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  1. Oh, forgot to mention Roverrocks, that quoting Blanche DuBois from ASND could be suspect in a wussiness trial. That "kindness of strangers" bit only works when one is being carted off to the funny farm anyway. Sincerely Yours, Miss White Wood
  2. In answer to your quest to have me define "wussiness" for you, I'll paraphrase the Louis Armstrong quote about jazz wherein he states quite unequivocally that "Man, if you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know. Man, if you have to ask what wussiness is, uh..well, you'll never understand it. I will say it's not about eating quiche which I'm sure even Sean Connery might taste occasionally.
  3. Okay, I'm now going to try what you are telling me is the proper way to respond. I'm used to just hitting a common "post reply" icon on boards like this which leaves the posts laid out in accordion form, so would not have known to do it this way. Thanks, lavenderblue19 and sorry, Finance if I was making you crazy. Did not retreat to my cave was just on vacation... It all looked the same from here! Re: Casting against type Posted: Sep 23, 2013 4:48 PM in response to: CaveGirl CG, there is a reply icon on the right side of the page, looks like a lilac flo
  4. I was lucky enough to catch this precursor to "NOTLD" wherein dead bodies are resurrected only to create havoc in a panicked community. Handsome Richard Denning, a kind of more sensuous Robert Young type, is investigating some violent murders. He discovers that a man who has vowed vengeance on some local men, has recently engaged the services of a famed German scientist* to insert electrodes in deceased bodies to do his bidding and his bidding includes murder! Sure, these corpses leave the operating room with a giant gash, suture line halfway up and laterally located on their forehea
  5. "True to Jersey roots"! Oh, this has got to be bad if anyone here is a fan, or even casual viewer of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Table flipping, fake licenses, hiding tax money and that's just Teresa's family. The highlight recently was finding out that her very Americanized hubby, Juicy Joe isn't even a citizen and may be deported. If that's NJ I may stay home. Just kidding for those not liking humor in threads!
  6. Excuse me? "You always claim to be responding to yourself. You don't associate with us?" Not computing...
  7. "Who?" you ask, Sepiatone? Why the great William Beaudine who is almost as great as William Witney.
  8. I want to thank all the TCM members who are stimulating my brain cells with their astute posts AND their great movie monikers! When I first saw that the mystical Miss Wonderly was here and also Fred Dobbs I wondered if I would encounter other characters like Doctor Praetorius and the most sarcastic Waldo Lydecker, who once said wittily "If you come a little bit closer, my boy, I can just crack your skull with my walking stick." A man close to my heart... Gotta love him and speaking of Doctors, did anyone ever notice that Doctor Louis Judd appears as a character in both Tourneur's "
  9. Dargo, wasn't Audrey Dalton in Mister Sardonicus? I'm too lazy to look it up. Always thought she was lovely...
  10. Akira...what a great director! I noticed that on last night's TCM showing of Hitch on Dick Cavett show, Alfie mentioned that Bunuel was one of his top two favorite directors. I'll second that!
  11. I like your style Miss Wonderly. This is a good test! Thanks to all for the very interesting answers to my original survey. I think some took it personally even with my disclaimers. And roverrocks asks if reading and male noir fans are incompatible concepts. Uh...elementary my dear Watson. I've known male noir authors who barely read!
  12. Why thank you, roverrocks I so appreciate your thoughts on this matter and thanks for such a complimentary post. Unfortunately being that no Venetian blinds were apparent in the Ozu film, there is no noirish connection but you did manage to weave the topic in marvelously! P.S. I don't really love "wussy men" but I do think they make the world go round especially in their filmic vagaries!
