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  1. Yesterday (October 7) marked the 27th wedding anniversary of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski.
  2. Jessie was not an original member of Zack Attack so she is essentially replacing Lisa. Apparently there is no replacement for Screech.
  3. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I'd definitely buy tickets for that event. Friends forever With you everywhere . . .
  4. There's also a theory that the Zack Morris in SAVED BY THE BELL is a fantasy of the Zack Morris from GOOD MORNING, MISS BLISS (which is packaged in syndication as " Season 1" of SAVED BY THE BELL aka SAVED BY THE BELL: JUNIOR HIGH ).
  5. Has TCM ever aired NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS in widescreen? I've only seen the "pan-and-scan" version on the channel.
  6. Great use of metaphor, misswonderly.
  7. "Rock and roll, yooooou ain't seen nothing yet."
  8. Jessie Spano's life after Bayside : She learned some moves from her time with Hot Sundae:
  9. Only a few of the pre-Barnabas DARK SHADOWS episodes (aka THEBEGINNING) are kinescope copies. Most of them are the original black-and-white broadcast recordings. It is quite noticeable when you suddenly come upon a kinescope copy versus an original. For some episodes after the arrival of Barnabas that were originally broadcast in color, kinescope copies (in black-and-white) are all that are available. It is truly remarkable that all episodes of DARK SHADOWS exist , even if some of them are kinescope copies. Most daytime television recordings from that time were routinely erased so
  10. Lois Smith is an ensemble member of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre. Her two prior Tony nominations were for performances in Steppenwolf productions that transferred to Broadway: THE GRAPES OF WRATH (she played Ma Joad) and BURIED CHILD.
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