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  1. I loved NOISES OFF and recommended it to my sister but she got bored with the set up and stopped watching before she got to the really crazy part (which I think she would have laughed hysterically at). Oh well . . .
  2. I'm also not a huge fan of watching movies on a phone, but I do like watching on a laptop with headphones,
  3. I love BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE! SPOILER ALERT: My favorite part is where the creature in the closet tears off the assistant's good arm and the assistant's loooong death scene as he smears blood all over the place! This scene has to be seen to be believed.
  4. Go Ask Alice! God, I had the hugest crush on Jamie Smith Jackson back in the day! Even though she was quite talented and exceptionally, naturally pretty, her work (mostly in the '70s) was limited either to other TV movies, or episodic TV guest shots! Apparently, she is married to actor Michael Ontkean (Slap Shot, Making Love, TV's "Twin Peaks" and "The Rookies"), whom I would guess she met on one of her several "Rookies" TV guest shots)!

  5. I recently watched the episode "Will The Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?" I think Jan might have gone over better at Lucy Winters's party if she'd chosen Midnight Temptress instead of the wig she ended up buying. Yeah, Midnight Temptress or maybe Lunar Dust. I've been trying to find audio for "The Real Jan Brady" parody song to the tune of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady." I can find the lyrics but I want to hear it.
  6. Congratulations! I love movies set in the "real world" that incorporate elements of fantasy.
  7. If Sepiatone couldn't get into RASHOMON, maybe he should check out "Rashomama," an episode of MAMA'S FAMILY where there are three different versions of how Mama got hit in the head with a pot when the family gathered to make gooseberry jam.
  8. Since LAURA is being discussed in the " I Just Watched" thread, I'm bumping this thread from a few years ago about the often alluded to "alternate ending" of the movie, which in reality was a cut portion of one scene. This thread also discusses Vera Caspary's source novel, which LornaHansonForbes mentions in the "I Just Watched" thread.
  9. I know 90s fashions are making a comeback, but I'm not sure about this hat. . "Whoa!" PS. I love LAURA too.
  10. I’ve been watching episodes from the second season of THE BRADY BUNCH, a series I discovered in 1990s on Nick At Nite. Last year I started re-watching the series from the beginning, introducing it to my sweetie, who was vaguely familiar with it but had never seen any episodes. We breezed through the first season (so many great episodes) but for various reason stopped about a third of the way into the second. This weekend we started watching again and have seen 3 episodes so far. Any given BRADY BUNCH episode is packed with so much activity and watching is so addictive! The cast really commits to the material, making situations that could be sappy seem very real and very Brady. The second season is the first one where the theme song (“It’s the story of a lovely lady . . .) is sung by the Brady Kids and the first to feature Florence Henderson’s real hair. (Her iconic mullet flip won’t be seen until Season 3.) The episodes we recently watched: “The Tattle-Tale”: Cindy becomes a pariah among the Brady kids when she starts blabbing details from their conversations. She causes trouble for Alice when she tells Alice’s boyfriend Sam the Butcher on the phone that Alice is kissing the postman. (Alice was just excited to learn via US Mail that she’d won a jingle-writing contest.) The episode features an “Oh Alice!” reaction from Mrs. Brady. “What Goes Up . . .”: Bobby is afraid of heights after he falls while climbing up to a treehouse. In the trampoline scene, Florence Henderson calls “Peter” Chris (the actor’s name) and Barry Williams calls “Jan” Eve. Also, someone other than Ann B. Davis is doing Alice’s higher jumps. Like Fluffy the cat from the first episode of the series, Bobby’s pet parakeet (who is not given a name) will never be seen again after this episode. “Confessions, Confessions”: This is the episode that features the famous line “She [Mom] always says ‘Don’t play ball in the house.’” Peter breaks Mrs. Brady’s favorite vase, and the other kids (and Alice) confess to doing it so Peter won’t be grounded and miss the camping trip he was looking forward to. Mr. and Mrs. Brady, realizing that Peter is the guilty one, let him choose the punishment for the other kids, hoping to guilt him into telling the truth. In a dream sequence, Peter sees the ball breaking the vase over and over again. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes where we’ll meet Myron the mouse, hear Greg sing “Ponies never ran before” and see Jan sporting a dark curly wig.
  11. GIRLS isn't available to stream on Netflix, but all six seasons have been released on DVD. You should be able to get them from your local library or possibly a rental place. Here's an image of Lena Dunham and Adam Driver from a GIRLS episode from Season 1:
  12. Yes, yes and yes. (haha the burlap looking robes in TLIW)
  13. Great video! misswonderly, did you see Adam Driver in MARRIAGE STORY and have you seen him in the TV series GIRLS (which is where I first saw him)?
  14. Leo is a great actor, but he clearly is not into fitness.
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