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  1. GOOD TIMES is referred to as a spin-off of MAUDE, but really Esther Rolle's Florida Evans from MAUDE is a different character than the Florida Evans on GOOD TIMES. MAUDE's Florida was employed as Maude's maid in Tuckahoe, New York ( a village that is approximately a half hour train ride from Manhattan). The Florida Evans from GOOD TIMES, however, lived her entire life in Chicago. The Evans family on GOOD TIMES lived in a Chicago housing project, which was unnamed on the series but was strongly implied to be Cabrini-Green, on Chicago's Near North Side. John Amos played Florida's
  2. The scene from WELCOME TO L.A. with Sissy Spacek vacuuming starts at around 2:39 in this video: SALLY KELLERMAN What are you doing? SISSY SPACEK I'm cleaning. SALLY KELLERMAN Linda! Put your shirt on. SISSY SPACEK Too sweaty!
  3. Yes, CAUSE FOR ALARM!* is very good and really pulled me in when I watched it online. Someone on these message boards recommended it. I think it was you, LHF. The movie is only about an hour and fifteen minutes. * The exclamation point is part of the title just as it's part of the title of BOOM!
  4. Yeah, John Waters mentioned at a screening of BOOM! about Katherine Hepburn turning down the role of the Witch of Capri. She was insulted that she was asked! (Kind of reminds me of Mary Pickford's reaction when she was approached about playing Norma Desmond in SUNSET BOULVEVARD.) BOOM! is a a favorite of John Waters and he has said that it personifies his taste and influenced his aesthetics . He also said that Elizabeth Taylor's performance as Mrs. Goforth in BOOM! was big influence on Divine. Waters and Divine watched BOOM! many times when they were young. There's a part of PINK FL
  5. A few years ago I happened to catch BOOM! playing on some channel (It wasn't TCM). I think Alan Cumming was discussing it. From the dialogue I could tell that it was adapted from the Tennessee Williams play THE MILK TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE ANYMORE. Elizabeth Taylor was too young for the role she played and Richard Burton was too old for his role, but I was very impressed with Taylor's performance. Those lines are not easy ones make sound real and I think she succeeded in doing that. The name of Noël Coward's character was The Witch of Capri. And, yes the exclamation point was
  6. I love BONJOUR TRISTESSE. It is my (very close) second favorite Otto Preminger movie (after LAURA). Jean-Luc Godard (who directed Jean Seberg in BREATHLESS) said that Seberg's character Patricia in BREATHLESS was a continuation of her character Cécile from BONJOUR TRISTESSE. One day I think I'll watch the two movies as a double feature. Deborah Kerr's character Ann in BONJOUR TRISTESSE was, in fact, very fragile. Her very visceral reaction when she learns shortly after her arrival at the villa that David Nivens's character's younger lover Elsa is also there for the summer is a
  7. I've seen all three movies in Pakula's paranoia "trilogy." Paula Prentiss (one of my favorite actors) has a small but pivotal role in THE PARALLAX VIEW. Yes, the costumes Ann Roth designed for Jane Fonda in KLUTE are amazing!
  8. I love BARBARELLA (I've seen it three times) and KLUTE. Jane Fonda's shag haircut in KLUTE was created by Paul McGregor in his salon in New York City's East Village. It was not the work of the movie's hair department. It was born out of Fonda's desire to rebel against her then-husband Roger Vadim , who had directed her BARBARELLA. When she went to the shop, she simply told McGregor (who was Vadim's stylist) to "Do something." She rocks it!
  9. Happily KLUTE is airing (or at least begins) during the so-called "prime time" this year. And BARBARELLA is scheduled as well! *ALL TIMES EDT AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE FRIDAY, AUGUST 13 Jane Fonda 6:00 AM Tall Story (1960) 8:00 AM The Chapman Report (1962) 10:15 AM Period of Adjustment (1962) 12:15 PM Any Wednesday (1966) 2:15 PM In the Cool of the Day (1963) 4:00 PM Agnes of God (1985) 6:00 PM Sunday in New York (1963) 8:00 PM The China Syndrome (1979) 10:15 PM Klute (1971) 12:30 AM Barbarella (1968) 2:15 AM Stanley & Iris (1990) 4:15 AM Tout va Bien
  10. I'm a big fan of the Bee Gees and of Barry Gibb. The demo recordings he made for the songs he wrote for Barbra Streisand's GUILTY album are amazing! I can listen to them over and over. My favorite is probably "Run Wild," A close second is "Promises."
  11. Glad to see Jane Fonda has a day this year. I recently re-watched KLUTE. Wow! Her performance in that movie is one of the best ever captured on film. At one point she asked director Alan Pakula to let her out of her contract and get Faye Dunaway for the role instead because Fonda didn't think she could pull it it off. But, man, did she ever! I also hope TCM airs BARBARELLA on her day. I never get tired of that one. It's good see Robert Redford is being honored. I think this is the second time he's had a day. If TCM is able to get BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, I wouldn't be surprised if it ai
  12. Since your friend is an adult, my choice would be either NORTH BY NORTHWEST or STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Both have plots that pull a viewer in and have interesting characters, Bruno in STRANGERS is especially a hoot. NORTH BY NORTHWEST has the advantage of being in color while STRANGERS ON THE TRAIN has a shorter running time.
  13. I like BLACK WIDOW a lot. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Ginger Rogers was great as Carlotta in this movie. The Leonard Maltin review of BLACK WIDOW that used to appear on the TCM site called this a "poor" performance. No, it was quite good. It was fun to see Ginger Rogers (I'm a huge fan) in a b****y role Mabel Albertson (Darrin's mother on BEWITCHED who frequently got "sick headaches" when caught the witchcraft cross fire) had a small role as in a flashback sequence). I admit that I do enjoy THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE.
  14. Aww, TikiSoo, I was hoping to hear some juicy tales.
  15. The hospital that Joan Crawford's character winds up at is definitely supposed to be in Los Angeles and she was definitely living in the Washington DC area when she was married to Raymond Massey's character. Reading from her chart the doctor says that she was brought to the hospital wearing clothes with labels from stores in Washington DC. After she's given the drug, she nods affirmatively when the doctor asks if she lives in Washington and then he asks her " Why are you in Los Angeles?"
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