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  1. 1st cruise: Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, Ernest Borgnine, Tippi Hedren, Norm Jewison, Eva Marie Saint, Suzanne Lloyd, Wink Martindale 2nd cruise: Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, Debbie Reynolds, Mickey Rooney, Arlene Dahl, Sally Anne Howes, Norman Lloyd, Alex Trebek, Rich Little 3rd cruise: Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, Rick Baker, Theodore Bikel, Margaret O’Brien, Jane Powell, Robert Wagner, Illeanna Douglas, Alex Trebek, Eddie Muller, Patrick Harrison, Bruce Goldstein 4th cruise: Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz, Diane Baker, Ann
  2. Thanks! There was Errol Flynn's daughter Rory also. I've been on all the cruises also except the first one. I shook hands with Louis Gossett Jr and Dick Cavett.
  3. I haven't been on here for awhile but I'd wish they would bring the cruises back. I have been looking for the movie stars they had on board from the first to the last cruise. If you can help I would be most grateful. My favorite moment was helping Leslie Caron out of her chair.
  4. I have seen that. I was speaking to bombaybob. Thanks for the animated Oz though. Haven't seen that.
  5. Show Al Jolson's 'The Jazz Singer'. I know it's not truly silent but that's a good one. Also show Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'. Tonight I watched the 1925 silent 'The Wizard of Oz' with Dorothy Dwan.
  6. I used to see go into the movie theaters and saw the Sean Connery, Roger Moore Bond movies but haven't seen many of the Bond's after except for on tv. Here is what country all the Bond's were born. I would like to see Benedict Cumberbatch next.. Sean Connery, Scotland Roger Moore, England George Lazenby, Australia Timothy Dalton, Wales Pierce Brosnan, Ireland Daniel Craig, England
  7. Did Ian Fleming ever write about a white James Bond? Serious question. Bond first came out in books. Daniel Craig has blond hair while the other Bond's had black hair. Did that matter? Judi Dench played 'M'. Did that matter? Times change. The best actor should get the job.
  8. Thanks. I've been a subscriber for 15 years and have saved every issue. I hope I get it today.
  9. Alas, I didn't see 'David and Lisa'. I wish I did now though.
  10. I really liked the movie. The final image was a whiteout followed and then it went to a black screen saying The End. My senses was that a bomb did drop and the whiteout was the explosion. A skywriter going in a straight line making a long 'i'?
  11. When are they going to send the final August issue out? I usually get mine early in July but haven't yet.
  12. I can't figure out how to delete my post so this will have to do.
  13. I love black and white films. When Ted Turner came out with Casablanca in color I didn't watch it. That said, I wish I did see it. Maybe TCM could have one day per week for a month of b&w movies that were colorized. That would help both parties. I would watch that.
  14. On the theatre side, Broadway, West End, all the stages across the country, people are called actors no matter what their sex. Movie theater, actor and actress. Stage theatre, actor. Notice the difference in spelling of theatre/theater.
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