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  1. Any other fans here? I mean, that girl was just dastardly in all those Shirley Temple films. Really could run the gamut from mean to diabolical and was as nasty as Ernest Torrence in his prime. By the way, I've seen "The Way We Were" a couple times and having never remembered her in it, decided to watch it full tilt last nite scouring each scene for her in it, as she is supposed to have played Peggy Vanderbilt and yet...I still did not spot her. Does anyone know in what scene she is, and does she ever speak??? Thanks for any assistance!
  2. A case like that, Dobbsy does show the vagaries of how circumstances can alter a person's life who may not really have diabolically criminal motives. Fugate reminds me a bit of the old chestnut in films, of a noirish woman who gets some dumb guy to do her bidding to rid her of an unwanted hubby or whatever, and then plays the innocent. I think Capote's book on Smith and Hickok, was not so much about the crime per se as it was Truman's attempt to fashion a new form of writing, sort of a fictionalized non-fiction that was his real motivator, though he did seem sympathetic to Perry's stor
  3. Having been interested in the Fugate case for many years, I recall seeing an interview with someone at the incarceration spot about her release. This is rather chilling, at least to me considering it shows the mindset of what parole boards look for in letting some people out of jail. Fugate was considered a model prisoner. Apparently she followed all rules and did her time quietly and without rancor. Due to her excellent adaptation to prison life and its standards, she was seen as being unequivocally fit to return to outside life. But one shrink had a differing opinion that was ignored. He sta
  4. I just watched it, and had never even heard of it. "The Full Treatment" directed by Val Guest. I accidentally started watching it this past weekend and became absorbed. It was a really great flick. Catch it if TCM shows it again. Here is the IMDB listing: Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960) "The Full Treatment" (original title) 120 min - Mystery | Drama - October 1960 (UK) After surviving a traumatic car accident, a race car driver travels to the Cote D'Azur to recover but is plagued by an urge to strangle his wife. Director:Val Guest
  5. The color on that shot of Jane and Scottie is just unearthly! That was Scottie Beckett, right? I only glanced quickly as the surrealistic tones of shading were so technicolorishly frightening...
  6. Was it Bo Belinsky that Mamie was married to? He may have dumped her but I'm still watching and enjoying her and TCM showed a heap of her films a couple months ago. I remember best "Untamed Youth" with Eddie Cochran singing "Cotton Picker" which is never shown on tv much. The best film with him is probably "The Girl Can't Help It" and even though he was a big rock and roll star at the time, next to Mamie in UY he looked like a twelve-year old boy!
  7. For me, it has to be Au Hasard, Balthazar by Robert Bresson. Simply divine!
  8. Miss W, OTOV is a fun film! Speaking of Donovan, have you ever seen "Don't Look Back" that tour film about Bob Dylan by the Maysles Brothers? I'm sure you've seen it. It has thatgreat scene in the hotel with Donovan kind of competing with Bob in playing for the friends and visitors. He looks starstruck when Mister Zimmerman sings I think It's All Over Now Baby Blue after he does his bit. I think he must have started smoking something after that and Mellow Yellow was the result. Oops forgot...my favorite soundtrack is from the film Badlands. Edited by: CaveGirl on Sep 21, 20
  9. Love Virginia Weidler but don't you think she looks like she should be related to Mary Wickes?
  10. Old Yeller The story of Bessie Smith based on her song classic, High Yeller which also inspired High Sierra when she played there with Duke Ellington on tour. In Old Yeller, Bessie is friends with a white man named Travis and adopts his poor undernourished son, kind of like Steve Martin's scenario in The Jerk. Unfortunately before sonnie can grow up, Bessie steps on a rusty nail and then is bitten by a miscegenated raccoon which is part albino and part not, and comes down with the hydrophobia. Which kills her..after some tongue lolling and excessive salivation. She leaves n
  11. Great candids! What a cute shot of the great Judy Holliday. Thanks!
  12. Even though I tend to watch this film for George MacReady, I can never look at Everett Sloane without remembering how he never looked happy again in films, after he has his nose job. Uh, I mean rhinoplasty! Yes, he was so joyful in "Citizen Kane". Think of the scene where he talks about seeing the woman all in white with the parasol. His face lights up and I really like his looks AND original nose. Then he went and got it miniaturized and I guess it put him over the edge and he never could look in a mirror again. Sad but true!
  13. I've always thought that John Stamos looked like Glenn Ford. But that's where the resemblance ends...
  14. I've always thought that John Stamos looked like Glenn Ford. But that's where the resemblance ends...
  15. Sure one always loves to see The Beav in a film but now due to this scintillating discussion of whether Royal Dano sang the song, I shall be listening with bated breath when I rewatch this weekend. Always have loved TTWH as it is so typically the type of Hitchcock humor that he displayed more often in the stories he chose for his series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". So many classic tales there, of a comedic yet perverse nature and of course death paid a call in many of them. I also remember Mildred Natwick being in at least one and she was a fine actress. Part of the Abbey Theatre grou
  16. "Seinfeld" was a show about nothing, so if you don't think nothing is funny, you probably won't laugh. In a recasting I'd make Bogie be George Constanza wearing the glasses from TBS, Cagney of course would play Kramer but on stilts and Eddie would be the wry Jerry. I can just see Cagney bursting in Jerry's doorway with the energy he used in WH when he went nutso. I like to cast against type. Mary Astor could play Elaine.
  17. Lavender always was Kim's favorite color, or so she said in old interviews. I believe I once read and saw an article in which rooms in her abode were all in lavender, with her gracing the mansion in beautiful color photos accompanying. Of course...Kim would look good in any color.
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