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  1. Happy 115th James Cagney! The Cagney's were 4 boys and 1 girl. James was the 2nd born. He worked and helped put his brothers through school. He also protected them by fighting for them. Great photo!
  2. TomHJ- I read many books on Cagney and I know in his later years[80's] he probably was unhappy most people are due to sickness, age ect.. I was talking about Cagney as a young man. He loved nature, life and had many hobbies. Many who knew Cagney enjoyed his company. Usually many people who drink alot and seem happy aren't. They drink to cover up their unhappiness. Cagney didn't drink, he enjoyed life and was not moody. Quiet at times and maybe faraway but that don't mean one is moody.
  3. I disagree about Cagney being moody and pesimistic. I never read that or heard that. He may have been quiet but he was optimistic and very funny. The men who liked to drink were really pesimistic that's why they drank[like Pat O'brien and Humphry Bogart]. Cagney liked to enjoy life and make the most of it, that's why he didn't drink alot.
  4. Cagney may have been quiet and soft-spoken in real life but he had a great sense of humor. Maybe he didn't show it on What's My Line but he showed it other times. Watch the AFI Awards. Cagney was very funny! So I disagree that he wasn't as funny as EGR!
  5. Tom, Terrible Joe Moran is a good film. Not depressing. Sure it was Cagney's last film and he is old, in a wheel chair but he still gave a great performance. Also, there are clips shown in the movie of Cagney in early films as a boxer and some of Cagney's paintings can be seen throughout the movie. A seller on ebay is selling an official release of the movie on dvd.Buy it and give it another chance. It deserves it. I met Mr. Cagney when he was 82 at the World Series [Yankees and Dodgers] at Yankees Stadium. My brother and I were a few seats away from him. When he came out the crowd went wild.
  6. March 30th, 28 years ago, we lost Mr. Cagney. It was Easter Sunday. What a loss!
  7. Mongo and Dargo, Great photos!! Mcqueen was so Handsome and so Cool!!
  8. Four Cagney movies are coming out on dvd this month. Here Comes the Navy, Winner Take All, The Oklahoma Kid and Johnny Come Lately[this one is also coming out on blu-ray.] Here Comes the Navy features the ship bombed at Pearl Harbor, The Arizona [six years before.] Some of the sailors in the movie died on the Arizona when it was bombed.
  9. How come no ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, the Cagney classic! I rather this be shown than ROARING TWENTIES. Don't get me wrong I am glad they are showing our three boys. It's just that Jim was so sexy in that film! He was sexy in all his early films! Must have been the red hair. I don't blame Merle Oberon for trying. Ok it's getting too hot here. I need a cold shower. Enjoy, Jim, Bogie and Ed!
  10. Bing as a young man was very handsome and what a voice! I met Kathryn and did a couple of events with her. She loved Bing. She said, "When he spoke and looked at you with those gorgeous blue eyes he mezmorized you."
  11. Tom, I love Cagney's movies from the 30's! Not only because he is young and handsome but because I love the type of movies that were made in the 30's. Fast, Funny, Short, Entertaining, Great Characters and Actors with a lot of personality! We don't see this today. I love Bing Crosby's movies from this time period too as well as Shirley Temple and many others. I also love Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone as far as Mysteries go. I seem to favor The Golden Age of Hollywood. Getting back to the movie. Every movie doesn't have to be a deep intellectual story for it to be good. To me Hard To Hand
  12. Tom, Please don't think I am arguing with you. Maybe, I came across that way, I didn't mean to. I can't believe all the different stories about Tracey and BADMAN. And 2 stories combined all the others. And the same story went around for years about why Tracey didn't leave his wife. It said because he was a Catholic. Tracey said that wasn't the reason, that there was more to it than that. I think it was because he had a son that was deaf and needed him.
  13. Clore, Thanks! Does the story mention Cagney at all?
  14. Well, at least this story combines some of the others into it. He was hard to handle, sick from drinking and fired. Tom, I understand what you mean about facts and all the stories going around. As far as Ty Power, I read it on the internet and I know on something I watched recently[maybe it wasn't on Mr. Roberts dvd, I will have to watch that again, the specials on dvd]. It could have been on a special VHS version that someone gave me recently. But I know they said Ty Power was considered for the role first. I'll get back to you once I find the source. I remember telling my mom when I heard it
  15. Tom, I just read another version of BADMAN story. Tracey left the film when Grace Kelly didn't want to do it. And Tracey was looking to get out of his MGM contract so he could pick and chose his own roles/films. I guess we will never know the real reason.
  16. Well, Tom, I guess you have a different dvd of Mr. Roberts. Mine mentions Tyrone Power than William Holden. Also, I found online where it was mentioned that Tyrone was thought of first after Fonda. As far as TRIBUTE TO A BADMAN some books say different things. MCcabe book says Cagney took over the role as a gracious gesture for Tracey who didn't like the role or the script. In the Offen book it says Cagney did it to help out Spencer Tracey who had become ill. And in Cagney by Cagney, Cagney says that Tracey became ill. In 2 other books it mentions Tracey being fired. But if Tracey was fired th
  17. Tom, Tyrone Power played Mr. Roberts in the London version of the play. It was a big hit.
  18. Tom, I read about TRIBUTE TO A BADMAN in 2 or 3 Cagney books. All said he took the part as a favor to his friend Tracey who was too ill to do the part. And about Tyrone Power playing the part of Mr. Roberts. I think it was mentioned on the new dvd release of MR. ROBERTS. One of the specials mentioned that Tyrone Power was asked first to play the part because he also played the part in a play.
  19. I agree with you finance. I think Tracey would have made a better Doc too. And Tyrone Power would have made a better Mr. Roberts than Henry Fonda. Tyrone also played the part and was asked to play it in the film. I shouldn't say better. What I mean is I would rather see Tracey and Power than Powell and Fonda. I always liked their acting and their movies more so than the other two. To each their own. I know others here will disagree and that is fine.
  20. Tom, I remember reading that Tracey wanted Cagney to take his place in BADMAN because he wasn't well. The two men were close. I don't think the political views got in the way of their friendship. I never read that anywhere. I will look into it. I could be wrong.
  21. Finance, Many women found Cagney to be handsome as a young man. Some were leading ladies who claimed Cagney had beautiful red hair and delft blue eyes. I have a question for Tom, Who won the baseball game between the Comedians and Leading Men? And by the way Cagney looks very handsome in that photo, were did you get it?
  22. I thought Strawberry Blonde captured the mood of that time frame perfectly. The chemistry between Cagney and Olivia I love. Even in the Irish in Us their scenes together were cute and memorable. I'm a Strawberry Blonde so I love the song and movie title. It is not my favorite Cagney movie but I like it. Alan Hale is also Great with Cagney.
  23. But which pornography do you mean because there is porn for men, porn for women and porn for gays. It's no longer just for men.
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