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  1. Found this one that shows film analysis in pdf formats sometimes along with documentaries and stuff like that, all involving academic style writing on films. https://www.facebook.com/fightingartists Seems to do a different series every week. Now it looks like he talking about Pabst.
  2. I've recently been paying close attention to this one site. In this article Here: http://www.jeremyizzo.com/young-mr-lincoln He suggest that "Young Mr. Lincoln" might be Ford's funniest film. Do you believe this. I certainly laughed a lot during it, but did he ever really make a comedy like his friend Hawks? Also, Mr. Izzo doesn't go on to say why he thinks Ford might have made this a funny film. He lingers on it suggesting it might be commentary but he doesn't say on what. Any thoughts?
  3. Iamhere

    Red River

    Red River next to The Searchers is my favoire Western of all time. Is their any analitcal takes on the film such as this article : http://www.jeremyizzo.com/red-river-and-time which takes a look at Red River's use of time. I love the film a lot and waynes dark hero along with dopplegangers, I also find it to be the best composted film by Hawks who normally doesn't uses such beautiful angles or shots, but I want to find some film theroist thoughts on it. Jeremy Izzo did a great job as always, but is there anyone else.
  4. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/film-noir-as-an-art-movement [H|http://www.jeremyizzo.com/film-noir-as-an-art-movement]e explains it further here. I agree. He also takes a close look at THE BIG COMBO, and by not looking at it as a genre it makes the film that much more intersting. These films are no more genres as german new objectivity or italian neo realism were genre's. Orson welles made his own films. All our idas of a film noir genre could be applied to welles fims...that proves that there is a problem with this.
  5. I guess he goes on to sugguest that noir isn't a style or genre but an art movement. [i|http://www.jeremyizzo.com/film-noir-as-an-art-movement] had a profesor you shared the same view but he wasn't able to really explain as well.
  6. Iamhere

    Fort Apache

    really blown away by Fords cavalry trilogy. This one is yet another well done film that backs an emotional and intellectual punch. This was suprisingly my first henry fonda movie (I might have seen grapes of wrath before hand) and It's been hard for me to see fonda any other way sense with his dry delivery.
  7. I would be intersted if anyone knows of any books or articles that go in depth to F for Fake. I'm very intersted in tying this film don't to understand on the workings, motifs and devices but would need some help getting started. Do you know of any sources that actually tries to understand the film besides the obvious.
  8. I don't know what movie song gets stuck in my head more "she wore a yellow river" or "settle down" in Red River. Article on time and old age as seen in She wore a yellow ribon. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/she-wore-a-yellow-ribbon
  9. That is fantastic. I've just read an article on chaplin and his thoughts on the city: http://www.jeremyizzo.com/chaplin-and-the-city
  10. I think the article does explain that ford set up a world that usually exsists only in musicals. It shares the same exact qualities of a musical as the conflict is about courting a love interst and the community allows friendliness, reminds me of An American in Paris (that film too diswons money). The only thing it is missing is the songs. But a film like The three penny Opera has singing and I wouldn't consider it a musical but a new objectivity melodrama to the liking of the rest of Pabst's works. Edited by: Iamhere on Jun 28, 2013 11:55 AM
  11. So glad I found this noir. Vissually stunning. Here is an article on the use of evil and good in a boxing match. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/the-big-combo-and-evil
  12. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/the-quiet-man-a-musical (I'm posting this sites articlks alot but I really want to discuss them) This articl suggest that by Dyers postion... John Ford made a musical ironicly titled "the Quiet Man."
  13. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/touch-of-noir I read this articl and it got me thinking.... film noir is a tough genre to define.
  14. She wore a Yellow Ribbon....I got it stuck in my head.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fighting-Artists/591604250872551?fref=ts Posted a link to an articl about Written on the Wind. http://www.jeremyizzo.com/melodrama It sticks up for melodrama. I noticed it too, only older films are liked for being melodrama, but newer films are shunned. I remember watching interviews about "Before the Devil Knows" and how the writer hated it when the director told him it was a melodrama. Written on the wind is his best. That opening is amazing. Odd that the only characer that was one dimenstional was Lauren Bacall and she caused the rift. I think the
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