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  1. Watched the incomparable Greta Garbo at the tender age of 19 in the wonderful Swedish silent epic of THE SAGA OF GOSTA BERLING (1924) today on Amazon Prime TV. This restored masterpiece with a beautiful score is three hours long and worth every minute. The handsome Lars Hanson is the main actor of this film and portrays Gosta Berling on his journey for redemption. This is truly a saga which features a large and varied cast on a number of personal journeys all intersecting with Gosta Berling. Garbo is one of them and the most important. Not sure if TCM has ever shown this epic silent maste
  2. I love animals too and I thank any celestial powers that be for making them so tasty and delicious.
  3. Only you can answer as to your "racism" or not. I root for Gonzaga a lot because they are a small college that keeps on doing well even in this day and age of huge state universities and obvious semi-professional basketball powers like one-and-done Kentucky. Gonzaga is the David smiting the behemoths. Appeals to my underdog rooting regardless of player color.
  4. A heck of an NFL player that turned out to be one heck of a vicious creepy r-a-p-i-s-t in reality. The sentence is not long enough. Here's hoping the other prosecutions add on a lot more prison time. Wow, what can hide behind a smiling handsome face. A demon. http://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0LEVi1abRBVOjMADHslnIlQ/RV=2/RE=1427168730/RO=10/RU=http%3a%2f%2fespn.go.com%2fnfl%2fstory%2f_%2fid%2f12544551%2fdarren-sharper-gets-9-years-arizona-plea-deal/RK=0/RS=1wdZcKFzB0.wWgikZckueCqWBns-
  5. What was the court hearing about?
  6. No it was not sarcasm. I believe explicitly that as we become more and more urbanized and less associated with the land that the animal silliness will become more and more extreme. The Bambi/Thumper Syndrome carried to an absurd degree of non-reality and "worship".
  7. You appear to be one of the "suckers born every minute" who has swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker. Sarcasm is clearly beyond you.
  8. Animal cruelty happens far, far, far, FAR less than the demigods and fundraisers of PETA claim in their propaganda attacks which try and extract $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from those who listen to the BS and BELIEVE. Much like TV and radio evangelists. There's a sucker born every minute.
  9. FREE ALL DOGS, CATS, GOLDFISH, CANARIES, and COCKATOOS!! KEEPING PETS IS THE LOWEST AND MOST VIRULENT SLAVERY on the face of the EARTH!! FREEDOM, FREEDOM NOW!! KNIT SWEATERS FOR THE FIELD MICE!! HUG A MOSQUITO TODAY!! This extreme silliness is what we are moving towards. I had fried chicken tonight and did not shed a tear for the chicken. Imagine that. I am also a hunter and a fisherman and I shed no tears as I eat their flesh. My long dead father was a cattle rancher and I am proud to have come from the ranching heritage. The older I get the sillier the human race evolves. Now a ci
  10. Do we dare surmise what the great Karloff might be stir frying: beef brains. Rocky Mountain Oysters, and filet of beef tongue? Fried brains are delicious as is beef tongue (makes good sandwiches). I've had both but not "oysters".
  11. GOLD RUSH MAISIE was a very good movie. Moving and sentimental.
  12. I like Maisie and I like Ann Sothern. They both got guts and balls O'brass.
  13. Lots of money makes any guy handsome and "cute". It's a Law of the Jungle.
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