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  1. So...now it is wrong to be academic? Geez, what a mortal sin it must be to be scholarly! Hey, Dargo I believe you said that it seems that Cousins is holding the films of Tinseltown in lower esteem than the European ones... Are you saying that this is a BAD thing...haha! Kind of like giving prostitution a bad name, ain't it?
  2. Okay, not the best person to answer being I've only been here a short while but I started posting here, hoping that amongst the retinue there would be some who enjoy and like to discuss the more outre and off the wall films, unlike the general public who mostly watch only popular films. My guess would be, if one does not find an interested audience for their particular film devotion that they might leave? I mean, let's say a person is mesmerized by the work of Rene Clair but never sees anyone posting who even cares about his films. They might move on to greener pastures? It's like a t
  3. Slayton, can I say beyotch? Not sure I spelled it correctly. By the way, the guy connected to the finger in the shot looks like a Nazi taxi driver. Just saying...
  4. The color on that shot of Jane and Scottie is just unearthly! That was Scottie Beckett, right? I only glanced quickly as the surrealistic tones of shading were so technicolorishly frightening...
  5. I don't even know what LEAVE PAGE is... I guess I just actually leave the page literally and hence have no such problem. Was told recently that I kept answering myself and had to use a box to the right which looks like a flower. Who knew! Unfortunately for all here, my posts always show up...
  6. OMG, you have featured one of my most favorite actors. I love, love, love Dan Duryea. I actually was looking through an old magazine the other day which had a whole article about him, with the bytag of his very wholesome home life as opposed to his movie persona. Always gave a great performance, as late as his Twilight Zone one and as early as the simperingly annoying son with Bette Davis in TLF. Thanks for the great tribute post!
  7. Why, what a coincidence...I was bored the other night and rooted through my garage to find my set of reprints of the old EC Comics line of William Gaines and now I find to my delight a Mad connection to look forward to on TCM. How utterly maddening... Thanks, Mister D!
  8. Now that is a great idea, having someone like Jennifer Jason Leigh as the Noir Hostess! Who needs any man to be the host of such an event? Hogwash. Every real noir fan knows that a woman like Gale Sondergaard or even Lizbeth Scott would be the type of host needed, and no mealy mouthed Don Defore types have any real reason to be heading the show. Why, men in noirs who are real men, are as scarce as hen's teeth...which is why a hen and not a rooster, should be host. Now no offense to Don, as I love him usually and even as Hazel's boss, but a noir host for any retrospective should be
  9. Sorry the only fingers I really like are those in The Beast with Five Fingers... Shouldn't you be focussing on Mabuse's eyes, which were scary as h_ll during that one scene in the film last night? Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 5, 2013 3:26 PM
  10. Wow! I really hate to admit that I probably could easily live happily in a Twilight Zone way, of having only pre-1970 films to view. Now I would not want to become dogmatic and force everyone else in the world or as a TCM fan, to only watch what I want to see nor do I believe that all films made even by the major studios are classics, since all one need do is look through any of those giant film books on Warners, Columbia, RKO, MGM etc. to see that there was much claptrap and sub par film creations for all years during the studio heydays. Nevertheless, I have always wondered why people
  11. Dear Silent...please define the exact meaning of "God awful"? I agree with Roverrocks, I totally dig the way the narrator talks. But then after drinking Guinness in a bunch of pubs in Dublin, this feeling of affection comes naturally to me. Perhaps those here who don't like Cousins, should go have a few brewskis in Ireland and they might learn to like such voices. I'm sure after a few drinks they could be converted??? Actually, reading this thread is making me want a Guinness now...
  12. Sfpcc2...yes, brilliant! I'd forgotten about that. What an amazing conclusion to a series. I wonder if it had been planned from the beginning or was come up with later. But regardless...thanks for the great reference! Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 1, 2013 5:17 PM
  13. Finance, you said a mouthful when you said this most sensible statement about not using Muller as host: He IS likeable, but in keeping with the mood of noir, it might be interesting to have a noir host who was very unlikeable. So true, so true. It's like having Debbie Reynolds introducing a series about women who are serial murderers. Does not fit or compute. And instead of a guy hosting, they should have a woman, preferably someone diabolically entrancing like Glen Close or maybe a Gloria Grahame type. Now that would be fun and in keeping with the noir spirit!
