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  1. It would be great if TCM would show both ' Madame Sousatzka' with Shirley MacLaine., and 'A Guide for the Married Man' with Walter Matthau. Many Thanks...
  2. Thanks, Swithin and CaveGirl... I thought I knew a fair amount about the films, actors, directors from the eras / genres featured on TCM. This site lets me know how much there is to learn...
  3. By the way, is anyone else loving Ben M's discussion with Stephanie Powers about her time with and knowledge of William Holden? I've always admired and respected her, not only for her talent, personality and wonderful countenance, but even more impressive is her genuine dedication to animal conservation and education. She's quite a lady!
  4. I missed that one; hopefully they'll air it again soon. Maude Adams - wasn't she in a James Bond film?
  5. can anyone fill us in please? were they edited out for some reason?
  6. butch and sundance?
  7. are you referring to the discussion of "Hot Spell"? I was confused by that... it does seem that a post is missing.
  8. I'll second that! It's great to hear this; confirmation... I've never seen "Christmas Holiday"; - look forward to it. - and to checking Film Noir's long term schedule. It's great to discover new films that I wasn't aware of and end up on my favorites list. I had also wondered if there are licencing issues or other obstacles in obtaining/airing certain films. for example, months ago, I requested "La Piscine" with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider. Several months later they did air a number of films with Alain Delon - (certainly appreciated) - just not that one. I'd love to see him i
  9. sounds like an incredible job! I'd be too biased in my taste though. I'd never schedule any war movies, monster movies, etc... I noticed after posting that two more that I requested a while back will air on the 16th. I make no assumptions, as William Holden is featured this month anyway, but I'm delighted that I'll get to see them!
  10. How many of you have suggested a film and found that it was scheduled shortly afterward? I would like to thank the powers that be in the scheduling department; with few exceptions, most of the movies I mentioned have been aired. Coincidence? possibly, but it doesn't seem so. -just one of many reasons that places TCM at the top. what has been your experience with this? and thanks again - so much - for listening to us! TCM, you're the best!
  11. agreed; it's wonderful - so charming!
  12. I've listed some favorites - to my taste, all great stories and casts. you've probably seen many; hope you can check the others out! ROMANTIC COMEDIES: thoroughly modern millie a new leaf breakfast at tiffany bell, book and candle how to marry a millionaire the moon is blue alfie cactus flower bells are ringing it should happen to you on a clear day three coins in a fountain sabrina walk don't run what a way to go the world of henry orient thin man series - all ROMANTIC/ more on the dramatic and melodramatic side: dear heart magnificent obsession all
  13. very tough to choose, but I'll go by movies and actors that are like comfort food; I'm always happy and find comfort when watching a film featuring: William Powell Cary Grant Glenn Ford followed by: James Stewart Michael Caine Peter Sellers
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