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  1. I just got through watching Saturday night movies and segued into the noir alley from Ben Mankiewicz to Eddie Muller's great intro portion. While I have watched Ben grow into the job I can see he still depends on prompters for some things, not a bad thing. But when his research ,or the researchers he may depend on, get things wrong i feel i must say something. no big deal really, and i usually let little things go. However this mistake was about Neville Brand being the 4th most highly decorated soldier in WW2. It was confirmed by none other than himself in a rare interview and further supplemented by reports from the military records themselves. As a live , working actor, such puff pieces are just about expected. no big deal as ive already said. But the fact that he was the oft cited 2nd, 4th and other non first, most decorated soldier has now been in public domain as incorrect for 20-25yrs already and should not be further propagated to the newer generations of movie buffs. I enjoy Ben's great anecdotes but the story about Neville Brand is not correct. He was certainly a decorated soldier, having won the silver star for gallantry purple heart and battle ribbons with stars, campaign ribbons and more. I am no military buff or expert but do know about some of the things and since Mr Brand decided to set the record straight I think it is up to us to maintain that approach. A small point but significant and should have been picked up had the researcher read past the first line of any bio on Neville Brand. showed a sloppy , less than professional undertaking. embarrassing, if it isnt then shame on them. jd
  2. i have to admit that i did not immediately take to Eddie Muller's noir alley. I had never heard of him because i never looked, i suppose. I had an aversion to many of the films from the late 40s to early-mid 50s due to the over saturation of anti commie propaganda stuff, i missed and reacted against all those greats who got black listed. i was young during those years so i was not too interested in some of them anyway, others were ok, but i did grow into it. as with Eddie Muller. he is a great host, has the best personal reservoir of facts on demand i have seen in a bit. In this way can i compare him to Robt Osborne who was amazing, encyclopedic in his knowledge and combined it with a million,nearly i bet, personal memories. I never was much of a backstory or side story for that matter person. i liked the movies or didn't. but people like Robert Osborne and ,now, Eddie Muller make me aware of so many aspects and more areas i never considered. i won't go into it all here. But this addition to tcm has really grown on me to the point that i look forward to it. and, not so much for the movies as much as to hear what Eddie has to say about them , the personnel including cast but not only-the directors of departments and how the movie was put together etc , are now of extreme interest to me. so i need to thank him here for whatever its worth.
  3. I am one of the few who have an issue with Alicia Malone. It isnt her accent in particular, people speak english around the world and I often, or usually, find the brogue, accent or regional versions to be appealing. Some are harder or easier on the ears than others. even here in America, as in the UK, and maybe in Australia too, there are regions that grate on the ears; some are melodious, nearly. I just think there could have been a female with more ad lib and encyclopedic -instant recall of information they gained over years, experience or reading for that matter. reading from prompters is tough enough to take , from a viewer/listener's perspective but to also have each word and sentence inflected at the end of the word and/or sentence is unpleasant. Alicia is very attractive and has a big bright smile too, nearly 'too pretty' for the role eg facial nuances beyond raising one eyebrow at a time. I wish her well of course, but i dont think she has practiced enough , by now, a year later already. practice and experience can , has and will make for a better on camera or stage presentation. it may require off work practice and while i see some improvements in her presence, not nearly as much as i expected. i dont think this is asking too much either.
