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  1. TCM also showed a number of movies I never heard of during the marathon "Story of Film" a few months ago. And many of them were wonderful. It is THE station to go to for unusual films, no matter what decade they were released.
  2. I've noticed that lately there have many films from the 30's being shown, especially on weekday mornings and afternoons. I prefer TCM cover classics from every era, all the way through the 1990's. I greatly appreciate those early pre-code flicks, but I also enjoy films like the Steve Martin "Pennies From Heaven", which I saw is being telecast this evening.
  3. Too bad, Fred. Pennies From Heaven isn't an overwhelming success, but it IS a very good movie with lots of fine singing and dancing. It was, I believe, the very last musical made at MGM, and was so disappointing at the box office that they never tried another. I'm not a big fan of musicals, but this one is a goodie, and you missed it! In comparison, Bing Crosby is a bore.
  4. I really appreciated The Story of Film and all the wonderful movies that TCM scheduled with it. Though I wasn't able to see everything because of my work schedule, I especially appreciated I Am Cuba, a brilliant film that passed three late night hours perfectly. Thanks again, TCM. Now onto 31 Days of Oscar (grrrrr).
  5. The music for _Popeye_ was written by the astonishingly gifted Harry Nilsson (remember "Everybody's Talking" from _Midnight Cowboy_?). I believe he was in terrible shape when he did _Popeye_, drunk and near death.
  6. I also greatly enjoyed this film. Loved the actors, loved the music. Please show more Wong Kar Wei!
  7. I would also like to see the series repeated, as I work at night and missed many of the chapters. Perhaps during the day?
  8. Sorry, but I like the guy. To make fun of the way he dresses or the way he speaks and consider that as valid criticism for his thoughts on film is mean spirited and childish. Osborne seems to like him, too.
  9. I can't help thinking of Gregory Peck in The Boys of Brazil. Mr. Peck rarely played evil characters, but this was a big exception, and he was wonderful in it.
  10. Very charming movie, especially for Ozo. The only element that bothered me was the soundtrack music, which sounded like the worst sitcom background.
  11. Dear WHY AGAIN: Not to parse, but you are an idiot. TCM is the only channel on cable to show silent films, and it has shown some terrific classics during the past few weeks. If you don't like reading subtitles, then you probably don't care for foreign films as well. Perhaps you have some trouble reading, period. As for our venerable host, Robert Osborne is the heart and soul of this channel, and I personally like the way he interacts with Drew Barrymore, never talking down to her and always taking her opinions thoughtfully. More up to date films? Like AVATAR? Or TERMINATOR 2? That crap shows up on many other cable channels. If you want to watch that, go elsewhere. Leave TCM alone.
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