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  1. Great film, great actress. So rarely does a movie have belly laughs(mambo in the street and in the club) and utter heartbreak(ending). There's so much to digest in this film I can(and have) watched it over and over. This and Juliet of the Spirits are two of her best performances ever.
  2. It so funny, you can tell how much people love movies on these boards because responding to ten is just to hard for them! Then when I read a response I hit my head thinking if what I left out! you put Ox-Bo and High Noon. I can't believe I left them out! I love all the Anthony Mann Jommy Stewart ones as well. Blazing Saddles is great especially since I love Destry. Great response FrankGrimes.
  3. I apologized on another board but I love people's lists. What's your favorite ten Westerns. Here's mine. No order. 1.The Man From Laramie(1955) 2.The Unforgiven(1992) 3.Stagecoach(1939) 4.Red River(1948) 5.McCabe & Mrs.Miller(1971) 6.Colarado Territory(1949) 7.The Good, The Bad and The Ugly(1966) 8.Far Country(1954) 9.True Grit(2010) 10.McClintock!(1963) Honorary mention to both Deadwood and Have Gun Will Travel. Both top notch TV westerns.
  4. Well I can see we all love some noir as it is hard for everyone to pick just ten! As I read each post I couldn't help but think "dang I left that out as well?!".
  5. Don't get annoyed but u might do one of these threads on the other genre boards. I love seeing what people pick and its fun curating your own list. 1.The Big Combo (1955)* 2.Kiss Me Deadly (1955)* 3.The Maltese Falcon (1941)* 4.Out of the Past (1947)* 5.Murder My Sweet (1944)* 6.Dead Reckoning (1947) 7.Kansas City Confidential(1952) 8.Born To Kill (1947) 9.D.O.A. (1950) 10.Raw Deal (1948) The ones with astriks are permanent where as the other ones could get swapped for other favorites like Criss Cross(1949) T-Men(1947) Laura(1944) Gilda (1946) Nightmare Alley(1947) The Strang
  6. Anyone else think they should give Muller a full time host post for noir? I enjoy the intros he's doing now. Only thing lacking is a cool set. Now they just have him standing in front of that terrible font they have been using. It has all the production value of a pitcher of kool-aid. Having a street corner or detectives office would have been obvious, and awesome. Just like silent Sundays a weekly or couple times a month noir hosted by Eddie would be great. His insights into the genre are always welcome. Just call me when it comes time to design the set.
  7. Is the DVD quality good? I'm a huge fan of history if the Chicago Outfit. It's fun to see this fictional account. The music and stories are fun. Not to mention the actors. I saw a young Robert Redford selling poisonous booze to college kids! Great show. Totally lacking any fact as fracas Ness goes but Stack is great.
  8. I don't know how long the new silent Sunday opener has been in place but it doesn't fit. The last one fit the perfect haunting beauty of the previous start. It really painted a picture of the beauty of silent films at their best. Unfortunately the new in seems like any random first year design project. I know it's a small thing but it used to set the mood wonderfully.
  9. For some reason I can't respond to things at the top of the thread. You are right, Kirusawa is amazing. So many styles over such a long period. Endless options.
  10. Who is the best? Wilder, Hitch, Ford, Hawks? Please name at least five films to back up the claim. It could be Wilder. The Jack Lemmon TCM original short about Wilder might be a convincer. Below are films he directed to say nothing if his writing. It's all over the map of style and genre. I'd love to see ten best directors then whittle it down. Double Indemnity (1944) Lost Weekend(1945) Sunset Boulevard (1950) Ace In The Hole (1951) Stalag 17 (1953) Sabrina(1954) Seven Year Itch (1955) Witness For the Prosecution (1957) Some Like It Hot(1959) The Apartment (1960) One, Two, Three (1
  11. What are your top ten? These aren't just chosen for their "pre-codeness" but overall quality. I've used asterisks to denote the one that have more of the qualities that wouldn't play after the code enforcement. 1.Skyscraper Souls (1932) **** 2.Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933) **** 3.Jewel Robbery (1932) **** 4.Baby Face (1933) **** 5.Employee's Entrance (1933) **** 6.The Mind Reader (1933) 7.Fooltlight Parade (1931) 8.Little Cesar (1933) 9.I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang 10.Grand Hotel (1932) ****
  12. Weird original post. I'm a male noir fan and I don't care what a dames likes other than the press of my lips or a smack across the face,see. As to male fans they are all small time hustlers compared to Mr.Big. Except me I'm going to be the guy to replace him,see. Edited by: Noir_Kiss3 on Sep 22, 2013 11:47 PM
  13. I love this film. It looks and sound the way a noir should. Lurid and dangerous! I bid on the three sheet poster recently and went too light. Lost. Definitely in my top 5 noirs.
  14. My tip ten foreign films in no particular order. I could list a million but these few are near and dear. Listing foreign animation could be its own list. It seems I've seen more French and Hapanese films than anywhere else with Italy and Germany coming after. If you don't mind newer films the Greek film Kynodontas is mind blowing and the Kazakh film Tulpan is a very sweat film indeed. La R?gle du jeu - Rules of the Game (1939) France Touch? Pas Au Grisbi -Hands Off the Loot (1954) France Oldboy (2003) South Korea Les Yeux Sans Visage -Eyes Without A Face (1960) France Pigs and Battlesh
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