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  1. I can't believe they haven't worked out a deal with one of the 3 largest cable providers in the USA, Time Warner!
  2. I was really impressed. It held my attention more than any silent i've ever seen (the former best being a tie between 'gold ' and a harold lloyd short). I think they worked out some plot details better than the 59 version and a couple worse than it - and there were a lot of similarities. For example, I think the way they handled Arius' recognition of judah as being like a roman and thus unlocking his chains, i found a bit hokier than the 59 version's handling of that issue. but i really like the way they handled the leper thing. overall I think it surpasses the 1959 version - the acting
  3. Here's a few good Holden flicks that haven't been mentioned yet: If you like war movies, there's Submarine Command (1951) The Devil's Brigade (1968) I don't think anyone's mentioned Network (1976) - he receiced a best actor nomination and other lesser awards for this performance - and the movie is very important, imo, a good look at how the news is, was, or could be "manipulated", and how conglomerations can ruin a good company...or at least a good newsman. He's in The Wild Bunch (1969), which won a lot of critical acclaim but i have yet to see it. There's also Sabrina
  4. Here's an idea, some of you might think is fun...i was perusing the monthly schedule and was inspired to create a daily 'must see' list for the next week or so. i picked one movie each day (one with each featured actor, though an individual actor might show up more than once in a week). Include a little blurb telling why you think it's a "must see". Here's mine for the next week: 8/7: 10:00 PM - Double Indemnity - although it's Fred MacMurray day, and he plays this role well, I really watch it (over and over - i could watch this one anytime), I like it because it's one of my favorite ac
  5. wow i just discovered these forums they're awesome! as far as sunset boulevard, and fiction in general, i think a big part of the fascination is comparing the characters' characters to people from your real life, especially yourself. picturing how you'd feel in that situation, for example, or what you'd do. what do you think of douglas' portrayal of jonathon shields in the bad and the beautiful, compared with holden's in sunset boulevard? or the characters themselves...they were vastly different...on the outside...maybe i'm straying off topic. oh brb the chariot race is on B-)
  6. crazyblonde, the discussion i referred to was concerning Heston's performance in Major Dundee (1965), which they showed tonight, and I agree Heston's performance in that was somewhat lacking. And I think he has played several roles better than he did judah ben-hur. however, i still watch ben hur every time it comes on lol. and as far as the 1925 version of ben hur showing on thursday, yay! i'm dogsitting at my mother's until tomorrow night but i'm going to go set my tivo to record it (can do it over the net)! i guess it makes sense they were going to show it since they've been showing
  7. I saw some comments on one of the Heston flicks they showed tonight, Major Dundee, that referenced the relationship between these two, or at least Heston's opinion of Peckinpah. Tonight Bob told a humorous story about the making of Major Dundee: For awhile, Sam and Charlton shared an office so they could co-edit the script among other things. Both men would pace as they thought, and sometimes they would physically run into each other. Peckinpah eventually bisected the room with tape and they successfully each used their separate 'pacing areas' for the remainder. lol. ah, but now one of my
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