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  1. Ida Lupino directed the "A Is For Aardvark" episode from the first season of BEWITCHED, the episode that William Asher (who directed more than half of the episodes of the series) has called the definitive BEWITCHED episode. The scene where Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) cries is incredibly moving, and I think Lupino's direction has a lot to do with this.
  2. I'm also a fan of Greer Garson and of MRS. MINIVER. I love her voice and , yes, she photographs beautifully. And I think she 's a wonderful actor too. The year after the movie was released, Greer Garson married Richard Ney, who played her son Vin in the movie. I always think about this when I watch the movie now. The couple separated and divorced a few years later. Greer Garson sought the divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty: she claimed (among other things) that Ney was critical of her acting. He is isn't in the 1950 sequel THE MINIVER STORY. I don't think his character
  3. . . . and was also the basis for the 2007 critical and commercial hit Broadway musical of the same name. The stage musical also incorporates elements from CLASH OF THE TITANS and adds additional songs that were not in the movie XANADU: "Have You Never Been Mellow" ( a John Farrar song that was a hit single for Olivia Newton-John in the 1970s) and Electric Light Orchestra's "Strange Magic" and "Evil Woman."
  4. I watched ANOTHER WOMAN for the first time during the first months of the 2020 pandemic. I'm a big fan of Gena Rowlands and it's a Woody Allen movie I've intended to watch for some time. I agree that it was a very well made movie (great writing, directing and acting), but, man, I sure woke up depressed the day after I watched it and found myself brooding over it for days after. Sandy Dennis blew me away as the former friend of Gena Rowlands's character. When the two meet by chance many years after they drifted apart, Sandy Dennis tries to keep the encounter short and sweet, but S
  5. And somehow by the next episode Ginger's dresses had been restored to their original length.
  6. I first saw GILLIGAN'S ISLAND when it aired on TBS. As others have said, it's a show that requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, but once you do that it's a fun show to watch. My favorite character was Ginger, but Mary Ann was my second favorite. Since the two of them shared a hut, they had a lot of scenes together, and Tina Louise and Dawn Wells had great on-screen chemistry. One of my favorite episodes (and apparently a favorite of other posters here) was "The Second Ginger Grant" otherwise known as the episode where Mary Ann thinks she's Ginger. Ginger pretends to b
  7. I wish I could "like" this twice. I literally laughed out loud (dare I say guffawed?) when I read it. Thank you!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on THE CROWN. I've considered checking out this series for awhile and perhaps I ultimately will, but it's nice to have your insights. I know it's common for "poetic license" to by taken in the creation of dramatic works about real people in order to achieve narrative flow, but eliminating events is different from inventing (salacious) details ----I'm referring to the show's claim that JFK abused Jackie. RE: Your comments about Josh O'Connor : the real young Prince Charles was quite a looker ---- actually more attractive than O'Connor (in my opi
  9. I wasn't aware of any Elaine Stritch dolls in existence, but my interest was piqued enough to look. I couldn't find any, BUT . . . I did find this: * * * * *
  10. The 1960s BATMAN series is responsible for the creation of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), who is now a staple of the DC universe. The executive producer of the show asked DC to create a new female character whose introduction in the comics could occur simultaneously with the character's appearance on the third season of the TV show. And Harley Quinn was introduced on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.
  11. Wasn't that the title of a TV series from the 1960s starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck?
  12. I'm indifferent about Nolan's BATMAN. I saw BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT mostly because I knew that the Gotham City exteriors were shot in Chicago. I've never seen THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and likely will not ever see it (I won't seek it out for viewing). My favorite versions of Batman are BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and the animated DC Universe Original Movies. I've never really gotten into the 1960s series with Adam West, which surprises me because I usually enjoy camp sensibility.
  13. Yes, the reveal scene in TOOTSIE is one of the great movie scenes of all time and Teri Garr's reactions contribute to this greatness ---- first her scoff while watching Dorothy Michaels (as Emily Kimberly) on SOUTHWEST GENERAL and then later her scream when Dorothy (Emily) is revealed to be Michael (Edward). I love how seven characters have distinct reactions to the moment of truth. Brilliant comic writing, directing and acting. "Does Jeff know?"
  14. I love Teri Garr in TOOTSIE. One of her many great lines from the movie and one that I would use if the right opportunity ever arose: "We are not friends. I don't take this s*** from friends. Only from lovers."
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