METV: Thriller - episode called "The Cheaters" from a Robert Bloch story. I also saw Bernard Herrmann right after that on Twilight Zone - episode in which a girl is told she's hopelessly ugly & it turns out she's beautiful
  4. Record sales were out the door on Herrmann in the late 70's. In the 80's there were alot of bogus Herrmann records. He is the Charlie Chaplin of Film Music. Quit the Motion Picture Academy. Had his name removed from Magnificent Ambersons due to its being destroyed & replaced by other people not part of the creative process. Other music was used. Alot of movies he did later on where his music is the only worthwhile thing about the movie. Like Endless Night & Twisted Nerve. What they need to do is Rerecord the Torn Curtain score & create a Herrmann version. It'd be an improv
  5. TCM showed a bogus version of Foolish Wives. It looked really bad. The movie was restored by Arthur Lennig & Blackhawk Films had it. The TCM version looked like a dupe of a Blackhawk 16mm. Image put out a nice 143 min. version. TCM ran it at 118 min. TCM had ample opportunity to show the movie in its best light & chose the low road (again?).
  6. You can have your opinion. Just that mine is better. Smarter. I just noticed some stuff on you tube. citizen kane taxi driver http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-i9xowkJBc vertigo psycho I don't think taxi is bogus. The others might be. Jerry goldsmith is non descript. a tv person who got movie jobs. nothing special about him. a boring hack. no art. just hum drum tv music. didnt sell any records I would buy.
  7. *User placed on post-moderation for abuse and harassment.* Edited by: TCMWebAdmin on Apr 19, 2013 12:03 PM Edited by: TCMWebAdmin on Apr 19, 2013 12:03 PM
  8. Not to put anybody down & I'm not here to argue. All I wanted to do was talk about the record HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL. I did that. I put up the link. That is it. Check out the prices on his lps http://www.gemm.com/search.pl?Go.y=12&media_format=18&Go.x=3&wild=bernardherrmann&field=ARTISTORTITLE&list_begin_prev=1&list_end_prev=25&low_limit_prev=25&low_limit=5&list_howmany_str=NEXT500&page_on=2 astronomical
  9. TCM showed a bogus version of KAMARADSCHAFT. I have a tape of the movie from another source. The TCM version was appalling. Not only was the print very poor but scenes not in the movie were added.
  10. I am not going to argue about something that is obvious. What movie did Aaron Copland make the music for? Probably there is alot I can learn.
  11. I just watched an early episode of Gunsmoke & sure enough, Herrmann's music was on there. At the end it said Music By Bernard Herrmann. I think on the HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL record, the Western Suite is Gunsmoke but they were not allowed to mention the show. After that episode, the next one had a very lighthearted music. No composer credit. Other movie composers made good music, there is no denying that. But none of them made as many good ones or had as much an impact as Herrmann. After Herrmann at no. 1 there is a long drop until no. 2.
  12. I have seen at least one. The Killer Is Loose. The credits on TCM are not the ones on the film. On the film there is a man & as the music moves he begins to move & gets bigger and bigger until you can see a gigantic man. On TCM the bogus credit have the same music & info but no man. It looks like cactus on the left side & the words on the right. It is a completely bogus credit! TCM needs to remove this movie from its lineup until a legit version is put forth. that ain't a request. its a demand.
  13. Herrmann has sold more records than those people combined. He had a very unique style, very downbeat & way out. He touched a core in listeners. Swept them up. & the lucky part was that he arrived at the moment his talents were needed most. Hollywood was breaking out of the 30's conformity into a more expressive period. After he died there was such a demand for his music, that there was a ton of bogus Herrmann records out there & bootlegs of records made from the sound strip on the films. I have a few bogus ones & a few bootlegs. He made very few records himself.
  14. I found the record. You can buy it. http://www.discogs.com/Bernard-Herrmann-Have-Gun-Will-Travel-Music-For-TelevisionOriginal-Score-From-Ethan-Allen-And-The-We/release/3988471
  15. I think Hitchcock felt threatened because Herrmann was very serious about his craft. On my record HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL it says "Composed & Orchestrated by" so he dd not actually record the record. It was made in 1984. What they did was listen to the tapes CBS had & get the sheet music & rerecord what he did for CBS in Stereo. Why I went looking for records that day. I have an acetate - its a floppy 7" disc for SWING ERA a record set made by Capitol Records for Time-Life. They rerecorded the swing band songs in stereo using the records & sheet music as a guide. I was o
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