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  1. I usually find myself working or answering emails when I watch movies, so I love watching them more than once because there are always little things I missed. Even when I'm paying full attention, I find that sometimes another viewing will bring out a new meaning in a line or scene. Movies can be so different to me depending on my mood.
  2. It looks like in the 1940s he was signed with the William Morris Agency for a while, and then rotated through 5 agents in the next 5 years. He signed with Virginia Doak, and lastly it seems, Don Marlowe. All that jumping makes me think none of his agents really believed/invested in him, or something else may have been at play that kept him from working.
  3. It's funny, I wouldn't have thought about the number of biographies before, but I bet you're right. I suppose I'll know for certain when I make a video about Karloff...maybe later this year. I'll have to confirm/disprove that for you then 😉
  4. Love this list! Gives me a good sense of what to watch for whichever movie mood I'm in. I got a lot of recommendations for White Zombie, so I think that's first up on my watchlist this weekend.
  5. Yeah, you might be right about his addictions getting in the way later on. Even before Bela mastered English, he started learning his roles phonetically (and supposedly still gave incredible performances.) He seemed to have a great ear for that - I wonder if there's a reason he never tried to eliminate (or at least reduce) his accent altogether?
  6. My newest video is about the life and career of Bela Lugosi. He was clearly very talented, and his career spanned more than 50 years, but after Dracula, he struggled to break out of the horror genre. Bela had turned down Frankenstein, which was a huge win for Boris Karloff. After this, Bela was hardly picky about the film roles he accepted, and some wonder if it's because he was scared to make the same mistake again. Karloff also didn't seem to struggle with typecasting the way Bela did. Do you think Bela's career trajectory would have been different if he had played The Monster too?
  7. Happy birthday to Universal Studios founder (and my Uncle) Carl Laemmle, born January 17, 1867. He would have been 153 today!
  8. Thanks, Dargo! That's exactly the type of movie I was looking for. Now I just have to figure out where I can watch it...
  9. Are there any other baseball films from the 1930s/earlier that anyone knows of? I'm so curious to see the evolution of the sport and how it's been filmed over the years.
  10. Wow, what a list. I've seen embarrassingly few. I'll have to start with your list at the top!
  11. Here's also a second video I made which is about the history of the film and the true stories His Last Game is based on!
  12. I found this 12 minute IMP film from 1909 about a Choctaw man sentenced to death, who receives a stay of execution so he can pitch in one last baseball game. (Believe it or not, it's based on a true story!) Some sources say it's the first ever baseball film. That being said, it's a pretty terribly shot film as far as baseball goes. It's all filmed from one angle behind home plate, the bases are squished awkwardly together, and you can barely see any of the action since all the players' backs are to the camera. Can you guys think of any earlier baseball movies? Or what are some of your favorites? They're not so old, bt I think my favorites have to be A League of Their Own and The Sandlot 😊
  13. Parasite and JoJo Rabbit were by far my favorite films of the year so far. I still have a few left to see. I've heard such mixed things about Little Women, is it really good?
  14. I made a video about my Uncle Carl Laemmle's company IMP! It was under IMP that Carl fought Thomas Edison, and when he created the very first movie star in Florence Lawrence! And without IMP, we likely wouldn't have Universal Studios today. Many of IMPs films have been lost over time, but I've seen a few over the last few years including Maid or Man with Mary Pickford and His Last Game. I'm hoping to find more and put them up on my channel. Have you seen any of IMP's films?
  15. I love this Argos commercial! Mostly because I'm such a fan of this kid who is such an amazing drummer!
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