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  1. Variety just released the results of a survey where 70% of those asked said they'd rather watch a first-run movie at home on digital rental than see it in a movie theater if costs are about the same and they have the choice (an additional 17% were "unsure.") . 37% of those surveyed said they'll go less often to a movie theater.
  2. My great Aunt Recha (Carl Laemmle's wife) died during the 1918 flu pandemic. It's scary to see companies declaring bankruptcy, or even the pictures of the stadiums of unused cars like above ... I keep wondering what things will be the same and what will be permanently changed after all this. I'm disappointed there are so many cancelled events, but I do think it's for the best. Here's a video I made about how Universal handled the flu ... there are a lot of ways history is repeating itself today:
  3. I watched a few scenes from The Criminal Code while making this video, and I'm interested to watch the whole thing now. Is it his largest/most significant role before Frankenstein?
  4. I can't help but name Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein as my favorite Karloff films. I've had some recommendations for Body Snatchers, Targets, Invisible Ray, and The Body Snatcher. Any other Karloff classics I'm missing on my list? What makes them so great?
  5. I didn't want to start a new topic for this, but it's Carl Laemmle, Junior's 112th birthday today! I always think about what a crazy life he led - starting his career as a tween, taking control of Universal at 21, and then retiring by 28. What would you do with the rest of your life if you could retire that young, and money was no object?
  6. Thanks, sewhite and TikiSoo! I appreciate it! 😊
  7. The Laemmle Era at Universal is responsible for some iconic films (All Quiet on the Western Front! Imitation of Life!) plus most of the classic monster movies we love (which also helped Universal to be one of the only studios that didn't lose money during the Great Depression.) Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save them, and they lost the studio in 1936 with the release of Show Boat ... which turned out to be a huge success! This is something I get asked about the most, so I finally made a video telling the story. I hope you guys enjoy this little slice of film history 😊
  8. I just got home from watching the new Invisible Man, and I really enjoyed it! It's very different from the Claude Rains version, but had a few connections and callbacks. The movie did a great job building suspense, and had some good jump scares. I was thoroughly entertained 😊
  9. I've been pretty let down by Universal's most recent monster remakes, but I find myself cautiously optimistic for the new Invisible Man film coming out this weekend. I'll be seeing it tonight! Is anyone else going to take a chance on it? And here's a video I made about the original ... more than anything, I love the mix of humor and horror, though I do wish the horror (or suspense) went a bit further...
  10. I usually find myself working or answering emails when I watch movies, so I love watching them more than once because there are always little things I missed. Even when I'm paying full attention, I find that sometimes another viewing will bring out a new meaning in a line or scene. Movies can be so different to me depending on my mood.
  11. It looks like in the 1940s he was signed with the William Morris Agency for a while, and then rotated through 5 agents in the next 5 years. He signed with Virginia Doak, and lastly it seems, Don Marlowe. All that jumping makes me think none of his agents really believed/invested in him, or something else may have been at play that kept him from working.
  12. It's funny, I wouldn't have thought about the number of biographies before, but I bet you're right. I suppose I'll know for certain when I make a video about Karloff...maybe later this year. I'll have to confirm/disprove that for you then 😉
  13. Love this list! Gives me a good sense of what to watch for whichever movie mood I'm in. I got a lot of recommendations for White Zombie, so I think that's first up on my watchlist this weekend.
  14. Yeah, you might be right about his addictions getting in the way later on. Even before Bela mastered English, he started learning his roles phonetically (and supposedly still gave incredible performances.) He seemed to have a great ear for that - I wonder if there's a reason he never tried to eliminate (or at least reduce) his accent altogether?
  15. My newest video is about the life and career of Bela Lugosi. He was clearly very talented, and his career spanned more than 50 years, but after Dracula, he struggled to break out of the horror genre. Bela had turned down Frankenstein, which was a huge win for Boris Karloff. After this, Bela was hardly picky about the film roles he accepted, and some wonder if it's because he was scared to make the same mistake again. Karloff also didn't seem to struggle with typecasting the way Bela did. Do you think Bela's career trajectory would have been different if he had played The Monster too?
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