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  1. ?ve enjoyed playing the board for the past few months, but if people start accusing me of playing unfair or making up my own rules, i'm done. If i've built up so little credit after posting so many questions over the last couple of months, then this player is checking out. Game Over PS # 2 is correct
  2. Highly unlikely; he was already an established star by that time; why would he play a bit part in a B-movie? So; looks like, sounds like, but isn't .
  3. Shees, lighten up, it's just a game; besides i did give clue: Someone's not just after him
  4. Not just after him; If they're not familiar with the movie any hint is pointless. Plus i figured out plenty of titles of movies i've never seen just by using online sources; so anyone can do it.
  5. #1. Bad Day at Black Rock #3. The Professionals #4. Hell in the Pacific I meant it when i said you or anyone else using the right sources and movies already guessed could figure out the others without additional clues. otherwise they become dead give-aways, like in the last instance. Not much fun, IMHO. When people are seriously stumped, i'm only too glad to give additional clues. Once you know it's Lee Marvin, it can't be that hard to figure out the right movies. Like no.2 : someone's after him. If you really want a clue, you can by all means get one. No extra charge. Oh
  6. Relax, it's just a game! He _literally_ thinks he's alone in the place where he is, but finds out he isn't
  7. It's not that movie; you are doing so well that i figured you really didn't need any more clues to figure it out. dead giveaway: he thinks he's alone..... .
  8. Yes! James Thurber hated the movie. Your turn , sir
  9. Minerva Urecal was in *7 Faces of Dr. Lao* with Tony Randall Tony Randall was in *Let's Make Love* with Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was in *The Misfits* with Montgomery Clift Montgomery Clift was in *Suddenly, Last Summer* with Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor was in *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof* with Paul Newman Next: Theda Bara
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