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  1. I can see why some people think that Julie is a bit too much, but that has never been enough of a factor for me to not like the movie. Frankie does undergo an obvious transformation from an over emotional, dramatic outsider to someone who fits in more with her school peers, and both John Henry and Berenice sort of drop away, in difference ways of course. I suppose everybody has to grow up sooner or later.
  2. 335 "Well that wraps up the Meow Mix promo. I don't know about you honey, but I'm calling my agent and give him what for." ********************************************************************** "Could have been a lot worse. You might have wound up with a frog."
  3. Guess somebody at TCM found an old inter office memo from the 1930s from the M-G-M publicity department.
  4. Interesting clip. Too bad Brandon passed away at an early age. When John Henry dies, it seems his passing signals the end of summer and the start of Frankie integrating into the world outside the house.
  5. 334 "Excuse me ma'am, could you give me directions to the anatomy department?" "Oh don't worry, it's a dry bone."
  6. To freely paraphrase Dugout Doug MacArthur: Old Hollywood flacks never die, they just get jobs at TCM.
  7. 333 "Next up on the main stage, They Might Be Giants."
  8. 332 "Old man who smell like poop making a move on Mongo. Get Mongo out of this cellar pdq." ***************************************************************** "Say, what are you in here for?" "Ripping that tag off the mattress." "Wow, that's what I'm in here for." "Guess it really is a small world after all."
  9. I enjoy watching it every few years. In general it's well done, though there is sometimes a slight whiff of melodrama, but not so much as to hurt the story. I can understand why some folks find Julie Harris a bit (or much more than a bit) over the top, but I can live with that aspect of the movie. I think an intriguing alternative take would be for Humbert Humbert to come roaring into the small town with Lo in tow, and intereact with the leads from Member. I'll bet John Henry would be reduced to a glasses fogged, southern fried puddle.
  10. 332 "Mongo blind, but Mongo smell good. Smell old man who needs a bath. Old man smell like poop. Get Mongo out of this cellar quick."
  11. .......sipping absinthe. I don't think too many folks would want to see those matchsticks legs in a bathing suit. And leaving aside her looks, there's her personality. Only a masochist could like a sadist like Vi.
  12. I can testify that people from northern New Jersey are just as modest and humble as those from the southern part of the state. When we sent someone on a one-way trip to the bottom of the Raritan, we very rarely bragged about it. Our lips were sealed, usually in just a figurative manner.
  13. I would place her somewhere on the bait/chum border And I can't really see Vi getting into a bathing suit, and no matter how pretty you might think you are, other people will be more objective. Now, she might have attracted some lonely middle-aged beach stroller, but as far as the younguns that I assume Sebastian was interested in, that would be a very hard sell. Liz beats her by a factor of two.
  14. 330 "If I've told you guys once, I've told you a hundred times--once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you can't get it back in again, no matter what you do." "Wow doc, look at the size of that tapeworm. No wonder this guy looks like a skeleton."
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