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  1. In general I agree but at least Marie Dressler's Emma is on. That's not on video.
  2. modern music in the background of horror movies. Back in the days they used scores.
  3. I looked at AMC's schedule twice and both times it was bad. But I always find movies I want to see on this station. This movie shows more movies that aren't on video. You're completely wrong.This is to the "This network stinks" message.
  4. I've seen some photos of her and she looks like she has something. Rarely do you get a glimpse of something in photos but hardly any of her films are on VHS. I would like to see some as well.
  5. sorta related to that one reply about the food being untouched -In Now Voyager bettie davis replaces ice cream after two minutes since "its not cold anymore" great scene
  6. couple of pet peeves i can think of: when a supposedly ugly girl in a movie her glasses are taken off and suddenly shes gorgeous-not the best movie but an example Shes All That 2.also related when a pretty actress plays a homely character-michelle pfeffier in Frankie and Johnny and the soon to be released movie with Charlise Theron give the roles to the people that deserve them! 3. bad assembly line of mgm movies about songwriters Three Little words and Till the Clouds Roll By 4. War patriotism getting in the middle of a good movie- Dolly Sister and For me and my Gal 5. Claudette Colbert abandoing her lovable screwball persona to be the passionate patriotic housewife 6. Women in the old movies who make their way in the business world only to give it up completely for marriage-example Ella Cinders (and i know there's more)
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