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  1. Well, goldang and tarnation...I'm surprised at me too, Sarge! For eons I would say and think exactly what you are saying and thinking, that the times may have changed but things haven't improved, and I had my guidepost of not even wanting to watch any movies made after 1960. But then I guess, I got worn down by people calling me an annoying curmudgeon, and holding to snobbery standards, just because I thought the current movies stunk and so did the cinematography, which doesn't even deserve such a high faluting term. And now, I finally got tired and joined the masses and you give me hope th
  2. Latrice, if you liked SB, I think you will also enjoy "The Servant" and thanks!
  3. Enjoyed watching Barbet Schroeder’s supposedly controversial film, “Maitresse” last night. It’s a love story, not unlike that with Kong and Ann Darrow, Sid and Nancy or even Ray and Martha. With the lead, Bulle Ogier as Ariane, to me a combination of Sandra Dee and Morticia Addams, involved with a youngish Gerard Depardieu as her understanding suitor, Olivier, one enters a domicile not unlike some created by G-u-i-d-o Crepax. Oddly enough, the above floor romance is rather conventional and the bottom floor dungeon also becomes tamer as time wears on, in spite of the excessive leather art
  4. This is fascinating, Stephan!
  5. As long as it is not Seth Rogen [sp?], I'm fine, Spence. Miss seeing your posts! Stop in more often...
  6. My other favorite! Most artists know that the truly difficult thing to do, is make a line drawing or pen in ink portrait with less lines, not more. To synthesize something down to its essentials, get a true likeness and have the finished product have sophisticated aplomb, is incredibly hard to achieve unless you are someone like Hirschfield. Let's see how good you are, Sarge. Where's the tribute to his daughter, NINA in this portrait?
  7. Well, you've said it all, Arpirose! Hurrell's works are pure masterpieces. I started buying books with his portrait photos as far back as when I was in high school. The chiaroscuro, the mellow shading effects and even the enchanting poses, make him a star, above others. Thanks for this nod to a true master of art and photography!
  8. Ewwww...and I mean that in a good way! Nice call... I've never seen that. Yikes, but I love anything by Jim Thompson. You do come up with the best stuff, CigarJoe. Thanks, I'll look for it.
  9. They are sad, lonely people? They are malcontents? They are Luddites? Choose any of the above...
  10. Funny you mention that as I was just thinking of buying the former on dvd the other day from a catalog. Thanks!
  11. OMG, why is the idea of you at a pool table not a surprise, Dar? Now I may not be as good as my cousin, Kristy, who could practice nightly on my Uncle's Victorian pool table, but I do know my way around some Eight Ball games, and can bank a few shots, as long as there is a Ladies Aid unit available occasionally. Don't have a personal chalk holder anymore, but game on, if you wanna challenge me. I get skinnies!
  12. Love Kay also, Lavenderblue! She's so classy so when Kay gets near criminal activity it makes it all the more fun. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, that was a fast ride down the roller coaster, was it not, with Tierney smiling all the way watching the train wreck! Thanks, TB.
  14. Seen'em all and love them all, CJ! Whoa, Nellie..."Blue Velvet" is just way out there and I also like the seedy atmosphere in Babs' brothel, but all your choices are winners. Thanks!
  15. Admirable choice, Sarge! There is a decided air of discontentment and unsavory activities inherent in this film. Love Ona Munson also in her full regalia. Thanks!
  16. I am, but maybe not for the most favorable reason which would be a compliment to it. It's like, when you study the Mona Lisa, you also find it instructive and valuable to see every other version of the painting, some done as studies, some done in Leonardo's own studio possibly, as seeing what might pass as exact copies, educates the eye and one finds instructive. But also in reality, if Hitch's version never existed, I would not be dismayed to recommend the second version as it is at least a true attempted reconstruction of the first. Great topic, TB!
  17. What a wonderful movie. Totally mesmerizing, with such hypnotic scenes of people swaying in action at the exact same time, purposely done like synchronized dance routines. A truly epic adventure to see for the first time and as my old literature professor once said, "Great art is something you can watch or see again and again without being bored. Knowing what is to come is actually even more of a joy as you reexperience it."
  18. I've been watching all of them, since Garbo is truly sublime, from her first film in America which they showed, all through her career. Her stillness, like a character in a painting by Vermeer, and lack of overdone effect, as was so common in the silent days and the 1930's, is indubitably remarkable. I've also been enjoying seeing how each of her male stars reacts to her, from Ricardo Cortez, to Antonio Moreno and Clark Gable and Ramon Navarro, through John Gilbert and all the way up to Melvyn Douglas.
  19. It would also be nice to have an RIP thread for posters. Now I'm talking about truly fatal mortalities, and not just being brain dead. Oops, that might be something you would wish I posted in the more "crass" areas, right, Sgt. Markoff? Mea culpa...and please excuse my sardonic comments.
  20. There is only one movie which chokes me up, "Who Will Love My Children" with Ann-Margret. I sure wish TCM would play this film sometime, even if it is a tv movie.
  21. I totally agree with this diagnosis, Sarge. I've made a few men cry and there's even one of them here online. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it, though it can be fun at times. That's why I like you, Sarge as you don't seem like the crybaby type or inclined to any lachrymose [sp?] tendencies!
  22. You're bad, TB! I wonder if Trump passed his 2nd Grade SAT for what he learned in his McGuffey's Reader?
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