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  1. I think Nora Pretiss needs to be cleaned up. The film is so muddy and visually unclear. It appears to be a great movie and set in San Francisco in the '40's, but it's a distraction to have the film need so much work.
  2. Thank you, Mr. Turner, for working on and cleaning up the film "The Mask of Dimitrios". It was formerly just a hazy, dark, exasperating experience. Much thanks for your efforts.
  3. Thank you, TCM, for cleaning up this movie. It used to be so muddy with muted colors. It now reflects the respect for Cyd Charisse that it should have for such a wonderful dancer. Lovely, flawless Cyd Charisse.
  4. The woman was 88 years old! Since when do you do an autopsy when an 88 year old person dies, unless the circumstances are suspicious, i.e. possibly murdered.
  5. Mother Dolores Hart is so much more beautiful now than she was when she made movies. She glows.
  6. I am using Mac OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) and the browser Safari 7.0.3. All the videos on the tcm.com site do not work. On the tcm homepage (tcm.com) in the upper middle there is no video, just a message that says "plug-in failure". All the other videos on your site, i.e. video on demand; video clips from a particular film - there is simply the revolving arrows that denote the film is downloading, only it never does download. What plug-in is required for me to download and view these videos?
  7. Much thanks. It helps if you are signed in, otherwise the Ignore Member doesn't show up, which is what I was doing. Some days it would be helpful if you could ignore yourself lol
  8. Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has a wonderful feature in its message board. You can classify any user you wish to be on your "ignore user" list. That way you will not see any of that user's posts on the message board. Likewise, anyone can put you on their "ignore user" list. How can I do that on the message board on TCM?
  9. I had quit watching The Essentials, what with Alec Baldwin (let me out of here! lol), followed by Drew Barrymore's *HAIR*. I just couldn't stand her half grown out hair coloring. I mean, really, on such a highly regarded television channel that is produced with such style and perfection! But lately I saw her once again on The Essentials and she was lovely. Just strikingly lovely.
  10. In the schedule genre heading, the movie The Year of Living Dangerously is listed as a Western. I believe that is incorrect, but I did get a chuckle out of it what with the actual location and theme.
  11. FYI, there is a typo in the first line on your web page "Robert Osborne on Eleanor Parker": http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/628564|0/Robert-Osborne-on-Eleanor-Parker.html
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