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  1. Britain sells Hollywood US rights that does not give Hollywood a thumbs up to retitle & reedit the movie. Once that is done it no longer is legit. You seem to want to mince words about it and I told you if TCM wants to continue showing bogus movies they are trashing the authorship of the movies. If you sell counterfeit goods like Prada bags etc. you are guilty of a crime. As far as book titles TCM has shown several times a bogus movie called SHE PLAYED WITH FIRE - the title of the book by Winston Graham is FORTUNE IS A WOMAN. Columbia trashed an author by retitling it and She Played Wi
  2. What you doubters need to do is try my method. I have hundreds of silent movies. But so many of them have music which bugs me that I decided to use my cds. I like the cds anyway because before the cd was invented they were nearly impossible to get. I bought them cheap but stereo lps could cost over $100 or even more. Now that they are readily available at low prices, its possible you doubters could get them & try my method & it not cost you much. Say buy 2 or 3 a month. On silent movies there have been any number of musicians used and they are mediocre. You get very few Mancini
  3. I would like to explain how bogus movies are made. England does everything. They need sometimes an American star name so the movie will be acceptable to US audiences. So an agreement is reached where x # of dollars are paid to England to offset production costs. England then acquires the story, writes the script & fills out the cast using British actors. The title of the movie if based on a novel is the title of the novel. The author of the novel is given large credit & his title is the official title of the movie. A hollywood studio will get US rights & most of the time the
  4. To make it easy for the simple minded TCM lovers to understand ..... I .......am..............going .................to.............write..............very...............slowly................. When it comes to England Hollywood decided that it could not compete qualitywise so Hollywood decided to diminish British movies by retitling, cutting & watering down prints. British directors are not contracted to Hollywood studios. However it is known everywhere even in the hallowed halls of the motion picture academy that all Hollywood versions of British films that are victims of retitling,
  5. Uh no. In England a script is written and approved for production into a movie. The title is usually taken from the book that was adapted Ex: Gone To Earth by Mary Webb was made by Michael Powell. In exchange for money Powell agreed to give the starring role to Jennifer Jones & Selznick would get American rights. A great movie was made but Selznick who was insane decided to destroy the movie. All the words & incidents in the movie appeared in the book. Selznick created his own bogus version which he called "The Wild Heart".......... what makes it bogus? The book is titled "Gone
  6. If you don't know something why make a fool of yourself about your lack of knowledge? It ain't your bag, baby so you might as well dig a nice hole in the sand & stick your head in it. Then you won't have to worry about what I write on a discussion board.
  7. When you say TCM you mean the committee, right? No TCM don't have to show legit versions when there is a competing bogus version. But on the other hand showing the bogus version is reprehensible. If you have knowledge of art destroying activities its best to make a decision about where you stand on the subject. TCM has chosen to stand on the Hollywood side which are the people who created the bogus movies in the first place. The counterfeit is a new copyright. The author created the movie. Not some unknown movie exec.
  8. I never said I was looking for nudity but I am looking for movies to be what they are. I made that point because the TCM committee on moral uplift that is into keeping our minds pure are cutting nudity out of a hundred year old communist relic. It don't get anymore lame than that. Extase on TCM was cut BTW. Nuttin doity gets passed the committee. WB destroys movies. no doubt about that. WB destroyed "Zandy's Bride". WB destroyed "Peeping Tom"........... WB destroyed "Horror of Dracula"............... committee on moral uplift are busy little beavers keeping our minds pure. Other art
  9. I checked my bootleg copy of Macomber Affair against the TCM version. My copy has a THE END and behind it are trees from the jungle & music. TCM version while way better qualitywise is missing THE END.
  10. Helen I was expecting exactly that remark. Its not about me what I like. Its about what TCM is or should be. You know what counterfeit means? Something fake being passed off as legit. Do you want your only old movie channel giving you bogus movies? Or do you want your only old movie channel to be giving you movies that are exactly what their authors made. Its got nothing to do with me. Except the fact I know what is fake in some cases. So really you want to ask yourself that question.
  11. There's more. Roman Polanski............... made a vampire movie. Its been called "The Fearless Vampire Killers"................ That movie was stolen & Polanski has disowned it. its 107 min.! Polanski made a vampire movie called "Dance of the Vampires" 124min. Which TCM / WB has control over. Fearless Vampire Killers was created by destroying Dance of the Vampires. Out of spite because Polanski stole Sharon Tate and married her. I had seen Fearless ..... & it sucked so bad. Then I saw Dance of the Vampires & it was great. Everything made sense. When it was cut it wa
  12. Contrary to popular beliefs TCM is operated by committee. all movies are inspected & approved by the committee. When TCM showed EARTH 1930 there is a woman who goes around her room naked. Her husband was killed I think but anyway TCM or the committee or whoever - These nude scenes were cut down to one brief shot. And there are like five long scenes - she is climbing the walls naked. This is a 100 yr old relic & TCM is like the worst lame old fashioned school marm. They have a lame attitude. Robert Osborne is just about the biggest nothing on tv. Ben Mankiewicz has had his wings
  13. First of all I am not saying you have to do it my way or the highway. You need to get the cds & try it. At first I thought like you but once I tried it with cds it made everything better. Let me explain something: a guy who provides music for silent movies.... he has not been proven to know what you are supposed to play whereas people like Mancini, Riddle, Schifrin, May, Rugalo HAD to know because millions of $ were riding on a production. The qualifications are 100x greater to score tv & movies than a silent movie. These composers had an immense knowledge of music & these
  14. The way I have been doing it at home: I don't use the music that is on it. I will watch without sound but if I want music I'll explain what I use. I have a 5 cd changer. I use cds of famous tv composers. I will give you a list of the cds I use. When I hit a song that don't groove me I hit next & move onto the next song. List of cds: 1. Complete Peter Gunn - mancini / various 2 cds. 2. Mr. Lucky / Mr. Lucky Goes Latin (one cd) mancini 3. Secret Agent Meets the Saint - edwin astley 4. The Saint - edwin astley 5. 77 Sunset Strip - Warren Barker 6. Beat Girl - john barry 7. tv c
  15. So now there are two movies that definitely were shown incomplete by TCM. I know there are more because I saw one two weeks ago & I said to myself: "self there was a end credit on that movie"... I have to look at the pile of recent discs. .................................news .............................. flash ***********.!!!!!! ++++++++========= //////////// %%%%%%*********** Master of The House........................by Carl Theodore Dreyer ............. was shown twice on TCM. The first time it was complete. The 2nd time with Janus in the credits was missing
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