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  1. Great, glad you both enjoyed it. I especially was happy with the wonderful tribute Robert Osborne gave Deanna, He said every single thing I hoped he would, he nailed it exactly word for word what I had hoped he would say. He said wonderful things about her before movie started as well as after the movie. In case anybody missed it, he covered everything, from being more successful and popular than Judy Garland, that Louie B Mayer wanted to keep Deanna and let Judy go, but that a clerical error/ mix up took place, this is documented in every book ever written about the situation. Not bashing poor Judy, but Robert said everything with exception of what Louie B Mayor actually said (he is to kind) but what he actually said was "let the fat one go" its in all the books ever written, and Elwy Yost on TV Ontario and PBS always said it, We have a big Hollywood book that you gave mom, it has the quote in it as well. Robert went on to say that She single handily saved Universal Pictures from bankruptcy, another common reported fact He also talked about her comedic timing that was always mentioned by her producers, I played his comments over a number of times, it made my day, and he nailed everything perfect, so I could not have been happier. She was the highest paid actress in Hollywood when she retired, Robert said in the World, so I guess the highest paid actress in Hollywood is generally also in the world, he said this before and after the film, so he is a fan for sure. I heard Robert talk about Deanna before she died, they showed 2 of her films last year prior to her death, he spoke of the "Magic" of Deanna Durbin, the same term used by Elwy Yost and so many others, OK so she shares it with Flutie, that`s OK. I actually wrote a letter to TCM in care of Robert Osborne, a lot of people did I suspect, I sent mine via snail mail , marked it confidential Was not taking credit for the tribute he gave her, but at the beginning of the film he started with what sounded to me like an apology that a film tribute had not been given to her properly because of other commitments and scheduling etc . I had taken part in the TCM forum were her career was discussed right after her death, and multiple people waited for the film tribute we assumed would be in days, so they heard from lots of people I am very sure. A number of people said that TCM had a rocky relationship with Universal and getting rights to her films was a documented thing Also I don't really think that Robert O is the program director But in my letter to Robert, I was polite, just said that TCM was very special to me but afraid it has lost some of its shine to me since not giving Deanna Durbin the tribute she deserved. They did immediately after her death do a tribute with clips of a few of her films, in memoriam, so its not like they did nothing, but what Robert said last night has put some of the shine back on, was thrilled, and I did mention Neil Young to Robert so I covered that also Last thing, Charles Laughton made another film with Deanna you should see at some point, its called " BECAUSE OF HIM" Great comedy, Deanna is working as a waitress in a Hollywood restaurant that the famous folks visit. She desperately wants to get Charles Laughton's autograph, he is a big star, but really we find out what she is after is his signature. After many attempts she finally gets it, he thinks he just gave his autograph, but instead he really signed a letter of introduction stating that she was his new personal discovery, she wants to be an actress, and the letter helps her get her foot in door Very funny, with the usual great cast of butlers etc. Robert Cummings also made 3 films with Deanna ttyl
  2. Just wanted to add one more thing...Her films have been shown...PBS showed quite a few of her very best as well as TV Ontario . PBS Showed them in very successful membership drives Between PBS and TV Ontario, I watched and taped Three Smart Girls, Three Smart Girls Grow Up, First Love, 100 man and a girl, Mad about Music , His Butlers Sister and It Started with Eve/ Also Christmas Holiday and Lady On a train The wonderful man on TVO that hosted Saturday Night at The Movies ..TV Ontario was Elwy Yost, he is no longer with us He was a huge fan of Deanna Durbin, and showed all films above Also That Certain Age was on CKVR Barrie Ontario late night Thats really some of her best films, so PBS and TV Ontario managed to get rights to them, yes probably 20 years ago now, but still As I said the rest of them I purchased on a mixture of used VHS and New DVD I watched His Butlers Sister last night with Pat Obrien, Franchot Tone and a wonderful bunch of great butlers Tonight we watched Nice Girl, Franchot Tone again, Robert Benchley,Walter Brennan and Robert Stack just to name a few Edited by: Flutie22 on May 18, 2013 11:45 PM
  3. Excellent!!! Excellent ! Very accurate and very well said...Thank You so much for saying what I wanted to say
  4. You would know better than all the Hollywood books I have looked up her name in, more than all the movie historians I have read comments of etc So yes I yield to you over all others LOL Hey I like WC Fields btw, have seen all his pictures Even in her first film, Three Smart Girls...It lists everybody that is in it in the opening credits, then it says at the very end of the introductions... And introducing Universals New Discovery, Deanna Durbin as Penny I could post links for you, but its all out there to see And for the people that said they did not like her films, even though they have not seen them...LOL The supporting cast around her was just fabulous, to not like her films would be to not like Charles Winninger, or Arthur Treacher or Walter Catlett ...I could go on and on
  5. Thank You, I had already contacted them at every email available Deanna Durbin Society is also hoping for a tribute day
  6. For those of you that said her films were not classic etc She saved Universal from bankruptcy, when she was at MGM, the top guy said let the fat one go, referring to Judy Garland, that is absolutely true, he meant let Judy go Universal immediately picked her up and she saved the studio She worked with the best in the business, top actors wanted to be in her films, from Charles Lawton, to Franchot Tone, to Arthur Treacher, fabulous actors, she also had great comedic timing She was the highest paid actress in Hollywood for a time, she left the business of her own accord, turned down lucrative offers for years after retirement Her films were very successful, I have them all....not difficult to get, some I purchased used on VHS, some on DVD new, some off tv Ontario and PBS
  7. I love TCM, but I have to say I am deeply disappointed that they have not even attempted to show any of her films since she died a few weeks ago. Deanna Durbin was a Huge star, I have seen many times TCM change schedule for far lesser stars, I am offended for Deanna.. And deeply disappointed. TCM for some reason has only shown 2 or 3 of her movies ever, and imho they need to get the rights to show all of her films Three Smart Girls, Three Smart Girls Grow Up, First Love,His Butlers Sister,The Amazing Mrs Holiday,It Started With Eve, 100 man and a girl, Mad About Music...I could go on and on For full disclosure I have all 21 or so of her films and am personally having a Deanna Durbin Tribute in my home, last night we watched Three Smart Girls Grow Up, tonight we are watching First Love But out of respect for one of the greatest actresses in history of film, I want to see this on TCM, I want others to see her films I have emailed all depts of TCM, no response Robert Osborne once talked about...The Magic of Deanna Durbin, so he knows... Come on TCM, do the right thing
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