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  1. Had 27 votes for 1953. Results were:1. From Here to Eternity - Actual Winner2. Shane3. Tokyo Story (Tokyo monogatari) - Japan 4. Roman Holiday5. Band Wagon, The6. Wages of Fear, The (Le salaire de la peur) – France7. Pickup on South Street 8. Stalag 17 9. Big Heat, The10. Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBest Actor: Montgomery Clift (From Here to Eternity) Best Actress: Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday) - Actual WinnerSupporting Actor: Frank Sinatra (From Here to Eternity) – Actual WinnerSupporting Actress: Thelma Ritter (Pickup on South Street)Titles with votes: 63Titles I watched: 127TV titles watched: series 28; episodes 222; short 1
  2. LawrenceA: You got me beat in 1953 titles watched by 18. I have to get in the ball to catch up.
  3. Top 10 movies 1. Roman Holiday2. From Here to Eternity3. Hondo4. Band Wagon, The5. Man Between, The6. Stalag 177. Shane8. Kiss Me Kate 9. Moon is Blue, The10. Blue Gardenia, TheBest Actor: Burt Lancaster (From Here to Eternity)Best Actress: Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday)Supporting Actor: Jack Buchanan (The Band Wagon)Supporting Actress: Thelma Ritter (Pickup on South Street)Titles watched: 126TV titles watched: series 28; episodes 222; short 1
  4. The Narrow Margin was not in the Top 10 until the most recent voter, and entered, while knocking out Come Back, Little Sheba.
  5. Had 28 voters online and in person. Results:Top 10 movies 1. Singin’ in the Rain – Not Nominated 2. High Noon 3. Bad and the Beautiful, The 4. Ikiru - Japan 5. Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits) – France 6. 5 Fingers 7. Sudden Fear 8. Quiet Man, The 9. Narrow Margin, The 10. Life of Oharu, The (Saikaku ichidai onna) – Japan Best Actor: Kirk Douglas (The Bad and the Beautiful) Best Actress: Shirley Booth (Come Back, Little Sheba) - Actual Winner Supporting Actor: Donald O’Connor (Singin’ in the Rain) – Not Nominated Supporting Actress: Jean Hagen (Singin’ in the Rain) Titles with votes: 58 Titles I watched: 114 Television shows watched: total shows 14; total episodes 85
  6. TopBilled: Who are your individual award choices for 1952?
  7. Top 10 movies1. Singin’ in the Rain2. High Noon3. Bad and the Beautiful, The4. Sudden Fear5. 5 Fingers6. Come Back, Little Sheba7. Limelight8. Narrow Margin, The9. Pat and Mike10. Clash by NightBest Actor: Kirk Douglas (The Bad and the Beautiful)Best Actress: Shirley Booth (Come Back, Little Sheba)Supporting Actor: Charles Laughton (O. Henry’s Full House)Supporting Actress: Jean Hagen (Singin’ in the Rain)Note: I included Lavender Hill Mob with 1952 due to Academy eligibility; but not Umberto D for same reason.Titles watched: 114TV watched: 14 shows, 85 episodes.
  8. Had 16 votes online and in person. Results:Top 10 movies1. Streetcar Named Desire, A2. Strangers on a Train3. Ace in the Hole (Big Carnival, The)4. African Queen, The5. Detective Story6. American in Paris, An - Actual Winner7. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)8. Day the Earth Stood Still, The9. Place in the Sun, A10. Thing From Another World, TheBest Actor: Tie, Humphrey Bogart (The African Queen) - Actual Winner and Marlon Brando (A Streetcar Named Desire)Best Actress: Vivien Leigh (A Streetcar Named Desire) - Actual WinnerSupporting Actor: Robert Walker (Strangers on a Train) – Not NominatedSupporting Actress: Tie, Shelley Winters (A Place in the Sun) and Jan Sterling (Ace in the Hole) – Neither NominatedTitles with votes: 51Titles I watched: 127
  9. TopBilled: Glad to see your choice of Alastair Sim. I definitely think he should have been nominated for Best Actor. Also, Kirk Douglas for Detective Story.
  10. Top 10 movies1. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)2. Strangers on a Train3. African Queen, The4. Streetcar Named Desire, A5. American in Paris, An6. Detective Story7. Enforcer, The8. Place in the Sun, A9. Kind Lady10. Ace in the Hole (Big Carnival, The)Best Actor: Humphrey Bogart (The African Queen)Best Actress: Vivien Leigh (A Streetcar Named Desire)Supporting Actor: Karl Malden (A Streetcar Named Desire)Supporting Actress: Barbara Bel Geddes (Fourteen Hours)Titles watched: 126Note: I did not include Lavender Hill Mob because it was Oscar eligible the following year.
  11. Caught her recently in a cool episode of Screen Directors Playhouse from 1956
  12. Favorite movies and individual performances of 1950.
  13. Sepiatone: you didn't vote for 1950.
  14. I had 22 voters in my recent 1950 thread.Results:Top 10 movies1. Sunset Blvd.2. All About Eve - Actual winner3. Asphalt Jungle, The4. In a Lonely Place5. Third Man, The (1949) - UK6. Born Yesterday7. Gun Crazy8. Cinderella9. Stage Fright10. Rashomon - JapanBest Actor: William Holden (Sunset Blvd.)Best Actress: Gloria Swanson (Sunset Blvd.)Supporting Actor: George Sanders (All About Eve) - Actual winnerSupporting Actress: Judith Anderson (The Furies) – Not nominatedTitles with votes: 73Titles I watched: 139
  15. TopBilled: I'm interested in your favorite movies from that year.
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