  4. i was one of those who bemoaned Art Flemming being replaced by Alex Trebek . however , over the years it seems as if no one else could be in that role. Alex Trebek was perfect and grew into avuncular over the years. i quickly learned to appreciate his skills and wisdom. I used to run home during my lunch break to watch the mid day(11:30am to noon) in my NYC area to catch Art Flemming and contestants. i didn't need to be enticed by the few big winners on making the week undefeated or the tournament of champions tournaments. I was a fan from day one. i even considered trying to get on the show in the original version pre syndication. i will miss Alex Trebek ,even on the life insurance commercials. not to bury him before he is dead here but, stage 4 pancreatic cancer is a tough one to beat. I wish him all the luck and possibly be one of the few percent who make 5yrs after this advanced a diagnosis. this post is the first i heard this so don't know whether it is stage 4 metastatic or if it is contained. i do wish him all the best jd
  5. same issue has sprung up with my cable and turner classics on demand. a very very long time to load and all of the 3 i watched yesterday (sat jan6) had issues, not horrible as they all loaded and that is better than in Oct when many did not load at all. the movies i watched through 'on demand' would jump , video stop, audio continue then backtrack to catch up. one buffered a couple of times in the movie with the spinning arrow thing. not unwatchable but not up to the overall very high standard i became used to over 8yrs or so of watching tcm on demand. I come to expect perfection-and among the various streaming services ive used over the past 10 or so yrs TCM is superior in overall performance
  6. Starting in september I have experienced a number of OnDemand selections failing to load and play. others have been loading and finally playing far more slowly than 5-6months ago as well I have gone through my cable company to try to locate the source of the issue, and it seems that they found my equipment,signal etc to be fine but the supervisor there in the tier 2 level was also unable to get the same movies to play as i did. we used a total of 4 different browsers with flash player updates and so forth. it is only a small number of all of the many selections but it seems to happen in bursts. 2 weeks ago there were about 6-8 movies i liked, i did not check all, of them 2 were able to play back on the 6th day another one began to play but stuttered and buffered or something. my signal was fine and another movie played back perfectly a minute later. i posted a reply to a topic i believe i misunderstood, movies not showing on turner. i get all the videos but some just will not play. others take up to 3mins to finally play-i have waited up to 10mins to be sure on those i really wanted to watch. i use cox cable co and love the on demand options and get really distressed when they will not play.just a black screen. no spinning arrows, that phase is past, just the full window with the play arrow or carat thing in place, but nothing playing. i said i checked out flash player but regardless. many of the movies play normally, i hope this gets tended to. over the past day or 2 at least 6 will not play back : Barry Lyndon, Bogart doc.,battle circus, Experiment Perilous, the war one with Gregory peck and more but I am forgetting individual titles though this is enough, and that is just from "B" to "E" alphabetically and not the only ones in those few letter headings. it is o ut of hand as of today october 8 please check it out ,if anyone monitors this forum who has the power john
  7. i subscribe through Cox cable and i have been experiencing movies failing to play for about a month. the cable company checked out their end and all my equipment is excellent. the tier 2 supervisor also tried to load 2 of the movies i had issues with: he is in virginia, i live in connecticut. he could not load the exact same movies i couldnt . no coincidence. Something is wrong on the web site. flash player is or was fine. i used 3 of the recommended browsers on 2 separate computers. one with windows 10 professional the other with windows 7 ultimate both are 64bit systems. i gave up trying to use firefox months ago. java script prevents me from logging in. it is a total waste of time. i use microsoft edge in windows.10 chrome and IE11. and chrome and IE on windows 7. and, ironically, the movies on demand that will not load are the ones i want to watch. most of the movies will load and play but from a handful to a full dozen will not.those that will play do take much longer to finally play than ,say, 5-6months ago when all was fine. i hope turner techs will reply ,better yet, fix the issue. john
  8. Yeah but, FF still will not allow me to sign in, therefore cant load a movie. javascript error or on purpose. i have tried FF from 46, i think to 52.0.2 32bit, 64as well and 52.2 ESR 64. no dice i do get it through chrome, auto updated to most current. loads of cookies for sure. but it works still. long load up times for movies now.i have windows 7 as well as 10 all are x64 one is ultimate ,others are professional versions. now,FF works as poorly as my linux browsers dont get tcm. by the way, they all will play html5 and flash movies/videos on all other pages or sites ive tried. tubi tv acorntv netflix brit box and let me see.... only tcm will fail
