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  1. Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) is the only cast member of GILLIGAN ISLAND who received significant residuals for reruns of the show. Everyone else signed what was the standard television contract at that time, which gave an actor a flat per episode rate plus a residual payment for the first five repeats of the episode. Dawn Wells’s agent at the time (who was also her husband), however, negotiated an amended residual clause for her so she still gets paid for syndicated airings. I admit I’m a fan of Tina Louise and that Ginger Grant is my favorite GILLIGAN’S ISLAND character. In a college revue
  2. Yes, Brandon de Wilde was in 2 episodes of WAGON TRAIN. He played the title roles in "The Danny Benedict Story" (the one you mention where he plays the son of a strict colonel) and "The Mark Miner Story" (where his character plays the guitar and sings, although I'm pretty sure his singing voice was dubbed). He was really good in both episodes as was the boy who played his younger brother in "The Mark Miner Story."
  3. I first saw this video of Brandon deWilde's appearance on WHAT'S MY LINE a few years ago. I found it again it and decided to post it here.
  4. I love THE RAIN PEOPLE. It's a wonderful pre-GODFATHER movie by Francis Ford Coppola. James Caan and Robert Duvall were roommates when this movie was made. (They would both work on Coppola's THE GODFATHER. ) I love when James Caan's character ("Killer") lets the animal's free. And, yes, beautiful cinematography by Bill Butler ( JAWS)
  5. I also love Julie Hagerty. She was great as Scarlett Johansson's mother in MARRIAGE STORY. One of my favorite moments from that movie is when Scarlett Johansson, Julie Hagerty and Merritt Wever (who plays Johansson's sister) perform Stephen Sondheim's "You Could Drive A Person Crazy" from COMPANY. misswonderly, have you seen MARRIAGE S TORY yet? Our mutual favorite Adam Driver plays Johannson's estranged husband in the movie. Another favorite moment of mine from this movie is Adam Driver's performance of "Being Alive," another Sondheim song from COMPANY.
  6. I love Julie Christie! She's one of my favorite movie actors, and I'm grateful to TCM for introducing me to her work. I recommend the following movies that feature Julie Christie: DARLING: This the movie that earned her the Best Actress Oscar. Christie plays fashion model Diana Scott. Set in swinging 1960s London (and other European locations), this is one of my favorite movies although I admit it may not be for everyone's taste. The "truth game" at the Paris party is especially memorable McCABE & MRS MILLER: This Robert Altman-directed "Western" stars Warren Beatty an
  7. Good point, Dargo. While the British "arse" is equivalent to American "a**" [both referring to, um, posterior of a human or other animal], Americans would take less offense to hearing "arse" pronounced as a British speaker of English would say that than hearing "a**" with an American pronunciation. In America "a**" developed as a variant of "arse" [meaning buttocks]. In American English, the word "a**" is used for "buttocks" and for "donkey." In British English, "arse" only means "buttocks" and "a**" only means "donkey."
  8. Dargo, yes, I did miss your response about the word "bloody" being the likely reason the movie PYGMALION was "unsuitable for children" at least for British audiences of the day. For Americans, the word would have been more of an amusing British-ism than an obscenity . The word wasn't part of the closing line by Eliza (Wendy Hiller) though. She said "not bloody likely" earlier in the movie at the social gathering at Mrs. Higgins's home where Henry Higgins was trying out Eliza before the big test. In MY FAIR LADY, the setting was changed to Mrs. Higgins's box at Ascot, and Eliza i
  9. I think the implication is not so much that Henry Higgins is gay, but more that he is what we would now call asexual. There is a line in PYGMALION (it's been awhile since I've seen MY FAIR LADY so I'm not sure if it's there as well) where Higgins's mother bemoans that he's never interested in any woman under 45. At that time a woman over 45 was considered past the point of sexual desirability. I know!
  10. It was Eliza's use of the word "bloody" (in her line "Not bloody likely") that caused PYGMALION to be labeled as "not suitable for children" in Great Britain and British Commonwealth nations like Australia in 1938. At the time the movie was released, public use of the word was shocking to the general British audience. At the time when PYGMALION is set (early 1900s), it was considered quite obscene, on a level equivalent to the f word. Today it is a rather mild expletive in British English. For Americans, the word never had an obscene overtone.
