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  1. I own "Querelle" and bought it years ago mostly not knowing what it was like but the director's cachet intriqued me. Have to admit that a bit of it was a little shocking, but all in all, it is a well made film and I was really impressed with Franco Nero's performance in such an offbeat role. Actually, the outside and humongous wooden poles on the wharf were the most frightening phallic symbols I'd ever seen.
  2. Agreed, Top Billed! A very lovely lady who was always appealing in her roles. I particularly remember Carol in an AHP episode about a lost statue and a convent. I think it also starred Clu Gulager and there's a name one doesn't hear of much now. Carol played a novice who gets involved in a world unknown to her, a bit like the young nun in Bunuel's "Viridiana". I recall seeing Carol discussing once that she was always being put on a diet, after her early child modeling years, to maintain a slim figure. She was quite beautiful and belongs in the group of ethereal blondes that also included
  3. This is a difficult question to answer, Spence. I would agree that Falconetti's performance is one of the greatest in history but the background on the production and release of this film is so convoluted, it might preclude any totally correct answer. Firstly, if I recall correctly the AA probably would have entered this film, being that it was directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer but produced in France, only in possibly the Special Achievement category, due to the foreign implications, but that category is not even mentioned in the first year of selections. Secondly, though I have five books about
  4. I always wished Sandy's beau in the film had been Tab Hunter instead of old boring Troy Donahue!
  5. If we are talking about wooden coat hangers and abortions, I hope no one brings up another clothing item, namely hatpins, and Frank Sinatra's mother who was supposedly known as Hatpin Dolly if I recall correctly, in her neighborhood where there were many wayward women in the same trouble as Carol Lynley. Loved the part of BD where Brandon's mommy wants to give him the book on you-know-what!
  6. That's too bad. He added some color to the proceedings.
  7. Thanks, Dargo! I kind of think men with big noses look better than those with small noses, like Paul Williams.
  8. He never even would have cleared the holster, would he, Shane, I mean, Sergeant Markoff? Pa's got things for you to do, and Mother wants you. I know she does, Sergeant Markoff! Come back! Come back, Sarge...please!!!
  9. Brian Donlevy as a tyrant in "Beau Geste". Wow! Watched all the films which I'd already seen but who cares, it was Brian Donlevy day. Wonder if he and Neil Hamilton were friends? I dig "The Glass Key" too, LHF!
  10. Wonderful documentary. While watching I felt like I was living in a Bergman film, like walking through the house of depression in "Cries and Whispers" which instead of death throes was relationship pain, or was in "Persona" with Ingmar's other females interacting with Liv, or even "Winter Light" where instead of a loss of faith, Liv was suffering from a loss of love perhaps for Ingmar. Very moving revelations about their relationship which one can see parodied perhaps in some of his films.
  11. I'll start: "The Great Man" from 1956. Jose Ferrer nails it and someone else, to the cross. Good show. Next?
  12. Hey, I've been incommunicado for a while, so what are you "keeping"??? If it is Michael Rennie, drop him off some time! Enjoying your posts, by the way.
  13. Spence, I think I would enjoy hearing Jenna Malone's choices more so thanks for the slight boo boo.
  14. If you dig that classic car, you might like the Fanimation Urbanjet Fan, which comes in Baby Blue, Sonic Silver and Spicy Red, not maybe GM colors but dig the resemblance to the famous car! https://www.enlightenmentmag.com/news/fanimation-urbanjet-line-with-festive-party
  15. Darg, "allusions" I don't want, some illusions might be nice, and delusions of grandeur are always welcome but Elysian Field stories would be the best contribution you could make. If your wife liked it, then I bet I would like it. I mean, she does have good taste ya know.
  16. Thank you so much for this great deep background information. Can't think about the Manson gang without remembering an office I worked in, where a scam started and people would phone and ask for the Office Manager's name, and then hang up. Then they would call and if she was not in, they would ask assistants to give them the type of paper the copier used for their records, and then would send unwanted paper with a bill to be paid. So we were all told not to give them information, but how was one to know when the call for OM was legit or not. So I began telling people who said they only want
  17. Get this, CJ...I saw a tv transmission of Bunuel's "L'Age d'Or" once where they blurred out the naughty bits [as John Cleese might say] of the statues, yet left in the scene with, was it Lya Lys, shall we say, nibbling on the statue's toes. I mean really, this is the swallow a gnat, choke at a camel, rule apparently. Not that I personally found the marble munching offensive, just so you know...
  18. Sepia, no track coach is as scary as those dang flying monkees in TWOO.
  19. If it stars Irene Dunne, I'm there. Thanks, TB!
  20. As a teen, I read the book "The Loved One" by Evelyn Waugh, being that my naturally morbid nature and adherence to black humor always led me in such directions, plus I always wanted to visit Forest Lawn which seemed to be the place being satirized. Loved the wit and viewpoint of the American way of treating thanatopsis and thoroughly enjoyed the film version which I saw afterwards. Being that I had not seen the film for many years, I marked it on my movies to watch calendar to review, plus I was looking forward to seeing the bit with Tab Hunter as tour guide for Whispering Glades also. Then
  21. Correction, Dargo...you forgot to put the extra "u" in the town's name! The original spelling of this town is Daytuon, Ohio. I know this because my friend who is a magician is from Daytuon, said that French settlers came there in the 1700's and named it, but later fools who didn't believe in powered flight, the Wrights or even evolution, wanted to drop the "u" and won out. My friend has one other outstanding distinction also, she taught Rob Lowe magic when he was a child in Daytuon.
  22. I just saw a wonderful film that I know you would be enarmored of, Sgt. Markoff! It is called, "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women" from 1968, and stars one of your favorite female thespians, Mamie Van Doren as Moana. I recall being a big baseball fan, you said you first appreciated her talents when she dated Bo Belinski, and in this movie she brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the role, and it is only sad that Mamie never got to perform the part of Grushenka from Dostoevsky, as she wished. The movie is unique in that I could not tell if it was in color or black and white, due to
  23. I hate detest, despise and abhor "blockbusters"! P.S. Next research project for you, Sarge is to look up Akira Kurosawa's remarks in the dinner given for him by Spielberg way back, that was televised. Let's just say, Spielberg's name wasn't mentioned in Akira's remarks, but it was obvious to whom Akira was referring, in his cracks about sequels, blockbuster films and the like and why his own films had lived on.
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