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  1. Trolls are everywhere on the net. They are sad creatures who crave attention at all cost. Good or bad it doesn't matter to them as long as they are recognized. The best thing normal people can do is ignore them completely and eventually they give up and return to there home under the bridge....
  2. What bothers me in these discussions is that people make stuff up to further their views...
  3. "Field of Dreams", " Muppets take Manhattan" ??????? What is going on?????
  4. It's obvious from the amount of interest in this thread that there is a problem no matter if some people continue to repeat the same useless numbers over and over again hoping that if you repeat it enough times it will become a truth. Propaganda aside I hope someone at TCM does notice the complaints and, I'm sure, drop in viewer audience and addresses the issue.
  5. I wonder if there has been a change in management in the last few months...I can just imagine the scene...The next Bright Young Thing sitting at the head of the Boardroom table. " Now Gentlemen, I don't care what you say...We are going to give them what they want...Who can't like The Transformers Movie! It's a Classic! Think of all those viewers we will attract...Brilliant!"
  6. Jaws is one of my favorite movies but I will not be watching it on TCM. High Plains Drifter and Monte Walsh really don't need to be on this channel either...I realize that these movies may be considered classics to a 26 year old but is that the market that TCM owns and provides for...I don't think so. Some poor insight and direction from the people in charge here...
  7. "Classic" Judged over a Period of Time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind... This would not include a movie like "persuasion" made in 1995; Just cheap filler. Do we need to see "Jaws" on TCM when you can see it on a handful of other channels almost daily. TCM should remember the niche that it occupies and its many, many fans and not become just another generic movie channel...That is the path to the Darkside
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