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  1. 361 "If you don't pick up your feet, Darling, I AM going to let the dogs in."
  2. 360 "Watch where you put that hand, Buddy!" or "Oh no, you di-ent!" Edited by: patsydahling on Oct 27, 2013 11:53 AM
  3. Good, Emgee, that you caught that last sentence. I wondered if people pick up on my phraseology hints or not.
  4. OMG! I was just wondering if the clues were too vague. Yes, Emgee, it was Elisha Cook, Jr. Even though it must have been sometime in the 70's when I collided with him, he looked exactly the same as he ever looked. Your well deserved thread.
  5. According to John Huston, This actor lived alone up in the High Sierra, tied flies and caught golden trout between films. When he was wanted in Hollywood, they sent word up to his mountain cabin by courier. He would come down, do a picture, and then withdraw again to his retreat. A personal clue: He is *best* known, I would say, for films in the 40's. I once ran literally smack into him at Hollywood Park. Seemed like we were the same height and we both froze for a few moments after the collision. With his face, I am surprised I don't wake up screaming.
  6. Ole Blue Eyes Mrs. Howard Koch Brad Dexter None But the Brave
  7. James Cagney is correct. Well Done The thread is yours, Twinkee
  8. Salvador Dali Jr, what do you have to say for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. No, Lavendar, but thanks for the thread offer. I have to accomplish something around my abode today. Thread is open
  10. Yes, tis I, James Spader. Emmys for Boston Legal (3) and The Practice Cannes Best Actor Award for Sex, Lies and Videotape Co-starred in Lincoln Now on The Blacklist on NBC Born in Boston, Massachusetts The game is your, Emgee............
  11. A wild guess: Gloria Holden A wilder guess: Behind the Rising Sun
  12. No, I was not considered a core member. Not in The Breakfast Club. Depending upon whom you go by, The Brat Pack was either the core members, actors under 30 who had co-starred with core members in a certain amount of Brat Pack movies or whatever suited your fancy. http://workbench.cadenhead.org/news/3469/belongs-brat-pack
  13. Yessssssssssssss, I was a member of the Brat Pack. What else?
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