  14. Wow, I've read "Rebecca" and find these interpretations of the DuMaurier intent, most fascinating. Interestingly...the heroine, as played by Joan Fontaine doesn't even have a name in the book by Daphne. And if one wants to film a sequel with Maxim being killed in a car crash, then it is too bad that J.G. Ballard did not write it being that his conjunction of sex and cars would prove most alluring to film. Maxim all bandaged up like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club" is an image I can't get out of my head now...
  15. As an oneiric entity in CK the snow globe for me is the heart of the storyline. Historically...though snowglobes go back in Europe to the 16th century, possibly beginning production in Thuringia they first received mass adoration during the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1878 and became a Victorian phenomenon, which figures as a time period in Orson's exposition, just as it did in TMA. Many believe that early snow globes with scenes and landscapes originally represented Marie Antoinette and her search for the past in her charming replica of a peasant village and chalet at Petit Trianon.
  16. Hey, lzcutter...you're right I was referring to the bits shown on TCM, but I still say TCM should be mining their own field here, what with all these fabulous film fanatics who post. Now I realize many might not even want to be featured, but there still is a goldmine of talent here right under TCM's nose. But you know what they say...the shoe cobbler's son is always the one going without shoes.
  17. Thanks, Holden for clearing that up. I love Capote and have seen him talk on so many shows I'm getting all his old tales confused. I do remember though that he was neighbors with the famed Honeymoon Killer, so that's good. Yes, Dill does seem more like the Truman as depicted in his own story, "A Christmas Memory" which was filmed with Geraldine Page I think for tv. I've seen BD and you would enjoy it. Actually it is rather bold for the 1950's in its content of the unwed mother theme. And as always, Brandon is fabulous. Great as a kid actor and as a young adult. I always liked h
  18. Yeah, but first of all hasn't Ellroy milked the death of his mother long enough in print and on tv, and should be on to a new genre? And Muller is not really a Czar of Noir but more like a spear-toting private in that field. They need a woman to address the Noir genre on TCM and not all these guys who would be just pawns in the hands of a real femme fatale. No, no more male noir blather. Find a real noirish type chick and go with her as the historian. I think it would rock!
  19. I love personal attacks, but only when they are made on me. Perhaps those who don't like silent films, don't like them because they enjoy auditory pleasures more than visual delights. Some people are auditory learners and others are more visual. I like all films of any genre, as long as they have something to offer, and sometimes even when they seemingly do not. Matter of fact, I tend to enjoy really cheap films occasionally, just to see the clothes and furnishings which are more representative of the time period being not studio sets. I once read that furniture historians
  20. Dobbsy, are there any channels showing old Senor Wences routines? Now that would be a winner. I think I'll go visit Youtube right now to view one of his most surrealistic routines. The guy was a genius. All he needed as props was his hand, a scarf and trunk and some lipstick...
  21. Was it Bo Belinsky that Mamie was married to? He may have dumped her but I'm still watching and enjoying her and TCM showed a heap of her films a couple months ago. I remember best "Untamed Youth" with Eddie Cochran singing "Cotton Picker" which is never shown on tv much. The best film with him is probably "The Girl Can't Help It" and even though he was a big rock and roll star at the time, next to Mamie in UY he looked like a twelve-year old boy!
  22. Not to be Debbie Downer but the filmed bits with fans that I've seen on TCM for this category, do not usually seem to be portraying what I would call an "Ultimate Fan" unless knowing five famous films which won Academy Awards or being aware of ten stars buried at Forest Lawn are good qualifiers. I've seen more Ultimate Fans here at the Message Board than I've ever seen highlighted in a filmed sequence on the channel. Maybe the more serious fans just are not so eager to be placed in the spotlight and never apply???
  23. Yay, Miss Wonderly...we finally have found something to disagree on. I love TMOTW, not that I can't see why many might find it annoying. I think I saw it at a young age, loved Julie Harris always in anything and totally dug Brandon DeWilde's portrayal and he was so amazing in Shane also.. I may be wrong but...seems like long ago I read that Brandon's character was based on Truman Capote, who was of course a friend of McCullers. My personal, unrational dislike is directed unfairly toward Ethel Waters who I've never liked ever since I saw an interview with Butterfly MCQueen sayin
  24. This is such a great film! And that kid was amazing. Can't think of his name but I remember seeing him in that "Legend" film and I enjoyed his performance so much more than Tom Mapothers.
  25. You're right Holden, that kid doomed her dollie to death by not taking care of her and leaving her alone with Uncle Dave.. Probably because Penny was played by Linda Bennett who learned her diabolical ways from Joan Crawford, cuz I think the kid was in Queen Bee with her...
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