  9. i use a few browsers and windows 10x64 , windows 7 x64 and linux mint 17.4 and 18. I can not get turner on demand movies (or live for that matter) to play in firefox. I have a few computers i have built and am able to use many different versions of firefox to test this out, also i use a variety of add on extensions or appearance options to check whether these may mess up the video replays It appears that something with flash on tcm pages will not function. I tried to use or disable an extension 'right 2 click' and it has no impact on these tcm movie pages. I am no longer able to sign in. same issue as others and the same issue i have experienced with a linux version of firefox in the past. just spinning when i click on the play arrow.and no sign in button shows up. i believe that is part of java . however, i am able to watch tcm on demand with chrome latest version. i had to click on a fwe things to get flash ok'd and it worked as of yesterday. my problems with firefox versions from 46-current, began a week ago i believe. i am using windows 10x64 professional currently. i am not sure how much of this is due to tcm or firefox. all i know is that tcm live movies and on demand are non functional in all/any version of firefox, many versions and in private or normal. i have cookies enabled and all that sort of stuff. and it is the exact same set up as have worked for years 3yrs since my last tcm issues playing, or maybe 2yrs, forget ,
  10. i just got this exact error message using GoogleChrome. I had to quit the browser and i was then able to get the movie to play. I had previously watched a movie no trouble in chrome. never got this error in FF. Or,not yet. I tend to like chrome better these days. when i quit chrome browser after not being able to get a movie to play and getting above error msg each time, i cleared out the cache and removed all the cookies that chrome always stores up. maybe that helped too.. i ran superantispyware free ware
  11. I am chiming in here to report that I now have this same issue with firefox and flash but I am using Linux Mint17.3. It had been working successfully for a year or more. I dont usually bother watching TCM movies on demand in my Linux computer since I have a few windows/firefox set ups which have been working fine for some long time. I get all these same symptoms you've detailed nicely in your posts. no clue as to reasons either I had encountered issues with fox fire and Mint 18.1 recently and never got it working, still not and i added another issue to the mix when I bought a new graphics card AMD RX480--forget about it. it isnt supported to any great extent and since I never got turner classics to play in mint 18 i bagged the idea totally. thing is , I can watch any and all other html5 and flash sites from youtube, netflix, tubi tv, acorn tv, amazon. ...in my linux mint 17, 18 and windows 7 and windows 10. only issues with turner and firefox now. I am able to get chrome to play everything but turner as well. (except in Mint 18) just adding my contributions to this thread I had posted my own questions and an answer or so in the past 2 or more years here with windows 7 and firefox there has always been some resolution after a period of time. from days to months though and i never found out what fixed it or what caused the failures , spinning wheel or whatever the thing is. I am, now, not even getting the flash error messages you've graciously posted . I had those issues before and, now, I dont even get that far(in linux ) I am hoping I dont go to my windows computer to experience this stuff all over again. last used it yesterday-in windows- and it's been down in my linux machines at least a month,could be more since i do not check much.but and without my windows 10 machine indefinitely , so found i have the issue with mint, 17.3 again. i tried all kinds of things too reinstall, updates, alternatives that may be too boring to list here though i will share should anyone be interested in linux things, but since they havent worked, no point now. thanks for your extremely detailed and organized posts john
  12. you may have had an issue with the latest flash updates or shockwave. i have had this happen with my win7 prox64 machine. I used chrome for a bit and next time i went to try fire fox it worked ok again.. over the years with turner, i have experienced a few periods of no TCM that resolved with time. i did not find out whether it was turner ,adobe, both or firefox too. my issue with the Mint 18 build I just did has not gone away over months , while the Mint 17 machine works just fine , and worked properly through the kernel updates 4.2.0-no need to change kernels beyond this currently. oh, well. lucky i do keep computers around for movies, streaming things. do not need brand new or high power to simply stream video, watch dvd, blu ray though 4k rendering may require higher power gpu for some video watching . i believe the tv can handle that if/when 4k streaming becomes standardized. but i am not there anyway and just guessing.
  13. I have had and resolved streaming problems with TCM in Linux over the past 2yrs. However, those fixes do not work in the fairly new Mint18 distribution. I love Turner and do take advantage of the OnDemand site far more than the Live streaming. I can playback turner in windows 7 and 10 no trouble . I am not ab le to play any Turner movies in Firefox, Opera , Chrome in LInux. It is still a problem in Chrome in Windows 10 for that matter too. I can play all other flash and html5 videos from Youtube, MeTv, Acorn Tv and many other places. Turner is the only place there is any trouble at all I can log in, i enable flash but then there is something wrong, inside the Mint browsers that only happens to turner stuff. all others catch the flash or linux version of flash and work seamlessly with turner, in firefox , the flash loads up and I allow it, then nothing but spinning wheels. I have run the whole gamut of on line tutorials for flash, pipelight, pepperflash to no avail with turner.flash, shockwave, silverlight and silverlight substitute are all updated daily as are the browsers.and i enable them each in the terminal command prior to trying to playback I am not able to figure out why or how it is that turner site posed the issues I disable ghostery totally, adblocker plus is disabled, white listed as well. an ad blockers are either turned off or disabled and whitelisted to make sure. no luck any help or direction would be appreciated as i mentioned, the devilspie fix in prior versions of mint do not work nor do the other workarounds .
