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  1. Detour. Dark Passage. The Hitch-Hiker. Kiss Me Deadly. Fate seems to lurk on highways. The road and destiny are concepts that are linked together, and blasted or darkened landscapes serve to add that final noir dread. The films would have a different vibe if our characters all caught rides at busy, well-lit intersections.
  2. I did a google search based on your image and landed on this page. Kind of fun, and it's got at least some of the schedule. http://cgi.tcm.turner.com/SPECIAL_THEME/99/07/index.htm http://cgi.tcm.turner.com/SPECIAL_THEME/99/07/list.htm
  3. I did my best searching the web archive. I think the site was tcm.turner.com back then. I can't pull the schedule, an archive.org wasn't refreshed during July or August. My copies of Now Playing don't go back that far I don't think. Not sure if anyone else has any ideas.
  4. Might anyone know why I'm unable to set a profile pic? I've tried IE and Chrome. I've followed the instructions. The image is less than 50k, but it just won't appear for cropping. Any tips? Apologies if I've overlooked the right place for the question. I DID try searching first. Thanks!
  5. Forgive me for hijacking a thread, but the Cornered film has been unplayable on the app this week on both iOS and Android. Other films work fine. I thought I'd try to reach out in case this is a symptom of a larger problem. The film should expire tomorrow.
  6. The scene may be in broad daylight, but the low angles and camera placement made me feel as if I were lurking in the shadows- in an alley or a dark corner of the cantina. This feeling is amplified when characters cross into shadows as they move closer to the camera.
  7. Since there's a topic for this: Was anyone else confused by the last paragraph where Muller compares cynicism and pessimism- I always thought the words were interchangeable. Does anyone get what he's driving at?
  8. I haven't seen the film, but this clip sceams Femme Fatale to me (others have noted it isn't necessarily the case). In terms of what this clip says to me about Noire as a style, I really see how the restrictions of censorship force more creativity. This is a really innovative and sexy strip tease even though it's not totally risqué.
  9. I did a touch of searching first. Nothing jumped out at me, so I thought I'd see if anyone else had toyed with the idea.
  10. All, I feel like being a bit more "in the spirit" of the series with my computer. Has anyone created or found a good Noir - or better yet an official Summer of Darkness- image to use as a desktop background? Thanks, Rob
  11. The intro definitely caught me off guard. I was struck by how they played not just with lightning but white and black as well. The fleeing white bird during the gunshot reflects a loss of innocence. The shadows darken the shooters face. Nothing shown seems to be off the cuff. Every decision is deliberate.
  12. I do like the idea of sub folders and perhaps pinning the official "daily darkness" response threads with the option of adding new threads beneath.
  13. I was immediately struck by two things: life is hard and dirty for the engineers. They speed into darkness before emerging into the town where the story will presumably take place. We don't have a fog, but we do have the smoke from the wheels and there seems to be a have in the final shot. Ultimately I get the sense that this will be a working man's story.
  14. I've never seen the film before, but it does strike me that at this point the villian is literally a shadow falling over the city and its inhabitants.
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