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  1. For myself, as a conservative, I think President Trump has done, on the whole, a outstanding job in leadership and action, with the chips stacked against him. I will vote to re-elect him and work to make the House hold a GOP majority. And I'm not even a Republican to vote. My final word, anyway.
  2. It is truly sad that there is such hate out there but it is not important to me as I believe in sticking to my values and principles. Myself, I have had rocks thrown at myself, been spat at, and seen kids in black burn on country's flag as we simply quietly attended rallies in support for his election/reelection. Regardless, I will continue to support him and stand proud of the good he has done for our Vets, Our Military, Security and the various issues he has fulfilled. Those who oppose him simply vote for the party of your choice! Again, I am very proud of his team and of his actions during
  3. I would love to see TCM UNDERGROUND issue a series of great horror movies released by United Artists from the 1950's! "THE FLAME BARRIER" was a entertaining 'B' film starring ARTHUR FRANZ, ROBERT BROWN, KATHLEEN CROWLEY with VINCENT PADULA and RODD REDWING. United Artists horror series had a talented group of writers/production crew with director Paul Landres, Producers Arthur Gardner and Jules V. Levy, writers George Worthington Yates and Pat Fielder and composer Gerald Fried. Here is the poster from "The Flame Barrier"
  4. I would love to see TCM negotiate with Hammer films and the BFI to release the fully restored Terence Fisher 'DRACULA' (U.S. title: "Horror Of Dracula') to make its television debut over here. This edition has fully restored colour as well as lost footage being put back into the film. I have the wonderful region 2 3 disc Bluray set and viewing it is like seeing the film for the very first time. Peter Cushing, Melissa Stribling, Michael Gough and Christopher Lee.
  5. As someone who is suffering from the symptoms of this virus, and am waiting for results from my test (I am over 60), I want to say that President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Dr. Falchi and all members of the team are doing a totally OUTSTANDING job in dealing with this and repaired a safeguard that was over 40 years obsolete! I predict he will not only win but the House will go Red as well! My opinion!!
  6. Hello!!!! I'm a friend of Lynda Day George, who knew your Dad, Bradford Dillman, and I wrote a book on "FEAR NO EVIL" (Universal/NBCTV-first broadcast on March 3, 1969)-the very first feature supernatural thriller on tv. It starred Louis Jourdan, Lynda, your Dad, Carroll O'Connor, Marsha Hunt and Wilfrid Hyde-White. Directed by Paul Wendkos. My understanding it is coming out on Bluray next year sometime! Your Dad was great in this film!!!
  7. A old friend from repeated viewings on WOR Channel 9 NY back in the day was broadcast on Comet TV in a nice print but should be given a chance on TCM! Starring Arthur Franz, Robert Brown and Kathleen Crowley, along with Vincent Padula and Rodd Redwing . Produced by Arthur Gardner and Jules Levy from a screenplay by George Worthington Yates and Pat Fielder with a score by Gerald Fried. A great film for TCM Underground!
  8. For me, there is only ONE 'Hercules' and that is the great Steve Reeves! Made in 1957 and released in the U.S. in 1959, Pietro Francisci's film hasn't lost any of its shine when it was released in the United States by Joseph E. Levine. With photography by the great Mario Bava and its heroic film score by Enzo Massatti, this film, the film captures the myth of the son of Zeus and his adventures with Jason, as they and the crew of the Argo search for the Golden Fleece. The beautiful Sylva Koscina heads a great cast of familiar Italian actors that include Gianna Maria Canale, Fabrizio Mione, Ivo
  9. The Hammer film "The Quatermass Xperiment" has been on vhs/laserdisc and bluray. Interesting enough, no version ever really presented the original Ending as seen in British theatres. While the Kino bluray does present the Hammer film credis at the conclusion, the soundtrack differed as there was NO music on the soundtrack as Brian Donlevy walks off into the night. The effect is more chilling than the replay of the James Bernard Main Title reprise. It is on YOUTUBE as "Quatermass Xperiment-ending not seen in years' for you to see.
  10. As a huge science fiction/horror film fan who got hooked by watching "Supernatural Theatre" (WOR Channel 9 NY), "Chiller Theatre" (WPIX Channel 11 NY) and "Million Dollar Movie" (WOR Channel 9 NY), there are a LOT of titles from those years I saw on TCM-thankfully-but others I would love to see again. One is "THE FLAME BARRIER", starring Arthur Franz (which I overdosed on WOR Channel 9). Also, another is "MACUMBA LOVE" (1960) from United Artists; starring Walter Reed, June Wilkinson, Ziva Rodann-not seen in over 40 years! Anyone else have favorites from their youth?
  11. Would love to see this on TCM. Starring William 'Stage' Boyd, Lilyan Tashman (supreme sexy vamp!), Regis Toomey and Irving Pichel. Directed by Edward Sloman
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