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  1. Gave my good wife (the mother of my children) a card and a large box of candy. My wife looked at the box like a starving vampire looking at fresh warm blood.
  2. Yes, the L. was carrying a large quantity of ammunition made in America bound for Britain and the war. Horrendous as the loss of life and sinking of a passenger liner was, the Lusitania was indeed a legitimate war target for the Germans. The Germans had issued full page newspaper warnings in America before the ship sailed and which only a few heeded. The tragedy of war.
  3. Get or buy (like I did) Erik Larson's "Dead Wake: The last Crossing of the Lusitania". A great deal is explained and a lot of questions raised that the British still refuse to answer a century later. There are other excellent history books on the submarine and surface ship warfare of WW1. There was a lot of "propaganda" put forth by the Brits and other of their allies that was often very untrue and designed to simply incite war hatred towards the Central Powers ("The Huns") by any means and hopefully by the neutral-until-1917 United States.
  4. Read: "DEAD WAKE: THE LAST CROSSING OF THE LUSITANIA" By Erik Larson. This book just came out in 2015. I highly recommend this informative book.
  5. I notice that ROMAN HOLIDAY is being shown again today. Enough already!! Seems like it is broadcast every week. I readily admit it is a fine movie and one that I enjoyed but enough already. TCM: Quit scheduling ROMAN HOLIDAY so often. I'm not watching it every time and I suspect others aren't either. Leave it alone for a couple of years.
  6. I love Welles. A great man. An enigma. A true one of a kind.
  7. This short is quite good. Read a great book on the Lusitania recently called "DEAD WAKE: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania" by Erik Larson. A very sobering book that leaves a lot of unanswered questions about British political and Admiralty "intentions" and "culpability" in the disaster. In other words, Britain was ready to do about anything to possibly get the U.S. involved in the war. British documents are still closed and unavailable on the sinking and political ramifications and why there was not more British naval protection for the ship..
  8. I never tire of watching The Asphalt Jungle. It's just that good.
  9. Orson Welles for me with James Earl Jones a close second and James Mason third.
  10. I agree. SPIONE is an excellent fast moving film. I've watched it several times. Very innovative and fun.
  11. THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ABSOLUTELY.
  12. I'm surprised more people have not posted on this thread. Another excellent example of a great emotional novel being made into a great classic movie is Erich Maria Remarque's great novel ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT being made into the 1930 movie. The book is so moving and saddening as is the movie. If you've only seen the movie then I recommend reading the great novel by Remarque who was a German WW1 veteran.
  13. Thanks Mr. Dobbs. Now I get it.
  14. I have no trouble watching foreign language films with subtitles. I'm sorry you and others do. The more you watch the easier it gets at least for me. I have more trouble with nonAmerican English language films where a heavy brogue of Irish, Scottish, Aussie, England English is hard to understand.
  15. Yes, please explain what a red dot person is? I'm totally clueless as to what you are talking about but perhaps that is because I rarely go to a theater anymore.
  16. Very easily in my case. Subtitles only take a glance usually. Subtitles are not going on continuously like a news bulletin.
  17. A very fine, very moving film. I never tire of watching it.
  18. That is their loss but it would be our gain to see more nonEnglish movies. A window on worlds beyond our own streets. That's one reason I read a lot. To take me places. To go outside the box.
  19. You need to reread what ND said. You totally misunderstood his statement unless you agree with the tyranny of the govt. food Nazis.
  20. My least favorite TCM thing is the lack of showing classic foreign language movies. There are so very many great ones from many countries. I don't want TCM taken over by foreign films but I would like a few more and I don't mean in the middle of the night either. Have a foreign language star occasionally as SOTM would be interesting as well. It's a very big world and a very big nonEnglish speaking world with really good film industries over the last century in quite a few countries.
  21. This ^^^^^^^^...................................I can watch any kind of movie at any time of day or season. Sometimes the type of novel or history I am currently reading makes me long to watch a movie similar in nature.
  22. Yes, I was also impressed with the production as you were. One felt like one was truly there viewing the carnage like a ghost. The facts and info on the US ambassador were unknown to me and quite startling. A man between a rock and a hard place.
  23. "Last Days in Vietnam" was a tale of tragedy, heroism, and the luck of some and the bad luck of many others. For me the program was a great learning experience as I knew so little of the last days in April 1975. A well spent two hours of viewing on PBS. Forty years ago. Where did the years go and what did they mean. The program left a lot to think about.
  24. I loved reading Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace". The movies have been fairly good but these long long books contain so very much. Incredible novels.
  25. I just finished watching "Dick Cavett's Vietnam" online at PBS. Awesome, illuminating, saddening, and eloquent. It's so very very sad that we did not recognize after WW2 that the French attempting to reestablish a hated colonial effort and regime was so very very out-of-step and wrong. So much pain, sorrow, and death could have been averted if we had not supported the French in Indochina and just let the decolonization civil war run it's natural path. The French got their butts kicked out and that should have been the end of the warfare as much as possible hopefully.
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