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  1. I totally agree. especially early mysteries like charlie chan, bulldog drummond. thinman, perry mason. the ones featuring a female reporter, the shadow, etc...........
  2. set in thirties or forties. Homeless man moves into mansions while owners are vacationing in florida for the winter. Only homeoners daughters shows up but does not let on its her family home. eventually father and mother get home and daughter convinces them to play along. feel good movie. family becomes closer. around christmas time. please let me know if anybody can think of title.
  3. ok i am new here but I have been trying to figure out the name of this movie for weeks. Have only seen it once but I liked it. Its and early gangster movie where this guy has a reputation of a tough guy but in reality he has all the guys that he has supposedly killed locked up in cells below his house. can anybody help me with the title? probablt made in 30's or 40's. thanks
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