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  1. Per TCM's website ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES is supposed to premiere tonight on the channel, but I don't see it listed on TCM's online schedule.
  2. In my eagerness to ensure that everyone was educated on the drives of plushies, I neglected to applaud this magnificent comment, possibly my favorite in this thread. I'm contemplating having this directive printed on a T-shirt and giving the shirt as a gift to, I don't know, my grandmother maybe.
  3. "Oh, really, fool?" "Really!" Here's another great BILLY MADISON moment Whenever I hear Culture Club's "I'll Tumble 4 Ya," I always think of this scene: .
  4. As expected BILLY MADISON made the list ( it's one point higher than JAWS: THE REVENGE). I still have to like the movie though if for no other reason because it gave the world the (apparently improvised) line "Stop looking at me, swan!"
  5. Yes, plushies want to be "romantic" with stuffed animals. They are often lumped into the same group as "furries," but there is very little overlap between the two groups. One survey of the furry community reported that less than 1% of furries also were plushies.
  6. speedracer, your comment reminds of a similar reaction of mine a few years ago when watching a documentary about plushies and furries. People who identify as furries want, as part of their fetish, to be animal human hybrids or want to be "romantic" with them. Anyway, a woman who wanted to be a cat was interviewed and this woman, in addition to her cat costume, was wearing glasses. My comment: "Cats don't wear glasses."
  7. Same here. I had little interest in seeing this movie before (certainly not in the theater) , but now I am definitely intrigued with all the talk about how bad it is.
  8. I am a huge Adam Driver fan. I was first introduced to him on the TV series GIRLS and was super excited when I heard he was cast in the new STAR WARS trilogy. His Kylo Ren/Ben Solo is the best thing about the sequel trilogy. Will Kylo/Ben be redeemed? We'll find out when Episode IX THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is released this week.
  9. As others have stated, there is no actual child. George and Martha created a pretend child that they were only supposed to talk about when they were alone. One of the most touching parts of the movie to me is when Sandy Dennis's character says to Martha "You couldn't have children?" and George says "We couldn't." Similarly, when Martha tells Nick (George Segal's character) there was only man who ever made her happy, he thinks she means her first husband (the gardener, who Nick calls "the gym instructor" ) but she corrects him by saying that George is the love of her life and recounts how she has self-destructively tested his love throughout their marriage because he made the mistake of loving her and must be punished for it.
  10. HOT SPELL has never been released on DVD. Maybe Nip has mentioned he has the movie on VHS.
  11. I had a feeling Doris Day would be the last person mentioned in this year's tribute just as I had a feeling Elizabeth Taylor would be the last person mentioned the year that she died.
  12. One of my favorite versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (and I am serious) is EBBIE starring Susan Lucci as Ebbie Scrooge and set in (I presume) 1995. Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor from HOME IMPROVEMENT) is a bit annoying as Tiny Tim though.
  13. CAREER GIRLS (1997) is one of my favorite movies and possibly my favorite Mike Leigh movie (a tough call). It features great performances by Katrin Cartlidge (who died at the age of 41 in 2002) and Lynda Steadman. Katrin Cartlidge had a major role in the earlier Mike Leigh movie NAKED (1993), which I've seen only once (it's not a favorite) and a small role in Leigh's TOPSY-TURVY (1999), which I have seen several times. I've posted this clip before a few times, but I'm posing it again: "Ms. Bronte, Ms. Bronte . . ." .
  14. While they don't sound exactly alike, there is a great similarity in the tone and cadence of the voices of Jean Simmons and Audrey Hepburn. Here are excerpts from interviews from the both of them:
  15. Thanks! I found one source that says there are five episodes (the first five) of the original MICKEY MOUSE CLUB on Disney+. Another source says there are ten episodes.
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