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  1. Made this just in time for Halloween! I had no idea about his early scandal! (But it also explains why I never heard much about his personal life.)
  2. I loved watching the Friday night lineup of TCM horror with my grandmother. She's 99 and couldn't remember seeing any of them before (though I'm sure she has.) She jumped, gasped, and made exclamations like "oh my!" or "oh no!" quite a lot. In some ways, it felt like I'd gone back in time and got to experience the movies as original audiences may have. Really fun.
  3. I love that this baseball thread came back around because I just won my fantasy baseball league the other day and now I have somewhere to not-so-humble brag πŸ’β€β™€οΈ
  4. My grandparents are NOT about these concerts. They look forward to their TCM movies every single night, and it's really turned their evenings upside down to have all this music on instead. That being said, I've enjoyed the few bits we have watched. I think the T.A.M.I. Show was my favorite.
  5. I'm watching this movie with my 98 and 99 year old grandparents, and they seemed a little surprised at the title. Would this be considered more bold/improper than usual in 1932?
  6. Incredible that he filmed/worked so much while undergoing treatment. Really heartbreaking to have him gone so suddenly. RIP.
  7. You've got me reading all about the history of Pepsi and Coke now...
  8. In 1927, Walt Disney created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Universal. After he was fired, Walt was left with nothing, and swore he'd never create a character he didn't own the rights to again. It was during this time he knew he needed to come up with a new character, and Mickey Mouse was born. If it wasn't for his firing and the loss of Oswald, would we have Mickey Mouse and the Disney empire today?
  9. It hardly feels possible that the Summer Olympics should be happening right now. Even though we don't get to enjoy the games this year, I still wanted to make an Olympic-themed video. I was shocked when I learned Universal Studios was responsible for the first ever gold medal winning basketball team in the 1936 Olympics! And THE Jack Pierce had managed the team! As with any story from those days, there's so much more to it than just the headline. And the question I've been asking everyone since making this: would you have gone to compete?
  10. I'd never noticed that before about the long cords, but lately I've loved taking note of the ways phones have changed over the years, and how each generation has such disparate experiences. It was a staple in all teen movies when I was a kid to fiddle with the phone cord, wrap yourself up in it, or to hear the click/dial tone when someone would hang up. Kids these days don't know any of those things, or even realize we say "hang up" because you would actually hang the phone up! They think # are called hashtags. Also someone recently told me this generation doesn't use the standard πŸ€™ to mimic
  11. Wow, to pay less than $10 for an entire day at Disney! I'm not sure you can get a small fry for that now. I think I remember hearing that the opening day was a disaster though: people forged tickets and over-packed the park, there wasn't enough water, some rides weren't ready to open, etc. Disneyland is such a well-oiled machine now, it's hard to imagine anything like that happening.
  12. Not to say there aren't exceptions (women who don't care for her or men who think she's wonderful) but I think you're onto something here! I'm also of the generation that first really knew her from Halloweentown and then as Bobbi Adler in Will & Grace - but going back through her filmography I definitely consider myself a fan!
  13. I suppose this fits the description of my question since it's a different type of role, but wasn't this movie seen as superbly racist and problematic, even at the time it was released? This may not fall under the umbrella of maids, drivers, etc but I'd argue it still reinforced the status quo...or worse.
  14. I was surprised how difficult it was to study Black film history for this video - there seemed to be so little information out there. Less surprising was how much oppression there was, and how roles really did play racist caricatures or simply reinforce the status quo - like exclusively casting Black people as maids, chefs, drivers, etc. Can you guys think of any studio films before the 1940s that broke the norm and cast a Black actor otherwise?
  15. YouTube is exactly where I watched. I would have happily paid to stream it somewhere legitimate, but couldn't find it anywhere. I feel like this movie could really catch on if it were officially rereleased!
  16. I just watched Hellzapoppin (1941.) I'm not sure what I was expecting - I did hear it was pretty wacky - but it far surpassed my wacky expectations. So much fun, though, and a GREAT Lindy Hop scene about 45 minutes in!
  17. Variety just released the results of a survey where 70% of those asked said they'd rather watch a first-run movie at home on digital rental than see it in a movie theater if costs are about the same and they have the choice (an additional 17% were "unsure.") . 37% of those surveyed said they'll go less often to a movie theater.
  18. My great Aunt Recha (Carl Laemmle's wife) died during the 1918 flu pandemic. It's scary to see companies declaring bankruptcy, or even the pictures of the stadiums of unused cars like above ... I keep wondering what things will be the same and what will be permanently changed after all this. I'm disappointed there are so many cancelled events, but I do think it's for the best. Here's a video I made about how Universal handled the flu ... there are a lot of ways history is repeating itself today:
  19. I watched a few scenes from The Criminal Code while making this video, and I'm interested to watch the whole thing now. Is it his largest/most significant role before Frankenstein?
  20. I can't help but name Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein as my favorite Karloff films. I've had some recommendations for Body Snatchers, Targets, Invisible Ray, and The Body Snatcher. Any other Karloff classics I'm missing on my list? What makes them so great?
  21. I didn't want to start a new topic for this, but it's Carl Laemmle, Junior's 112th birthday today! I always think about what a crazy life he led - starting his career as a tween, taking control of Universal at 21, and then retiring by 28. What would you do with the rest of your life if you could retire that young, and money was no object?
  22. Thanks, sewhite and TikiSoo! I appreciate it! 😊
  23. The Laemmle Era at Universal is responsible for some iconic films (All Quiet on the Western Front! Imitation of Life!) plus most of the classic monster movies we love (which also helped Universal to be one of the only studios that didn't lose money during the Great Depression.) Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save them, and they lost the studio in 1936 with the release of Show Boat ... which turned out to be a huge success! This is something I get asked about the most, so I finally made a video telling the story. I hope you guys enjoy this little slice of film history 😊
  24. I just got home from watching the new Invisible Man, and I really enjoyed it! It's very different from the Claude Rains version, but had a few connections and callbacks. The movie did a great job building suspense, and had some good jump scares. I was thoroughly entertained 😊
  25. I've been pretty let down by Universal's most recent monster remakes, but I find myself cautiously optimistic for the new Invisible Man film coming out this weekend. I'll be seeing it tonight! Is anyone else going to take a chance on it? And here's a video I made about the original ... more than anything, I love the mix of humor and horror, though I do wish the horror (or suspense) went a bit further...
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