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  1. Monster movie fans:: I have in the past requested The Beast From Hollow Mountain very rare old Republic film staring Guy Madison story about a Mexican rancher with a dinosaur problem,, it eating his cows and a few good men It a intersting movie because it stars Guy Madison who was a pretty famous cowboy actor up there with Roy Rogers kind of fame sadly he mostly forgotten now did work in film and tv I see the movie is scheduled June 21 st at 12:45 PM [NOON] so monster movie lovers set you DVR's and get some pop corn ready check the schedule
  2. ******WE HAVE A WINNER ********* *THE VULTURE 1967* *BINGO !!! THAT IS IT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU* *what threw me off was the time frame and I saw it in black and white not color all I had were scraps of memory that popped up every now and then* *but The Vulture it is thank you*
  3. Hmm another nice try but that not it either ,,, this movie was definitely a man in a black cape walking awkwardly with sticks or canes at the end he is seen as a huge [man size] black bat body with the head of a human.. the creature definitely a bat...
  4. Thanks but that not it I would certainly remember Fay Wray lol niuce try though nope this movie more obscure not one of the the Bela movies or Vincent Price ones either not main stream movie with big name actors that I remember the key is finding a movie where a guy in a black cape has to use canes or walking sticks in both hands to walk awkwardly
  5. looking for help for a film title all I have to go on is a short memory of a 30's or 40's horror film [seemed from that era] about some kind of bat like man I believe he was a professor or a teacher in a school hall the town was being terriorized by some kind of winged night creature the man always wore a black cape and used canes in each hand to walk the cape of course was his folded wings this movie use to show up on late night tv back in the late 50's and early 60's then just vanished can someone help,,, does this sound familar to anyone else out there? does th
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