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    Classic movies. All good and critically reknown movies in fact. Love music, sports, etc. thinking about becoming a film critic or the sort, starting film/tv reviews in future
  1. The reason I put this in "Pre-Code" is because the film came out in 1934. But on Wiki, it doesn't say it's a pre-Code film. But I decided to put it here anyway because no other categories seemed to fit at first glance; if it needs to be moved to another genre, that's fine. So this black & white 1934 film stars Warren William and Mary Astor, and was directed by Alan Crosland. I won't completely spoil it, but basically it's one of the early "Perry Mason films" (actually, the earliest, according to Wiki.) It's given 3 1/2 stars on IMdb. Although on the film description on my TV, it showed
  2. I think I've seen this movie before, definitely heard of it. Legendary it is, I will have to see it again!
  3. According to Robert this was Hitchcock's favorite film. It may not be the most remembered or liked of his many films, but I think it's a true masterpiece. Saw this maybe for the first time last night, at 8, before Psycho. I couldn't find another thread about this movie here, and this is the first thread I've posted. I loved the movie, and though I don't want to spoil it, but the end is just grand. The movie is set in a "small town", not so small now, in a beautiful old home. You might have recognized Clarence the angel as the father..he plays trivial parts in many movies around that time. Hope
  4. As far as I remember I watched Psycho for the first time last night and saw THE FULL MOVIE even though my dad wanted me to go to sleep - it was eastern time. I saw Shadow Of A Doubt first, and boy was that a good movie. But anyway Psycho is definitely a true 'cult classic' and I wish I could see Vertigo this Thursday. TCM showing a lot of big movies recently, with Giant next Saturday on the Essentials. I instantly fell in love with Psycho, a true masterpiece by Hitchcock. It's a horror movie as Robert said, but if you don't like horror films that's good because the movie only has two 'very gor
  5. I did my research and it seems like an interesting movie. As far as I know, I have never seen it before. Wish I could be able to see it Thursday!
  6. I saw some parts of the movie, and liked it. My dad was less impressed Great actors in it too.
  7. I don't have any collections myself, but I bet in antique stores and online you could buy some rare memoirbilia. In one antique store I saw an antique of Dick Tracy!
  8. All About Eve is one of the movies I remember most from her...great movie, one of the best of all time in fact.
  9. McLintock! and Miracle On 34th Street I've seen numerous times, and Maureen O'Hara is stunning in both of them! The Quiet Man is exceptional too..Maureen has that certain look about her that makes her stand out if you know what I mean...
  10. If it's coming on TCM this month I won't be able to see it...very simple tv we have. I'm sure I've seen the movie at some point in my many years of watching TCM periodically, but I don't remember much from it. The cast does stand out...especially the two Barrymores and Jean Harlow. PS: It's an essential, is it not? Came on earlier this evening (or last night, depending on your perspective.) I always enjoy seeing the essentials with Drew, I'm sure she loved this one with her own family in it. My dad doesn't like movies made after 1964 much but I am not so close-minded. This is a classic mo
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