  13. Speaking of Nancy Olsen, how could people forget Mrs. Olsen: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&biw=1024&bih=616&tbm=isch&tbnid=Fh18AOi9IhmhuM:&imgrefurl=http://mannahattamamma.com/2008/10/costumes/&docid=4De1M4qsgZRfPM&imgurl=http://www.mannahattamamma.com/mrsolsen.jpg&w=389&h=486&ei=io5AUrjLDejL2QWPtICgAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=2&vpy=132&dur=141&hovh=251&hovw=201&tx=68&ty=153&page=1&tbnh=139&tbnw=111&start=0&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:85 Sorry...I am new here and don't know how to post p
  14. But...isn't that tree in The Wizard of Oz still alive and kicking. Or I should say...yelling at people to not take her apples. Notice I say "she". That book called...geez, uh, oh, "Separated at Birth" has a photo of it and then a photo of older aged Bette Davis as its counterpart which influenced my thoughts. As for Sternberg, I love BV and have always been impressed with how he almost got a 3-D effect in his films with all the frontal veil and object overlays. Plus he looked great in jodphurs [sp?].
  15. Decided to stay up last night to watch this Ozu film and it was wonderful. Kind of had a feel as if Jacques Tati met up with Monty Python in Tokyo to come up with the plot and comedic elements. The storyline of the little brothers going on a silence protest till their parents relented to buy them a tv was adorable. Now I've seen many dire films of Ozu but not many comedies so this was a delight. And the color was beautiful and eye catching maybe due to a sort of Pasolini type limited palette being used. I realize it was a rehash of his older film shown last week on TCM but I liked this
  16. For me, it has to be Au Hasard, Balthazar by Robert Bresson. Simply divine!
  17. Miss W, OTOV is a fun film! Speaking of Donovan, have you ever seen "Don't Look Back" that tour film about Bob Dylan by the Maysles Brothers? I'm sure you've seen it. It has thatgreat scene in the hotel with Donovan kind of competing with Bob in playing for the friends and visitors. He looks starstruck when Mister Zimmerman sings I think It's All Over Now Baby Blue after he does his bit. I think he must have started smoking something after that and Mellow Yellow was the result. Oops forgot...my favorite soundtrack is from the film Badlands. Edited by: CaveGirl on Sep 21, 20
  18. Doing research on this pressing subject matter. Anyone here think that male noir fans are always like their filmic counterparts in being wussy? Just curious. All the woman noir fans I know are dominant forces to contend with and the male noir fans are...well, not. Prove me wrong. I can take it... Please don't be personally offended if you are a male noir fan. Mayhaps you are that very rara avis who breaks the mold.
  19. I refuse to celebrate all ethnic heritages because I simply hate Transylvanian food and found the Borgo Pass Hotel to be very inhospitable. So there!
  20. Merci beaucoup! How does one post pics here anyway? I tried the way I usually do online but it did not work...
  21. The "bro code"? This reminds me of a code I made up that I call the Catholic Girls Code. If a guy asks you out that you don't care for at all, and he has dated anyone from your class...then you tell them you can't go out with him, due to the CGC.. Ergo, something like this "Uh, you dated my friend Laura and for that reason I just could never go out with you, sorry." I used this on some guy when I was in my twenties and the fool believed it. Apparently he told my friend that he had previously dated and asked her to explain it and she was flummoxed, but never let on that it was b
  22. Miss W...boo hoo! My computer screen is registering only a grey box with a red X in it and will not let me access it. Could you give me a hint? It's not a pic of Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom is it?
  23. Well as usual Miss Wonderful, you rule with your nod to the beach house. Any film with a beach house, like the ones in the Chandler tale or even something by James M. Cain is fab. Also I love mad scientist tales and the creature is so cute what with his cute little wet suit look with scales. Thanks also, Flyback for a very sage comment!
  24. Joe was not a cad. He knew that the house on Sunset Boulevard was up for sale and the pool needed to be taken as it was delapidated anyway and he wanted to make that happen by dying in it so that Norma would remove it before the realtor brought Nicolas Ray by to see it. So Joe willingly gave up his life and faltering screenwriter career and for that reason we were able to enjoy seeing Jim Stark and friends careening around the estate in RWAC. Wilder cut the scene with Joe Gillis and Norma at the Griffith Observatory since Norma said she was the only star that really mattered anyway
  25. To the Divine Miss Wonderly: Bravo! So funny...your repartee about the hands being busy. Touche. Look ma, I typed this with no hands!
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