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  1. Oh..oh..oh! I see what you meant now, TB! Sorry if I misinterpreted your actual meaning of the term in relation to the ILL show. Mea culpa!
  2. Yes, those who can insult with a fine-tuned instrument, surgically applied to tender areas...instead of a blow torch vented en masse, are so much more amusing. And since again, if anyone wants to correct me and say that a "cudgel" is not a "blow torch, I know that. I'm using artistic license. Just as I also know what a rapier is, and I know that a taxidermist is not needed by anyone for Internal Revenue services. Thanks, Markoff! P.S. Just trying to prevent the usual nitpicking, which wastes time which could be used for more movie chatting.
  3. My granny would always mention the radio character, Senator Beauregard Claghorn From Fred Allen's "Allen's Alley", when Foghorn Leghorn was on the tube. Both are blustery, but I will admit the human one is more reminiscent of some politicians I've seen and not loved. Foghorn is my favorite cartoon character, but if he were human, well...he probably wouldn't even recognize the resemblance, is my experience in life with such personages. Thanks, TB!
  4. Only a true film historian would be mentioning Richard Gaines, Arpirose so let me salute you! I totally dig him, as one of those actors who you know you've seen, but what is his name and why does he not get more credit. I became addicted to him due to being addicted to old "Perry Mason" reruns, in which he was great as one of the judges in a few episodes. Thanks for posting in my thread with your always insightful comments!
  5. I can now admit to my lifelong crush on Ed Norton. Guys wearing undershirts and vests are such a turn-on! Plus that hat makes it all come together tonsorially. Gleason may have been the greatest, but Norton had the much nicer apartment, with great decorating touches and a tv, even when they weren't even perfected yet which kept some cheapskates from buying one. How Alice could stand that fleabag apartment with just a kitchen table is beyond me. Norton was the real catch, who would shell out money and treat a girl like Trixie right.
  6. Ounce for ounce of avoidupois, you got it, Pookie!
  7. Gratitude for your astute comments on the cast of "Our Miss Brooks", Markoff. My favorite character of course, is squeaky voiced Walter Denton, as played by Crenna. The fact that Jack Nicholson did that dead on imitation in Corman's "Little Shop of Horrors" as the masochistic dental patient makes me love Walter Denton even more as an icon.
  8. No comment, officially...[but unofficially, that was a good one!].
  9. Calm down...just keep repeating, it is only a movie, it is only a movie and this is only a movie chat room, a movie chat room, or they will move my post to the Off-Topic Chat Area, Hamradio!
  10. I think maybe Gale Gordon took over the role as a mster of the slow burn, from actor Edgar Kennedy, who had perfected it in some many earlier comedies, but when he died in the late 1940's I think, Gale became top dog at the act. Thanks, TB!
  11. So true, Princess! Just Conklin's intonations and inflections were masterful in this role as the nemesis of the beloved Miss Brooks.
  12. Great choice and I wonder what Alexander Woolcott thought of this performance? Now I'm sure someone will correct this and say it is based on a falsity, so waiting with bated breath... But as always, superlative commentary on your part, Dar!
  13. Let me think about this, Sepia... I love Schildkraut's immense acting talents so much, that even in that role as the cuckolder and rotten dirty scoundrel he is to everyone in Frank Morgan's shop, I kind of like him. Particularly when Vadas is giving tips to cabs and showing off his new diamond ring from his employer's wife, but yes, I guess he could be a narcissistic blowhard, with the emphasis more on the N-word than the B-word. Thanks!
  14. Agreed, but I did love Carson as a narcisstic playboy-type suitor in "Phffft" [dont remember the correct number of "f"s in that title] who basically got analyzed so well by Judy Holliday. Thanks for a good choice though, Fedya!
  15. Yeah, but he was also kind of a lovable and effete snob too. Unlike most insufferable blowhards I've known, he at least had some redeemable qualities. But I get your point, TB and he was really snotty in "Laura"...haha!
  16. So has Laurette replaced Yvonne Craig in your fantasy life, Dar?
  17. This past Saturday, March 09, 2019, "Saturday Night Live" had a very amusing AND insightful sketch called "Can I Play That?" which was about a game show where thespian contestants had to answer questions, relating to who is an appropriate choice for a role. The host stated at the beginning, that he would describe a role in an upcoming movie, and then a contestant would have to answer whether they would be an acceptable choice. I think the first question used as an example to describe the game was "Would Will Smith be an appropriate choice to play the Williams sisters in an upcoming movie
  18. Yes, I remember that the IMDB movie site, had a place called The Soapbox that was only for the hardcore who could take the heat. The site for the baby set, was called The Sandbox, for the thin skinned. But they also allowed posters to put miscreants in their place with their own verbal jousting, without site moderators butting in at all. That is a good solution. If a poster can dish it out, but not take it back, without constantly reporting others trying to get them banned for no real transgression except understandable sarcasm, too bad. Ignore options are fine, but block functions ar
  19. That writhing thing is so obscene.
  20. I totally dig Allison Hayes, Sepia! She was the first movie star who really looked good with frosted hair.
  21. I don't wear slips of any kind, Detective Jim. You must only be dating women of about ninety years old to think that... There might have been many a slip betwixt tongue and lip in your day, but those days are ancient history now in the female undergarment market. Next week we will discuss the underwire bra, if you like?
  22. Love that movie and you are so right about its noir heritage, arpirose!
  23. Pat Hitchcock is one of the few relatives of a director or performer who I think was really talented and added to the film or tv episode. Margaret O'Brien, the kid who asked how far down the director wanted her tears to fall, she was that good at crying. Love her, Sepia and thanks!
  24. That's hilarious and I agree, illegitimate does make more sense due to their ages!
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