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  1. I also find that not much has changed since Sir James Frazer wrote "The Golden Bough" in terms of the behaviour of earthlings, Sgt. Markoff.
  2. Doesn't it hurt your teeth to hold on to that bone so long?
  3. I had the book with this title from quite a few years ago, which introduced me to many B-film directors. It must be in my garage now, since I haven't seen it for a while, but I remember looking for all the films mentioned in the book and was well rewarded when I would locate them to watch. I'm not even sure anymore of all the names mentioned in the book, but I do know that once I got into the B-film archives, many of these directors became my favorites. I particularly like Joseph H. Lewis who directed the wonderfully atmospheric "My Name is Julia Ross". If you have a favorite King of the
  4. Frankly I'm not far enough in reading to answer your questions, Sarge. I will say, from what I'm reading this is way more difficult to decipher than Colonna's "Hypnerotomachia Poliphili" since maybe it is untranslatable. At least Colonna had some fun mixing up languages when he invented words, which could be solved with some intense study.
  5. Love him! Wasn't he in "The Searchers"?
  6. Thanks! I saw an amusing clip of him recently, in which Merv had Totie Fields on the show also, and liked to have both Arthur and Totie sit next to each other on the couch, showing they looked the same height, and then have both stand up, and Arthur looked about two feet taller.
  7. What would films be without such characters? Of all the sidekicks in films, the one I will watch in any film, is the inimitable Arthur Hunnicutt, who brings rural accents to any scene or situation. This man is so hilarious on screen, that I often watch the other players as he regales them with stories, which sound like he is a victim of Munchausen's syndrome. I get the feeling sometimes that he is just ad-libbing parts of his lines, since the other players look perplexed and also quite amused as he takes over the bit and steals scenes consistently. He was so entertaining in films like Th
  8. And of course, I didn't mean to be someone who doesn't get that you are making a generalization which has a lot of truth to it, Sarge...that I should be taking personally. Your historic view of such matches, and how women often choose their spouses is dead on. Thanks for a scholarly overview!
  9. You are so right, lavenderblue, and I'd forgotten that film though it was so great. Stamp is a true stalker, since he thinks he can win over Eggar, just by force of will, now that he has some money, and when her life is ended, he just goes on to another possible victim, like many stalkers in real life do. I too read the book after seeing the film, and the book is excellent also. Thank you!
  10. Maybe they mean that Norman was stalking the birds to stuff?
  11. Any movie with Martin Mull is a winner, MR!
  12. Thank you for your insights on this topic. I so agree that mayhaps an online stalker can be even more dangerous than someone offline. One would hope that any website that has posters, would have the integrity to protect posters from having to deal with posters who continually harass others. I Knowing how long it would take for one to get any results from administration on a poster who is being a constant problem, one would hope that the site would give posters a Block button to just eliminate the threat immediately with no need for further argumentation on the site.
  13. Why not just join a Pro-Androgen Party and then your hair will fall out all on its own, Dargo? Oh, was that a TIC comment? Never mind...
  14. I'm glad I've never heard Brando yell out "STELLA!!!!" with a nasaly [sp?] voice.
  15. Yes, the internet has stalkers too who one would expect each website to protect. Thanks for the info!
  16. Love that song and I could qualify since I CAN cook! Actually I love Una, as she was hilarious in BOF with her little shrieking sounds and how she glides around rooms, but she is also a great actress being from the Abbey Theatre and all. I still think Dargo would not be dating her though, since he tends to be somewhat superficial in spite of all his other fine qualities, and only likes girls like Ava and Yvonne Craig, ya know. I think your song picking is superlative, but not as sure about your matchmaking skills. Speaking of fun laughs in music, my favorite album is the "Louie Louie"
  17. There were a lot of groovy movies in the 1960's and the way to identify them often is by their peace signs, psychedelic music, flower power clothing, strobe lights, beaded curtains, trippy rabbit posters, rad pads and..sometimes if you are lucky, Vladimir Tretchikoff's famous "Chinese Girl" portrait [aka The Green Lady].I tend to be more partial to the Swinging London scene films, though American ones are fun to watch also, so my choice is "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" which seems to have a true hippie vibe. Second place for me, for grooviest movie ever not set necessarily in London, is "Barba
  18. I'm reading that book by Jerry Lewis about his relationship with Dean Martin called "Dean and Me: A Love Story" and Jerry's true affection for Dean Martin really comes out in this very unusual book. It's like Jerry saw Dean as an older brother who would help him grown into maturity himself and is a great read. I'm also reading "The Secret Confession of Jack the Ripper" [debatable?] and a book on the history of the Voynich Manuscript.
  19. What a great list, TB! You have covered the gamut of possibilities. I own that book with the complete script of Kane, I have read the story that "Rashomon" was based on, I own the Zapruder film video copy and love Joe E. Ross on C54WAY, but even I refuse to ever watch that horrid Paul Newman film, "The Outrage" again. Fabulous and legendary examples and thanks!
  20. If one wants to know if a person is a real expert in a field, like antiques, baseball statistics or even movie lore, meet up with them in a libation type lounge sometime and see what they know off the top of their head without a prewritten script. That's the real test of expertise. Just saying.
  21. Being that I am currently wearing my Jacques Derrida club sweat shirt, I can concur with a Deconstructionist view of the world and moves, Sgt. Markoff. My philosophy professor, who was a Catholic Brother, was an advocate of Heidegger and regaled me with much crucial critical thinking about such things, till it all ended when he asked me to go bar hopping with him one night. Sadly only know Jean-Luc Ponty and not Maurice!
  22. Interesting you bring up Schnitzler, Sarge since just last week I got out again my copy of his "Traumnovelle" [aka "Dream Story"] which I ordered after seeing Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" thinking it would be fun to compare notes with the 1999 movie and the 1926 book. I really enjoyed the book, but then I also get a kick out of Dostoevsky and Thomas Mann, as I have always enjoyed wallowing in misery and pain and dysfunctional relationships...but only for others. Never have read anything else by Schnitzler but do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance if you do...
  23. Agreed about the "transitional moment" aspect of AG, MR! Highlights of this classic for me are Debralee Scott as Falfa's [Harrison Ford] girlfriend continually saying about him as she rides shotgun in his car, something like "Ain't he neat." I also love Bo Hopkins as the leader of the Pharaoh's gang which he pronounces as Fay-Rows, and their picking up Dreyfuss for sitting on their car. The exchanges between Mackensie Phillips and LeMat are also priceless and touching, when she won't tell him her address for him to dump her out of his hot rod. The day the music died motif, is well put an
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