  11. Oh yes, Lee Montgomery definitely got hot! As a kid he also appeared in an episode from season five of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW called "Anybody Who Hates Kids And Dogs." Credited as Lee H. Montgomery, he played the obnoxious son of the man Mary was dating. Because the boy (Stevie) likes comic books, Mary tries to bond with him by telling him about one of her favorite Wonder Woman adventures she read as a child. But Stevie tells Mary that he doesn't like Wonder Woman because she's "too butch."
  12. That's the same record that my grandmother had that I listened to so many times as a child! Like you I loved the cover illustration by Al Hirschfeld.
  13. I'm okay with spoilers. The was because I was sad that they killed off such a cutie. Wasn't Steven Carrington suddenly gay again in the DYNASTY reunion movie? I've never seen it, but I think I read that he was. I know in the reunion he was again played by the original actor Al Corley. I suspect that there was no explanation as to how Steven had his original face back. (Reconstruction surgery after an accident was used to explain the Jack Coleman recast.)
  14. As has been noted here (by jamesjazzguitar and possibly others), the ending of the 1938 movie version of PYGMALION is the same as the ending of MY FAIR LADY. The stage musical MY FAIR LADY is therefore more accurately an adaptation of the screenplay of the 1938 movie than of Shaw’s original play. The movie MY FAIR LADY is an adaptation of Lerner and Loewe’s stage musical. Shaw always insisted that a romantic pairing (much less a marriage) between Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins was impossible and would undermine his intended message. He was so irritated by implications of a Higgins/Eliz
  15. "Even worms can procreate." I really enjoy these DYNASTY clips available online. I watched a lot of these, some many times, but I haven't seen many full episodes.
  16. I have not watched all episodes of DYNASTY. In fact, I have not seen that many complete episodes. From your comment above, I guess Luke was killed in the Moldavian Massacre.
  17. Actually the first episode in which Sue Ann appeared was "The Lars Affair," where she closes the oven with her knee (the moment that speedracer mentions as a favorite). "The Dinner Party" was Sue Ann's second appearance. And the party Mary wanted help with was held at her original apartment (the studio), not the one bedroom apartment she'd have later in the series. This is the famous Veal Prince Orloff episode. Also, the occasion behind the party was to host a congresswoman that Mary had interviewed for WJM. And the dessert that was ruined because someone forgot to turn on Sue
  18. Yeah, I was like "Huh?" when I heard that Richard Burton was nominated in the SUPPORTING actor category for MY COUSIN RACHEL. I had a similar reaction about Timothy Hutton in ORDINARY PEOPLE, who won in that category. He competed against Judd Hirsch, whose role in the same movie was what I'd call an actual supporting role in terms of screen time.
  19. I agree with you about Montgomery Clift with the mustache. He's less attractive the mustache. But I love his smile in THE HEIRESS.
  20. My sweetie got drawn into watching THE HEIRESS with me in the same way. Man, was Montgomery Clift gorgeous in that movie! We watched MY COUSIN RACHEL last night.
  21. I'm not a smoker and think smoking is pretty gross in real life, but it thought it was a nice touch that Alexis smoked on DYNASTY. Hilariou she when puts out her cigarette on the floor in the hotel.
  22. No, that's not word. But if you search You Tube for "December 16, 1966 password" you can find the entire episode from a Game Show Network airing. Jim Backus was the other celebrity on that episode. The password in question was between "reindeer" (which Elizabeth Montgomery got with one clue) and "startle."
  23. Yes, Elizabeth Montgomery was great PASSWORD player and very competitive. On the episode that originally aired on December 16, 1966, one of the passwords is one that I'm surprised made it to TV. Elizabeth Montgomery's reaction when she first sees the word is priceless, and you can hear host Allen Ludden chuckle.
  24. I recently watched THE HEIRESS and shared that movie with my sweetie. Earlier this summer we watched THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, which had both seen before but not together. I think we'll watch either MY COUSIN RACHEL or HUSH . . . HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE in the next few days --- or maybe both.
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