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    Crime dramas, World War II movies, John Garfield, Barbara Stanwyck, Gloria Grahamme, Humphrey Bogart, Natalie Wood, Billie Burke, Judy Garland
  1. Hey everybody, Slaytonf was kind enough to point out to me in a private message that linking to your LinkedIn photo can have security issues. So think twice about following my instructions for uploading your pic.
  2. I think John Garfield is hot in a "tough guy" sort of way. When he plays a bad boy, I can't get enough. Anyone agree?
  3. there are two ways TCM says you can attach a pic to your profile. The first one, by simply uploading a pic from your computer, does not work. The second option, to enter a URL (website link with your photo), is the only option that works. So you might be thinking "what websites have my photo on them?" Well, if you have a photo on your Facebook page or on a site like LinkedIn, then you have what you need. In my case, I went to my LinkedIn profile, put the cursor over my pic and hit right click. A box opens and you scroll down and click "properties." Another box opens and in the middle of that b
  4. thank you Debbie, for making my life a little better every time I watched you on the screen. You will be missed.
  5. I finally figured it out. If anybody else needs help posting their profile pic, hit me up
  6. why is it so difficult to post a pic of myself to my profile?
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