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  1. Maybe if it was cable, we (where we live) would have better reception. I have a satellite dish with HD that seems to not work when it rains. A sense of humor about all this is great, except when you are a big TCM fan and for sometimes as long as 24 hrs (recently) TCM is not available.....hough many other channels are just fine. I would think that TCM would actually care about that .... as they do sell the rights to a network, then to Direct to air the channel. I and many others have gone thru the "Direct" channels with these problems. Their latest reasoning is because their signal can't g
  2. I'm actually commenting on part of the post ...... " the most number of TCM customers, who pay high prices to receive TCM, to have at least one or two films a day to enjoy?? I haven't been able to watch the channel all day" I have Direct TV and only watch maybe 20 of the 200 &some channels I have to pay way TOO much for to get those few channels I actually like to watch. TCM was at the top of my list. I'll admit I am a Price fan and I was looking forward to the movies today & tonight. That was until we got a little rain .... and as has been the running theme, at least around here
  3. I do a lot of recording to my DVR and liked the ability to go back into the TCM.com daily pages to reference the day and times of the listings for each movie. Guess I'll just have to print out the monthly pages now. I gave looked at several of the back pages but they only have the top header, with the date and bottom footer with the icons. If TCM isn't going to list the films on the pages, why have them up at all?
  4. What Happened to last months daily schedule..... and those every day for the last 6-12 months????? We used to be able to go back and actually see (refer back to) the full days schedules. However, someone @TCM decided that not only should they change page coloring, they should also erase the older "daily schedule" pages of the films that were once listed there. I can't believe that I've not seen this mentioned ... unless there's another message board I don't know about. Qveenie
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