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  1. The panning back and forth is a bit awkward but I don't really notice it anymore.
  2. 1. Roman Holiday 2. Ninotchka 3. The Cameraman 4. City Lights 5. Bringing Up Baby 6. The Philadelphia Story 7. It Happened One Night 8. The Bishop's Wife 9. Comrade X 10. Sabrina
  3. As I suspected the online schedule is wrong, the River Phoenix movie is on now, I would guess Tender Mercies comes on afterward.
  4. Good for Bill, seems fitting that Captain Kirk would finally really go to space.
  5. Yeah, this is certainly nuts. You wouldn't have a white actor playing Othello today, but Olivier's performance was serious and not intended to ridicule, it's not analogous to a minstrel show. Nothing wrong with showing it in class and I don't know why it's necessary to have the blackface discussion for the millionth time before showing it so all the students can pat themselves on the back for not approving of it.
  6. Wanted to see Tender Mercies tonight. TCM.com still ha it at 8, my cable company has it at 10:15. Any idea what could be going on there? I'll tune it at 8 just to be safe. Also is there any word on whether the upcoming Magnificent Ambersons showing in November is a new cut of the film as had been discussed before or the normal one? It's showing in a high profile spot at like 6:15 so it had me wondering, that's one they stick on in the mornings or overnight hours a lot of the time.
  7. She peaked in her mid 30's in the mid 50's. She was so beautiful in that King & I/Tea and Sympathy period.
  8. I figured someone would bring up the TV movie. As another person said Connery is the only real Bond to me although I like On Her Majesty's Secret Service too.
  9. Well I don't really care for the TOM logo, the new sets are fine, and the kinds of movies being shown are apparently not changing so there is not a problem. At least I don't have to hear "let's movie" ever again. Still, I think in the long run it may be best t split into two channels, one for pre 70's or code era films and the other for later films.
  10. Not sure if it's been discussed already but I am very much looking forward to the Deborah Kerr marathon on September 30. Never seen The Hucksters, Dream Wife, or Marriage on the Rocks and The Innocents and Black Narcissus are two that I like to watch when they're on. Tea and Sympathy and An Affair to Remember are two of my favorites as well but I own those on DVD. Definitely an excellent lineup of movies for one of my favorite actresses.
  11. I would say- 1940- Waterloo Bridge 1941- Citizen Kane 1942- Casablanca 1943- The Ox-Bow Incident 1944- Henry V 1945- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1946- It's a Wonderful Life 1947- Monsieur Verdoux 1948- Hamlet 1949- Kind Hearts and Coronets
  12. I would say- 1960- The Apartment 1961- Through a Glass, Darkly 1962- Lolita 1963- From Russia With Love 1964- Dr. Strangelove 1965- Doctor Zhivago 1966- A Man For All Seasons 1967- The Graduate 1968- 2001: A Space Odyssey 1969- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  13. I guess I will jump in with some of the recent lists people have mentioned. For animated films it would just be classic Disney 1. Fantasia 2. Bambi 3. Dumbo 4. Alice in Wonderland 5. Sleeping Beauty 6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 7. Pinocchio 8. Peter Pan 9. 101 Dalmatians 10. Jungle Book Top ten for the 40's- 1. Citizen Kane 2. Oliver's Hamlet 3. Kind Hearts and Coronets 4. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 5. It's a Wonderful Life 6. All the King's Men 7. Bicycle Thieves 8. Fantasia
  14. Mine- 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey 2. The Graduate 3. Citizen Kane 4. Tea and Sympathy 5. The Apartment 6. A Man For All Seasons 7. On the Waterfront 8. Gone With the Wind 9. Hamlet (1948) 10. Roman Holiday
  15. I found her a bit dull to start with but she's grown into it and is alright now. The astrology crap was just ughh but some are saying it was not her idea so maybe I cannot hold her responsible for that.
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