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  1. Gave this a chance one time because I really didn't think a movie with Clark Gable and Myrna Loy could be that bad. Turns out it was that bad.
  2. I thought both her characters and when I've seen clips of her in real life she seemed very gentle and kind, much like Audrey.
  3. Yes, this is something that scares me about the death of physical media. More obscure films seem to only be available in physical formats so if those go away they may get left behind and become extremely difficult to see. This is counterintutive since it seems like streaming is a smaller investment of resources so you'd think they'd release movies with smaller audiences that way rather than paying for a DVD release. But that's not how it works out.
  4. Audrey Hepburn! So beautiful and kind. Deborah Kerr also seemed like excellent wife material.
  5. I love his intros and outros and I have seen a couple good movies on there I would not have checked out otherwise. I watch the late night one because I keep strange hours.
  6. Agree. I am not personally super excited about this because I've seen all of the Bond movies I like a million times but I am still glad they are showing them. He's a big part of film history.
  7. I went to a screening a few years ago after seeing it many times. It was a great experience.
  8. Freaks or The Public Enemy for me.
  9. 60's narrowly beats out the 50's for me. It was a very exciting time with all the restrictions of movies first coming down (sort of the case with the 50's as well to a lesser extent) and it just has a lot of my favorite movies. Was wondering if we were going to get any troll votes for the 1890's.
  10. I would selfishly focus on saving my own favorite movies with maybe a few important ones that aren't personal favorites like Battleship Potemkin.
  11. Yeah, I didn't mention that because they sort of had to gloss over it for the movie although there is still some sexual ambiguity. And Deborah Kerr's husband is definitely a closet case. I don't get too picky about genre distinctions. The the central relationship in the movie culminates in a romantic way so for me it is a romance movie.
  12. I didn't see anyone else saying Deborah Kerr so I thought I would give her a shoutout in addition to my definite top two.
  13. I first saw Tea and Sympathy with Deborah Kerr last summer and it immediately became one of my five or so favorite movies. A wonderful performance from Kerr (maybe the best of her distinguished career) and very well shot with good use of color from Vincent Minnelli. I found it tremendously moving and shattering. It's one of those movies where I'm surprised it could have made it past the Hays Code at the time given the treatment of adultery. It's coming on TCM late next month when they're having a Deborah Kerr mini-marathon one afternoon. It seems to be terribly underseen so hopefully some people check it out. Due to the controversy surrounding it I don't think it got much of a US release when it came out.
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