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  1. Oh, okay...so maybe I should save my money and just look for a library edition, Tiki? Thanks for the further review. Spoto, eh? That name rings a bell. Didn't he write that Hitchcock book from way back which was rather controversial? I had not looked up the Sturges book online after you mentioned it, so didn't realize he was the author. Thanks again for the latest on the Sturges book!
  2. Edd Byrnes and I both thank you, Mr. Rennie!
  3. After watching that film, I always check the back of any couch in a room I visit.
  4. Being an aficianado of serial killer biographies, this film captures Christie's persona perfectly, and Attenborough is amazing, as is John Hurt. The abortion scenes are so real they are truly frightening.
  5. Love her but definitely don't want her as my piano teacher!
  6. She's gorgeous too and really does have "ooomph"!
  7. One must never underestimate the gullibility of the American public to believing blather handed to them daily, Sgt. Markoff.
  8. "Wild Oranges" from 1924 as directed by King Vidor. The film was about fear, distaste, repulsion and attraction. Great visuals and with Frank Mayo, Ford Sterling, who I've hardly ever seen in films but is in my silent film book, and Virginia Valli. A very fascinating movie with tinted film and some frightening settings.
  9. Yes, I recall my mother and grandmother saying they watched Lisa's nighttime show. They would always talk about her first hubby on ATWT who was named Jeff. I think director, Mark Rydell played him? Thanks for your remembrances, POT!
  10. Just like Dali said "I am Surrealism" the day will come when you find yourself in a black and white dream sequence after some phantom lady sets you up for a sting, and then when you find yourself up for murder charges and in the slammer, you will be able to say "I am Noir", Michael and you will totally "understand" it.
  11. I love that movie and particularly Jack Carson! I cannot sing "IFP" but did see Johnny Mathis in concert once, where he sang all the songs from "WSS", and I was waiting for that one also, but he did not sing it. I do think it would have been fitting though as he is kind of pretty.
  12. I have a slew of movie books, but not that one, Sgt. Markoff. Just looked it up online and it does sound marvy! Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. I think any films with such passive aggressive personalities as a ventriloquist and his mouthy partner, are fun to watch and my favorite is "Devil Doll" with Bryant Haliday. Oh, it also stars...Hugo. Haliday is famous also for his connection to Janus films, if his name seems unfamiliar. I realize this topic may not be ultra-popular, but I know I will have at least one poster respond, as always!
  14. Thanks, Tiki! I would love to read a book on Sturges since he's a favorite of mine. So glad you mentioned this volume so I can look for it.
  15. My grandma loved that show, TB! I remember her saying that Lisa had married almost every man in town, and there were no men left for her to be connubial with... Isn't ATWT the soap that also had the actor's toupee fly off during one live broadcast scene?
  16. Speaking of inappropriate casting, wasn't there an episode from the show "Taxi" where Louie DePalma [Danny DeVito] got Bobby Wheeler "Jeff Conaway] to go to Louie's high school reunion for him? I thought it was one of the funniest ever! People seemed to just take the transformation of the DePalma appearance in stride. It's said that during his big heydays, Andy Warhol hired someone to portray him at engagements he had signed on to, and though the guy looked nothing like him, just by putting on a platinum wig, the audience seemed satisfied. If Maureen Stapleton can play a fading Southe
  17. Great stalking point, as usual.
  18. "Color Me Blood Red" is my favorite since I like movies about the artist life. One knows they are an artist when they would rather buy paint [or blood] than use their money for food.
  19. Yes, they are taking auditions for the Robert Bardo biopic.
  20. You give a great example of a magnificent performance by Russell, so mine will not be as impressive, but I do think DeNiro's attempt to portray Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull" with his weight metamorphosis and boxing skills learned was impressive. Thanks for an interesting topic!
  21. You are so right about Umberto Eco, Sgt. Markoff. If he had written a book about Vermeer, it would not be made into some steamy soap opera, with bogus plot points, like the Chevalier book. When we went to the giant Vermeer exhibition at the Washington National Gallery, we got to see the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and being that there were like over twenty out of thirty-five attributed and extant Vermeer's at the time, it was noted that Johannes used his wife, relatives and daughters as models, not the kitchen maid [or whatever Scarlet was supposed to be!]...which was so obvious due to thei
  22. Thanks so much Arpirose! Dale certainly had a unique and revolutionary style. I bought the cd "King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of Dick Dale and the DelTones" last year so I'll be playing it tonight in his memory.
  23. My favorite fictional writer is James McLeod. He tends to repeat his plot lines often but I still find his work very amusing, as he doggedly hunts down the criminal element in society, Sgt. Markoff. He does like a pastiche of Chandler's work with a touch of Spillane thrown in for good measure.
  24. Yeah, but can you do Brando with his Shakespearean accent from "Julius Caesar"? I know, I know...you only do Julius Marx.
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