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  1. I've seen the letter several times. The first time I saw it, I was shocked at the opening scene, when Mrs. Crosbie repeatedly shoots and kills this man: first, the use of light and darkness, and the people sleeping, and the quiet night, once again pulls you into a sense of false security, and then the gun shots, secondly; the clouds passing in front of the full moon covering up and then revealing the crime and the look on Mrs. Crosbies's face, her whole demeanor, revealed to me that there was more to this than just self defense; this woman had a motive....
  2. Although I've never seen this movie before, I love the way the the scene is set;and the POV of the train, The darkness is used when the train is going through the tunnels, you kind of feel tension like you're expecting something bad to happen; and then the slow lighting to reveal the outside surroundings as the train speeds by, and there's no music, other than the train sounds: Also, I like the way the engineers communicate with each other with body language, I didn't know what to expect, I was kind of holding my breath until the last few secs. of the clip, I thought it was suspenseful.
  3. Hi to all. Im new to the forum. Ive loved old movies since i was13. My alltime fav isGone with the wind really good love story.and charactors .love Clark Gable in it he is my fav actor. I think he was quite handsom in his day. Any other favs?
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