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  1. I too am not a fan of SEINFELD . A number of years ago I was discussing TV shows with an acquaintance (someone I was working with on a project) and he was going on about how hilarious SEINFELD. When I said I didn't find the show particularly funny, his response to me was: "Well, it's Jewish humor." I was at loss for words because, well, I am Jewish . . . and he was not. ( I will say that I did think the "Moops" misprint on the Trivial Pursuit card on the Bubble Boy episode was quite funny.)
  2. I like both THE PIANO and STRIPTEASE . . . although I've only seen STRIPTEASE once. A few years ago I located and purchased a copy of (I think) the original DVD release of THE PIANO because I'd read that later releases did not have onscreen "subtitles" for the sign language conversations between Ada and her daughter. It definitely is an early DVD because it has the option of watching the movie in widescreen format or in full frame (pan and scan). My mother had a VHS copy (pan and scan) with onscreen captions for the sign language conversations. I've never seen THE ENGLISH PATIEN
  3. Yes, there are worse places than Ohio, BUT Ohio voters did send Jim Jordan to Congress. UGH!
  4. And the way he pronounces "Adele Dazeem," you can tell he thinks he nailed it. I think he was on some talk show later (I think with Jimmy Kimmel) and he blamed Goldie Hawn for the flub. I'm like, "Huh????"
  5. I haven't seen THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR. The only Robert Redford directed movies I've seen are ORDINARY PEOPLE (seen this one a few times, at least three times in its entirety) and A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. ORDINARY PEOPLE is set (and exterior scenes and a few interior scenes were filmed) in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, where I grew up.
  6. Yes, I’m also Team Redford versus Team Newman. As much as I want to like Paul Newman (or for some reason think that I *should* like him), he leaves me cold. I also really like ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. It’s one of the most engrossing movies about journalists, mostly because it plays out like a detective story, with two young newspaper reporters uncovering clues that link members of the Nixon administration to the 1972 Watergate break-in. (The burglary and the administration’s attempts to cover up involvement in it grew into the scandal that ultimately led to the President’s resignation.)
  7. I usually don't have opinions about the Oscar races, but I recall that year I really wanted Julie Walters to win for BILLY ELLIOT. I admit I have never seen CHOCOLAT or P O L L O C K*. I did see ALMOST FAMOUS and did like that one a lot, including both Frances McDormand and Kate Hudson's performances. But I *loved* Julie Walters! 2001 was also the year that Ellen Burstyn was robbed of her Best Actress Oscar for REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. I mean Julia Roberts wasn't bad in ERIN BROCKOVICH, But really??? *Yikes! This title was bleeped!
  8. A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGS (1955) I first saw this movie a few years ago when it aired on TCM as an Essentials Jr selection. I’ve been wanting to re-watch it for a while now. The last time I saw it, I ended up sobbing like a baby by the end of it so I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another blubber-fest. I don’t usually cry at movies, but if any movie can make me cry, it’s one about animals! The movie’s title refers to “Chad Gadya”[One Little Goat], a favorite song of mine from childhood. (One of the characters sings a bit of the song in English at the end of the movie.) With Passove
  9. You are correct. And instead of commentary on the movies, the poster is quite clearly asking for Marie Osmond's recipes to be shared before and possibly after the movie airings. But, beware, mrswbw. Marie Osmond's Lemon Cheesecake recipe uses bottled Real Lemon brand lemon juice rather than fresh lemon juice.
  10. I very recently re-watched THE BEGUILED (1971) for what I think was the fourth time. I agree that it's a movie that deserves to be seen without spoilers and I wish the message boards still had the "hide contents" feature to allow discussion of spolierish elements of it. Some observations: I really like the use of flashbacks of Eastwood's character's battlefield activities to reveal to the audience that he is lying to various female characters at certain points in the movie. Similarly, the movie does a good job of revealing the inner thoughts of multiple characters, which is ge
  11. Hi Randy, good to see you back. US subscribers won't be getting Star as part of their Disney+ subscription, supposedly because Hulu already has similar content. So no ZARDOZ for us Yanks. Anyway, I'm glad you're surviving the pandemic even if you're in the Vortex.
  12. And we do need it! This reminds of the sketch from THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON's tribute to SAVED BY THE BELL featuring original BELL cast members a few years ago that references not only SHOWGIRLS but BEVERLY HILLS 90210. This sketch made me happy then and continues to make me happy now!
  13. Oh, LHF, you are so wrong for that . . . but I love it!
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