  14. thanks to hal for posting his Wine and fedora method. fedora is a good version of linux and can do lots of things plus has a good support network through forums . i read some and some works in my MInt 17.2 now. started with just mint17 11months ago. I have not been able to get the wine connected firefox to work out, nor the wine installed IE either. probably something i am doing improperly. I follow the directions and command line entries. get them up but still no luck with the playback plus, they use a lousy system of font rendering despite my attempts to modify that via forum suggestions the issue is only a playback of tcm on one linux mint 17,2 mate set up. the same basic set up as the laptop and linux only computer which play back tcm and everything else just great and all the time. I am still trying to track down why my newest and supposedly best computer with linux in it stopped being able to play back tcm. i had it working for a time and it worked each time for a couple of months , maybe 2. or less, until this month July, when it began to just spin the wheel again. the flash allows the sign in part to function but refuses to play back. i have to track this down again,but, as i have noted before, i had learned so many different ways to make flash , silverlight, html5, pepperflash/pipelight plugins to get you tube or me tv and turner movies that i am not sure what one is actually working or not working , updated or not, plus the wine options either in wine alone or just the smooth wine assisted interface. may be just as simple as to white list turner on adblock, which it is , but just as simple. in the end just adding this here in case anyone with linux and tcm issues might scroll by to see. TCM on demand and live does work in linux and seemingly out of the box linux mint mate in particular. those 3 systems are just fine still and so far. just my favorite one, which is also the one i did lots of additions to, causes me some issues. john edit PS: half hour after posting this I was able to get the one TCM on linux to play back and play back in full screen as well. NO clue as to how or why. I fiddled with enabling /whitelisting/disabling the Ghostery and AdBlock and ABE pop up options to no avail. no matter on or off, still only spun its wheel. I enable /disable command line terminal entries in linux for pipelight plugin and flash, flash x64 too. and then just blocked flash in the address bar icon -which totally removed all signs of life on the page. cant sign in nothing. so i rebooted friefox and then moved up to the address bar flash icon and 'allow now' and all of a sudden the live item that had been on prior to reboot started to play as it should and had been. probably wont after a boot. hopefully , it will again allow the opton to enable that flash, whether it is a pipelight flash or a windows/wine version which i suspect it is(wine) dont know nor do i know how to make this process happen each time. seems to be hit or miss. whether wine tricks loads or not. it is supposed to, but, whio knows that is it for now.
  15. I like TCM on demand very much-i have a bunch of computers i have built for myself and family. I have no troubles(anymore) getting it to play flawlessly everytime, just about, on my windows7.1 in firefox versions 28-39. adblock or not. though i did whitelist tcm long ago in at least one computer that said, I have crazy issues getting tcm movies on demand or live to play on my linux Mint17.2 Mate computers. i have changed a couple over to linux out of reaction to the windows 8,now 10 direction microsoft has taken. I have zero problems on one computer in linux,it has an old gpu, too. far out of date and use the free graphics card drivers for AMD processors it is covered, not that old (hd4670 hdmi) in case interested. In my new computer with another amd processor and gpu 7900series and fx processor, nothing doing in firefox and turner. you tube , great, cnet videos no issues at all, movies on line through a number of sites either flash or html5-no trouble. but with turner, and only recently, i get the spinning wheel. I have tried pepperflaxh, i have tried pipelight plugin , i have wine and IE and a windows version of firefox in wine. nothing doing. It had been playing just fine til a month or so. probaly less. i do not check all the time since i have such good luck in my windows 7 set up. only it is a more energy demanding system. i only bothered to try the linux version with the new components due to the energy savings potential. and i found i can not make it work. i have spent the beter parts of 2 days testing all sorts of flash combinations and pepperflash , pipelight plus 64bit versions of flash with or without the standard 32bit since most of firefox browsers are only 32 bit anyway. still no dice . the most perplexing thing is that it had been just fine the last time i tried turner classic on demand on that machine. i did nothing at all to mess it up other than to update the items that showed up in the updater. my linux 3¢ for now. i hope it gets ironed out i have learned about so many options on how to 'make flash movies' play in linux it usually takes me time to hit upon the proper current methodology. john
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