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  1. Well, I realize we all don't have the same favorites. I don't know the inside scoop about what TCM is allowed to show and what they aren't allowed. I have noticed that Susan Hayward is rarely on TCM, so I assume she was with the wrong studio? I wish they could show all studios equally.
  2. As the 2016 season of Summer Under the Stars comes to a close, I confess that I was less than impressed with the “star” lineup, especially the first half of the month. While I stewed over the lack of what I considered star quality in the lineup (one must understand that TCM is my staple diet when it comes to television viewing), I wondered how the lineup is formulated from year to year, and why I hadn’t seen some of my favorites. So I embarked upon some research. Thanks to the internet and Google and some time on my hands, I compiled a list of all the featured stars since the beginning of th
  3. One of the reasons I have enjoyed watching TCM over the years is because the older classic movies don't have much swearing and graphic sex scenes. Now that they are playing "newer" movies, that is becoming a problem for me. Does anyone else have a problem with this, or am I just an old fashioned prude? (if the answer is that I am, that's ok, I'll choose to remain one)
  4. Watching OLD CLASSIC MOVIES is a very relaxing hobby, because there is no modern stuff in the films. No cursing, not too much blood. The good guys and gals almost always win. There are no fights between dems and repubs and political crooks usually go to jail, there are no gang related drive by shootings in which the shooters get away with it. There are no serial killers where the killer kills hundreds of women and is never found. This paragraph summed up the main reasons I enjoy watching "classic" movies. When you get into the more recent decades, those descriptions, generally, do not
  5. I've only seen this movie once, so I hope it's ok to post here. This scene made me laugh out loud, literally. It's from Libled Lady. William Powell's character is supposed to be an expert fisherman, but:
  6. Great observations and comments, everyone. Thanks! I'm not a "technical" movie person, just know what I like. But many times Robert Osborne will discuss elements of a movie that makes me pay attention when I watch, and it gets me thinking. I love The Quiet Man too, but never noticed bad angles or anything like that. Another great movie I love and could watch over and over is To Kill a Mockingbird. Last time I noticed how prevalent the use of a hand or hands is in the movie. From the beginning when you just see hands inspecting the contents of the cigar box, to the end when Scout is hold
  7. Can you give me an example of a movie where all the other elements are good, but the direction/director ruined the movie? I think I don't really understand how direction works.
  8. I was thinking about movies that seem to have everything going for them: great story, great actors, great characters.... specifically "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" comes to mind. ALL of the actors seem to fit the parts perfectly. Is the perfection of this movie due to the actors, the director, the story, all of the above, or something else? I'm interested in hearing others' opinions.
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