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  1. I always though of Bogie as an average looking man. After all there were others who looked far worse-Woody Allen is one of them.
  2. TAXI-james cagney and BULLITT- steve mcqueen. If I think of any others I'll be back!
  3. Tom, Nice photo! I thought Cagney's private part was sticking out of his pants in that photo till I took a closer look. Ha!
  4. Tom, I remember reading about Cagney having trouble with Mervyn Leroy but it was early in his career.
  5. CB7, I remember watching a special on Mr. Roberts and it mentioned that Ty Power was considered for the part.
  6. I agree with CB7! I love the movies from the 30's and 40's! It's the ones now that are garbage! Cagney and Crosby at that time were huge at the box office. No one today with their talent or personality!
  7. Now that I think about it Twinkee, Cagney was great in RUN FOR COVER and TRIBUTE TO A BAD MAN. By the way RUN FOR COVER is on blu-ray and the color is beautiful!!
  8. And what about Boris Karloff as the pimp in SMART MONEY.
  9. I made a mistake. I meant RUN FOR COVER as the mov ie Cagney was a cowboy in.
  10. Cagney was a good cowboy in TRIBUTE TO A BAD MAN. And I guess I am one of a few who liked Oklahoma Kid and thought Cagney and Bogie were good in it. I just didn't like the hat they put on Cagney. A better cowboy hat should have been chosen.
  11. Tom, Don't forget it was Cagney who got Raft into the movies. Cagney got Raft in the movie Taxi. I guess Raft felt he owed him something.
  12. Tom, I was a huge Elton John fan at the time of that diet coke commercial. I think there were like 3 versions of it. Great commercial!
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