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  1. Not sure what the OP's point is here, it seems to be some kind of attempt at whataboutism. Not sure if the OP is saying they should be airing nazi films or saying they shouldn't be airing racist classic Hollywood films because they don't air nazi films. Or it could be some kind of veiled "Jewish agenda in Hollywood" thread. Regardless, there is little interest in Nazi propaganda films because outside of a couple rare exceptions like Triumph of the Will or Olympia they were mostly trash with no artistic value. Not the case with classic Hollywood films which were great movies even if they c
  2. It's a Wonderful Life, Bishop's Wife, Shop Around the Corner, and Christmas in Connecticut. Also like the Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas specials.
  3. Here is Deborah Kerr behind the scenes of The King and I, with a sly smile and enjoying some tea in the second pic.
  4. The best Audrey Hepburn ever looked (which is really saying something) is in this photo shoot on the set of Sabrina with the comparatively simple look of the pony tail and black sweater, but then still the immaculately sculpted eyebrows.
  5. Jerry Lewis shooting his shot with Audrey Hepburn-
  6. Best Opening- Touch of Evil Best Ending- 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours is great for AM hours listening.
  8. Audrey Hepburn- My Fair Lady Robert Shaw- A Man For All Seasons Orson Welles- Citizen Kane Peter Sellers- The Pink Panther Marlon Brando- A Streetcar Named Desire Katharine Hepburn- The Lion in Winter Marilyn Monroe- Niagara Max Von Sydow- The Seventh Seal Judy Garland- A Star is Born Jimmy Stewart- Vertigo Sean Connery- From Russia With Love or any Bond
  9. Certainly one of the best films ever made on every level. Agree with the OP on the soldier getting shot, surprisingly violent for 39.
  10. A little late but I love Waterloo Bridge and watch it a lot of the time when it comes on. Also planning on staying up late and watching Wings tomorrow. Never seen it.
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