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  1. I did the restoration for it (not the old version on Grapevine), and it hasn't been reviewed here. Sort of a newbie on these forums but looking for feedback on this before my next release.
  2. I restored this a few years ago and put it out on Blu-ray/DVD. It has more footage than has ever been seen and looks better than it's looked since 1926 (its last reissue). Sales have been dismal and few know I even did it. Since I'm now working on a new restoration, the part silent/part talkie The King of the Kongo (1929), I'd like to make sure I don't repeat the same mistakes. I'm turning to this community to help guide me in promoting and marketing this new restoration. I would like to keep doing these restorations, but I also need to break even on costs. I realize that sil
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen: I have worked in film preservation for years and I often feel as if I'm a lone voice on a street corner yelling, "Hey, watch this!" when no one cares. I did the color restoration for Buster Keaton's Seven Chances. I did a restoration of the first sound serial, King of the Kongo (1929). I have commentary and film on several DVD releases, and, yes, I did a pilot for a pro-film restoration TV show, Dr. Film. And still no one cares. I struggle to keep afloat financially because no one cares about the work I consider so important. The Dr. Film site has a rea
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