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  1. You are quite right ; perhaps I was thinking of the very few left with us. But even then I am sure problems would occur. I would not mind a "Evening With....." That would be so much fun! I would love to see a line-up of Vera Ellen , Debbie Reynolds , Ann Miller , Judy Garland and my favorite triple threat Jane Powell. I am not complaining, don't get me wrong.TCM has been doing such a great job for the last few years for me it has been a absolute joy! There is something about summer that brings out the Musicals in me.
  2. That is my point, in general no one knows how to make a musical anymore.......a better chance to see something good would be found in Broadway (even dinner theaters ha !) Yet , unlike the movies that came to be after a good run on Broadway , where is one? I do not remember a musical being made after seen on Broadway. Directors?? the costumes? No attempts , or serious ones. There are some good shows on Broadway, the Producers (JMO) went to long and was not good enough to then become a movie , what is needed is someone willing to take a chance and a few actors who are willing to forgo a 30
  3. This is just a general statement,as for myself, I believe all or most movies have been remade , I was much older than I care to remember when I found out that most sitcoms started out in the United Kingdom..... Spain and so on. A little rework for U.S.audiences and there you go. "Mother Wore Tights", was a musical, a musical comedy and then a comedy with a tragic outcome for the two daughters, one worse than the other, as they did not want anyone to know at the exclusive Boarding School what there parents did for a living (as this was frowned upon) ......I say comedy because the dancing wa
  4. I am not sure but it has been said, or rumored, that he did not sing at all and although unrestored and as for now with no intent of ever doing so, it is actually being blamed more for "Political Reasons" ........ Also, it would bring the Broadway musical Show Boat into question, as he never sang, never contributed in any way. (Thus changing the history books?) I do not know if this has been of some help? or you knew as much. As you know this was much different than the usual dubbed voices ,which where rather the norm, while making movies.Quickly,how about State Fair? It is my unde
  5. If I remember right during a discussion between Jane Powell and Robert Osborne , Ms Powell made it very clear the A......B ...C system was expected; unlike today where every movie is expected to be an "A" or a Blockbuster.... myself, I have seen many good B movies.... Gene Nelson moved from one to another and showed myself not only a wonderful tapping hoofer, but also a solid witty performance in Oklahoma! State Fair, what a cast !
  6. Pretty sad that I must reply to myself........although It is not a must. I really did or still do wonder what others who love musicals as much as I do feel about what I wrote. I think TCM has improved so very much , as I remember they even pulled out some iffy Spring Vacation movies last year. I watched a few in support but did indeed watch as some actors used 'that movie' as a stepping stone to becoming a much better actor. I am so glad to watch as TCM gives to each genre ; as each is so worthy. I do so crave a "new musical" if for no other reason than to see "if it can be done" .....
  7. I am sorry to say I don't know , but I also would like know.
  8. If I remember right last year I noticed a new an improved TCM programming (still do as it is not all Army movies 24/7..) however, if you are in a time zone other than Eastern you are not treated to the best of the best. I would like to see those movies shown or rotated so those of us in the Pacific time zone are not struggling to watch a good movie at 4 or 5 in the early AM (morning) or early afternoon, 4 to 6 PM, while others see a good movie at 7 or 8 in the evening. I have asked this question for about the last three years and have been hopeful ....but alas nothing ! Again please try to
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